December 6, 2016

Our deadliest foreigners are Eura. The only way we can defend ourselves out of them is to create as many problems are possible. Last century we managed to manoeuvre through independent which creates supper Luo separation. Now, we have both independent and dependent but, we also need another person who is and extremely dangerous Luo who is endangering the entire Luo so this way, we have continues problem to keep us off Eura. They are really powerful as we then and now know it only problems can help us and expand our power through out Africa.


Our culture have got to be prevented from modern evolution but we dearly need it to develop. We have diseases in our societies and new continues to come in while we had not even finished the other, do you know that either Eastern, southern, or western Luo already have experience with that problem before. We had been colonise, supported and had alliances before do you think 21st century is different or do you think we failed las time...


Unionist are ancient meaning keep our ways as is however, adopt their ways on our terms.


Federalists are foreign peace, alliances and government orient. They insult their own or challenge it in favour of the foreign.

Problems with both

A unionist can become a federal because their problems are solutions are understood and over written. There have to be checks on who is destroying their fundamentals or original or beginning argument or rejection or cause of formation. If they switch sides and the society is unaware then foreigners have dominated you and you are no different to FARC.

Experts dependent

Ebola, Noding, Zika, Aids and all sexual transmitted disease had no and does not have especial experts now because we believe all these problems go as we all told. They are likely to come back and remains your problems for generations to come. Produce experts with each problems solve so a return meets a fully flagged expert who can defend the entire society. Albinism is truly a problem so must we work our toughest to knock it off our continent.