food security

March 4, 2017

Truth be spoken East Africans are struggling with food security problems currently particularly the war ravaged Southern part of Sudan. Famine is really bad it makes very easy things difficult. In 1995-1997 was the time I personally went through food shortage. Sometimes there is money but no food to buy that is the worst type but there is a time when there is food but extremely expensive especially for none working large family. To day they will they will complain to UNHCR and other NGOs to send food to help the situation while there are others currently still under UNHCR and NGOs help(they too can get poor). Food security depends on the time it happen in the year. In dry season, you still have fruits and few vegetable to mine and depend on and in dry season you have at least few harvesting to do. The real problem with food shortage is there is limited of it that makes the able(financially and physically) forged their way to get it first hence the bottom people carries the burden more.

What of space travel really? All resources tells us, there is no other Earth that supports life but there is always mission to visit, study and land on those planets. I personally don't want to study how they manage food security during the missions but I want to think(you should also) of their world based on information we have an imagine how they will cope up with food security. Space problems are enormous not just food it also brings memories of the last century. We were not allowed to interact freely both gender. Space is also a long mission, failure is your personal stupidity on the voyage and lack of quality of ingenuity. If faults appears at the end of the mission the problem will be food and human interaction. Humans are intelligent soon they will start family voyages where failure is an extension of time and intelligence to uncover what had not been thought of during mission launch for example you are sent to study if mining is a possible phenomenon on e.g. Jupiter. There are things to prepare with heat(mining tools), microwaves, space suits etc those tools are enough to produce food because then you only need land. Humans could also get crazy and instead build food centres before human travel remember, we fear with you know and solve them first and we question more what we do not understand. Imagine it has become a business that food supply is now a mission of its own, human deployment is another department and ingenuity has to become another giant. Pretty good but just think how much the trained, smartest people, educated, rich and only the one percent of us have to think to safe themselves from unknown.

In conclusion there is no food security in general but there are miss management, social imbalance, policy linearity and bad planning. The painful truth is, East Africa has the best soil, temperature(it is call great lakes region of the world), soil and people. The people in East Africa has all necessary talent, minimum energy required for work in farm and resources they need. In 1994-1997 our problems were land, restriction, UNHCR and security. Today, I personally think it is choice of location of people settlement and lack of agricultural intelligence e.g. East Africans closer to lakes and rivers should produce more food than those on desert and forest area.