Governmenting Luo

June 25, 2016

As any government, Luo government need to have reasons, ideas, concept etc of governing Luo because Luo are sparsely divided through out the entire East Africa region. East Africa region is the largest region in Africa by far because of countries like Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius etc. These can become a problem because if available resources from the people and the Government. Emergency, special needs, argent circumstances will not be attended to in time. This now call for government to think beyond the current political, social, economical etc systems. The government needs to think more of response and awareness to her people than leading because people concerns are what they leads anyway. There are so many orgainisations in East Africa that do the above mentioned particularly at state level, but most are stuck in past centuries thinking logic and are not so dynamic in ways they solve their problems. Those, we will not join! We need to think more however on how we change our parties concepts. They are too many/less and need to attend to individuals not groups or class of people. They need to know names of all their people, villages, activities strength, weaknesses, events etc. That means their is at some point going to be cross state orgainisations, memberships, participants, allies, friends etc.