​Foreigners corporates in Africa

December 27, 2016

United nations is flooding East Africa with foreign elite they call peace keepers. The peace keepers comes in with high precedence compared to East Africans. Right now, there are about 50,000 to a 1,000,000 foreign elites in East Africa namely China, India, Chille, Mexico etc. All the countries mentioned above are low rank in terms of world order and contribution to world affairs-phew that gives me the goose bump that they have their own children dis- persed around Africa well equip to tear us down. For any president, local leader, civil ser- vant who cares about the future of East Africa, why don’t take a stroll into UN head quarter to interrogate the peace keepers to know where each one of them are from. That also im- plies every peace keeper in East Africa must have a clear and clean data stored before en- tering East Africa for the populace to know. China and India are over populated and the su- per wealthy are looking for an empty ground to hide their children and Un is the company they operate their business. In a way, the wealthy family donate half or so their wealth to UN then have their children use their will to build supper homes where the people are weak. That kind of a plan is a total take over our territory. The evidence are true in Mexico and probably Argentina in central and South America. Mexican were the poorest people and they were block from entry into USA at same time, USA brings in their companies into Mexico and higher their generations from USA and the immigrants from Asia. Now, both Mexicans and Argentina are proud of their country and says it has all they wanted but who are the Mexicans speaking now. These are what is going to happen in East Africa in less than fifty years from now. All the wars and hatred inside East Africa is to build and transfer their power