Eura 2: differ Africa

December 9, 2016

The difference between Europe and Africa is clear and practical. They are socially different in the way they are and developed their things. Both are develop and under develop with few people at the top(positively). There are reasons Africa should reject Europe supremacy and Europe should disregard African ignorance. Both of us have must work on constant improvement of our own people rather pay attention to foreigners or think of each others as opportunity. We are not and either way, all of us are risking in a good way however could endanger both sides. When Europe and Africa fixes her problems, they both will all things they do not have and have in access. Moving all Europeans and all Africans to Europe is both negative and positive because we might congest, create fear, become enemies because of our origins, under develop because we spend all our time nagging and attacking each other. Can Europe clean their dirty backyard and so is Africa? Having saying this, who really have a bad backyard in Europe and in Africa and could there be cause and name them in case they are there.

Africa should be able to design their alignments alone without being connected and align under Europeans rules. We must feel free and have the time and everything in our home not just we deserve them but because they are our own.

Estonia-Kunta: Current accomodation and living style.

Denmark future accomodation and lifestyle.

Kenya future accomodation and lifestyle.

Uganda slum: Current living standard of pure/true Ugandans lifestyle

To Understand pure europ for this work, I chose Kunta in Estonia, Slum in Kampala and future projects in Kenya and Denmark. Over the next few months we are going to make it clear through analysis of particularly African slums and Kunta these way we will understand both worlds in details and be able to present ourselves as African and view them as Europeans.