East African Electrification

March 6, 2016

Ethiopia and Rwanda claimed to provide electricity to the entire East Africa region. That is very good news to all people of the region because there will be little or no power outages. Almost all East African countries rely on hydro power electricity anyways. The problems are, hydro electricity are inadequate and in efficient source of energy. That could be why many countries that rely on such sources of energy has power outages in their countries or region. Both countries will feed the East African grid with their energy sources for us to power our homes, energy, businesses, homes etc.

Dangers: Electricity can be used to torment people by switching off power; punish people economically because businesses like server have to run 99.99999% a year. That means it is only allowed to loose 5 minutes in entire year to work efficiently, but that may not be the case if disputes erupts between countries or allies. Worst of all it can be used to cripple health system which will lead to many deaths. Rwandans have problems how they treat their opponent and there is likeliness that that could happen on the grid. Ethiopia is at her best at the moment, but who knows when power swifts to central Ethiopia.

Solutions: We must turn to the idea of federated East Africa. That means each regions, district, city provides her own electricity if they can afford. Such means are abundantly available for instance, solar, Wind and bloom energy. These sources of energy are cheap, clean and available whenever and wherever you need them. We get them and feed them into the East African Grid.

Affordability: Major players like business people, politicians, institutions can work together to bring such energy technology. Imagine a region of 20 members of parliament (MPs) sit down and draw their plans for energy. Any financial body for example, bank, micro finance, investors, development banks and NGOs can stand with such groups and there comes energy for the entire people. Then our people don't have to rely on our enemy or other people power sources that will in the future becomes weapon to stagnate us.