Global centralisation

March 4, 2017

The term globalisation has been on agenda for at least a decade for the good part of it but it is just policy globalisation. Imagine centralised globalisation for instance finance, power, culture, trade etc. At least there is one, a globalised innovation centre. Globalised centre must stop global functionality for example ask yourself where currencies comes from. The answers varies for sure because money is not centralised they come from many different branches of continents, governments and at least have multiple policies governing it. The biggest of all was when Zimbabwe printed its own money and created her own currency. It sound as though it does not affect you, it might not directly but considering the people of Zimbabwe at the time all the problems they were faced with, it could be anywhere and it is actually everywhere particularly in Africa with too many states and lack of connection between states and governmental cooperation. Lack of jobs in East Africa could create insecurity in central Africa which creates tension in the north but a villager cut off of communication between them and their families in the city(bad). Let be real, when at the time Zimbabwe was printing money, South Africans where complaining of qualified and skilled immigrants from Zimbabwe in South Africa and they are taking their South African job and that same time, Mozambique was at war. Few years later East Africa was a total mess. The centralise thing has special benefit because a cause at the centre affects all and effect on one side affects all so everyone will always pay full attention to all problems because it is headed your way.