September 9, 2016

Deep in our history we have a culture that runs us from within although there was always one known for all. Inside cultures we embedded systems to divert and maintain presence on the world stage. Eastern Luo and Ateker have a representative and history so deep that takes at least a decade or so to digest. When one is in front of the world, there is always one cooking from behind. Generations over generation, we kept interchangeably close to each other bringing new, restoring old, projecting the future. To remind ourselves of war the young are taught to fire Ochokobo; to keep bunga we make sure they are carefully looked after; to maintain culture Ruodi system is used. Intelligence makes a different because we joint all at once and able to make them operational, we separate them to test there functionality, they were real. The last time we checked was how we could make all districts from both Eastern Luo and Ateker work at same time doing different things while still connected to each other and knowing what each other is doing. Torit was always the security head quarter, Gulu took over commercial, Lira was administration, Soroti manufacturing, kitgum was development, kotido and Nymiryong(sp) heads bunga system and Kilak was head of Agricultural system(irrigation in particular). While we do that we call on our neighbouring states of Bungui in the west, Uganda in the south, South Sudan in the north, Gambella state in North East and Kenya in the East West. We kept good relationship and neighbourhood a think that took others a fortune to do. Bad things happened because Lo Lonyo were running us. The reasons was that they only own private businesses, we decided to bring the gammers, bees, bouncers. It was one of kind I tell you.