East African Politic dynamics simplified

February 12, 2016

Government and Oppositions
East Africa parties are divided into government and opposition of one or multiple parties(Movement(SPLA/M), Democratic(National Council for the Defense of Democracy-Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD),) and people parties(EPRDF(Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front))). Government runs a country and her affairs while oppositions checks at them and their work.

Political Party Business
Parities particularly governmental businesses are running projects and leading major companies, organisations and institutions. Many call governments corrupt, but it is actually a way they become rich. They borrow money for mega projects and appoint their own to run these projects. So, how they get money is by not paying for those projects, but borrowing the money. It is like we borrow money for ourselves, but the country have to pay it back. If a country have this kind of government, they the country becomes corrupt, but few individuals becomes rich. In many countries, they are checked by oppositions and a made liable for squandering public money. Some government though becomes too big and tends to hide this details from oppositions. Not only that, it should be voted through parliament for any mega project like roads, power etc, but some East African government just do it without agreements between them and oppositions.

Weakening oppositions
Governments tends to weaken oppositions in two ways. One is by appointing themselves(tribal line) to posts like ministries, institutions, and securities. Second is by disorganising oppositions or taking out what makes them strong(sugar and Amuru land issue) and moving such strength to themselves.