September 7, 2016

Anyone who neighbors or comes from central Africa know this inside out how financing was and is done. The major producer of income then were bunga and farming. The biggest generator of income was mining. Personally, I traditionally mined same way done in our central African states e.g. Kaya, Nzara, Mboki, Bungui etc few years ago. I started between the age of 4 and ended at the age of 7. I left mining in October/21/1992(Enough about me Man! I Know what am saying freak!!). It is either the whole village, able bodied, strong persons of the village or the ones feeling kind of poor at that time. When we mined we would sell them to the countries e.g. Liquate, Sudan, Congo, Chat, Egypt, Ethiopia etc. Now, thinking about it, I remember the taxation system - the strong man system. The one with the guns, knows places, have soldiers would put the rest under what we used to call Tahdit. Shoot some bullets in the air that should be enough to scare the money out of their pockets. Now, send in some defense to mull them out of their camps then asks each and everyone of them to hand over a defined quantity(e.g. 0.05milli gram) each of mine for that day. Doesn't matter how much in reality I can tell you that because at the end of it who cares about the boss? The defense make sure they collected as much as possible at time even killed team leader and report what they decided to the boss and we called it Munyeka(Just to drive off attention and make sure their job keeps on going). When the miners get out then that is the only way you can now think I will have my cash. Later the situation was different because the defense decided to form their own branches and ambush miners on their way home and went as far as attacking villages. With all that, people still made money and others became extremly rich and of course we lost others during the process. Now that our system aged this far, how different can we do financing and what method are we going to use putting European problematic method called taxation aside?

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