February 20, 2016

EASTER: Is the day Jesus died on the cross, resurrected from dead and ascended to heaven. Three monumental events in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus birth and dead are known and witnessed by people of his time. There is somethings that are not easy to find out about Jesus - His resurrection and home after resurrection. The Bible time and again tells us that Jesus ascended to Heaven and will return. Yes He will return, however their are no much details on how and who he be known as when he return. It is also a very lengthy, unknown process and doubtful truth that all human have to accept to live with. The truth is, there was a Jesus born, died on the cross and unknowingly ascended to seemingly nice place call Heaven. Imagine that Jesus had already returned as the Bible said He will return as a thief meaning no one will know. What if Jesus was the man you last argued with, woman you ignored or did not attend to, street child you once passed by, notorious leader some where on this planet destroying his people?