November 22, 2016

Culture, privacy, secrets, dirty deals, crimes, hitman, occupation and lost are first cause of sue suits and biggest contributors to wars because the only thing after all of them is defence because development, competition, happiness, discussion, businesses, education, health is shut down from evolving and stress, agony, aggression and optimisms comes to standstill causing neutrality. Family, descendent or generation, career, organs and functions of our body system is the final step where we all stop. After these, super strength, console and experiences guides. To weaken an enemy is to occupy their territory history has proven it however, to quickly loose and continuously loose is a direct result of it. Leaders, head of corporations, businesses who strives and existed for centuries(there should only exist lest than 100 now) and are under their founders are a direct participation, interruption, disruption and open missions, goals and contribution to society. Political parties, NGOs, Hackers, private security fails so often or at least have lots of bad records about them and struggles through its operation life cycle. Few of them developed and become fully operational after the owner(founder) is dead or the entire generation and descendants are wiped out. Others are Government ministries, departments, Battalions, Hospitals and Banks. These are the most targeted companies and founders in the world because the magnitude of their involvement in public lives. They are easy to blame and carries hefty public consequences. The modern ones are technology companies. They longest in existence is less than 100 years old and most struggling are at their 10th-20th years of existence in operation that is how much public disorient themselves from them. Human and solution based businesses for example Religions, Institutions, Engineering and Culture are favoured and generational and descendant lived. People who attempted to make them enemy of people fails or die in due cause.

Prove: Anything in this world done against human shall have short life to live.