July 1, 2016

Let's imagine as an undulation(Alung Tur) for a while. As we think about that, let's also try to imagine its formations, deformations, flatting, rising, etc. It is true however that undulation is never fix because it crows, decays, breaks, joins, falls, etc and are also affected by factors like rain, water, water current, wind, fire, age of growth of living organism e.g trees, head, cold etc. To keep it growing, we need to make sure it is always green meaning eliminating factors that affects it e.g. wind sweeping away fallen leaves which could accumulate to form soil, fire burning top manure and heating the ground. Head in the ground is a good thing because it creates cracks which can be filed with sands, rain water hence closing the cracks to form soil. We also need to remember that there are certain grass e.g. tuff grass, leaves like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc. The cover whatever is below them and hold the ones on top of it. What we might try to think of flatting it is removing every stone(hard object) and leaving only soil e.g. sand. They will just be wash away those affecting factors that might also explain why tunneling is so dangerous e.g. mining. It causes lives, it is costly experiment and wasteful.