August 11, 2016

There are only two major monitory systems in Africa, Capitalism or Socialism. In reality that is what our systems are. Luo in general have social system wherever they are because that has been through out all past generations. Monitory system is not about money(paper or cash money) only. It is also about food security, human capital, how to use resources available. In old, days most people understood it as sharing, providing to those that do not have etc. Today, monitory system is mostly based on people in spite of all else. Knowing who does what e.g. a farmer has a grocery, hotel owner has a bunga investment, animal rarer owns a micro bank, a cultural leader has school and how many people do they serve matters much more than anything else. Cash money is an easy way out for most people while others prefer to have what they needed most or solving community problem or personal problem. People who are in rush for cash money are big burden in Luo society hence are almost always treated as traitors, but it is the ultimate opposite to our oppositions because they decided to follow capitalism. Take it all and keep them down. The above are already known, what else is next?