August 22, 2016

Translation and interpretation: True meaning of language is either found in its translation or interpretation.

Welcome: It means come in, accepted, enter etc, but it also means price, swell to different race of people.

Task: It is an assignment but it is also and treasure, ivory, ear rings, finger rings etc. What if you speak another language, that means you are likely to have another word for same thing that means something in another language etc.

Spellings and sounds

Mota, motor, mortar: All the Three words sound equal but absolutely have different meanings irrespective of your language and your race

Interpretation: By now, me and you would agree that all languages are initially same but expanded differently. Having said that, we can also agree that slang is and extension to our languages.

  1. Water
    1. Flowing, drinkable, edible liquid that have a source e.g. river, lakes, creeks etc
    2. Conversion, agreement, assignment to take, transfer, or move thing(s) from one place to another.
  2. Iture
    1. Breaking, flashing, ngade etc but it also means another thing in South Sudan
  3. Iokubek
    1. Deceived, galipo, afraid etc