March 2, 2017

The most adopted or dominant culture is the one that is influential, excel, financially secured and has future to the others. Before internet, was the telephone, radio and TV and those nations who has them asserts their influences and dominance all over the rest. The world now is neutral because information comes from everywhere and every single nation has the potential to dominate the global culture but the ones with the real influent and dominance are those we lives in the future of the other. Infrastructure, communication, technology and innovation will lead us and societies and nations and those who remain behind, will be dominated. There are less information, knowledge and culture new to people of all societies and nations but skills and experiences to develop things still defeats societies and nations. There so many engineers but there are few technical engineers for example there might be so many electrical engineers today but with increase innovations, policy and systemisation of electricity many on other nations will become students to the ones who spend time innovating, systemise and regulate their electrical policies. In the future electricity in countries where they are public will become private and in countries where they are private will become public and this changes will come with provision of technology that supply and distribute electricity. In developed nations electricity is private hence you have money you have electrical company supply power to people but it is drawing near when technology will provide self regulated, provided and systemised electricity where you buy and install at your home or business. This is such a dangerous moves to governments of developed nations hence, they will regulate it hence becomes public but in developing nations this become opportunity to developed citizens or companies hence they will need to expand their reach to all parts of the world hence government will privatise to save their people. The tradition of culture is dressing, food, education and origination but with globalised system, people have learn and are adopting another's differences. Cultures in the future will not change our views of our origins and traditions but will greatly be impacted by development and new things from other societies and nations. This might also come as I am an African, I really do know what other Africans are doing in other continents or nations because of fear of falling behind.