July 1, 2016

If we could all ask these questions, how are we going to make the oceans, lakes, and seas in our region for sport, economical activities? How can we engage ourselves in bringing and restoring Libya, and bring speedy development to all East African countries? How can we make our cities into working place and bunga into a holiday home? How can interact with the rest of east African countries like Egypt, Mozambique, Madagascar? How can we make single East African education system, economical, security etc? How can we understand East African cultures? How can we work in Far north e.g Libya and still live in far South Mozambique? What is that make the rest of African regions different to us? We will come up with and self reliance, strong systems, increase collaboration and expand so quickly and ease social, economical, security, education, agriculture and etc of our community far and beyond our imagination. After saying all that, the question still remain how can we...?