December 10, 2016

We are all about to run out and reading all over. It is dangerous because we will loose in our home ground or our friend home. Composition is introduce for three systems to compete going head to head while being productive, healthy, pure, real, none threatening and creates development. It is supper dangerous compare to any other we have yet tried before. We will all pick up a thing, an area or physical location and try to pay all attention to it engaging all alliances while also keeping an eye in our own homes.


Scenario: Developing central Africa

We all know central Africa republic is in a turmoil yet Kenya, the Beacon of Africa is leading in commercial activities e.g. clean city, good infrastructure; Tanzania for the first time in half a century has bounced back as leader of Africa meaning they are where they were during their independent-respect the foreigners while owning your own home(more on Lwuor); Uganda the land of wars, have experience in war probably is now first on the list of African war monger country. The real problem in central African republic are under development, bad infrastructure, bad security, bad governance, primitive government and chaotic system-a thing we many African have. Uganda who have so far been making wars can help bring peace, Kenya an African commercial and economical giant can man down poverty and create development, and Tanzania can bring back the spirit of the people and government in central African republic.


We will be engaged Africa wide, make friends Africa wide, solve our problems Africa wide, reduce corruption and wars Africa wide because we are now working as brothers and sisters-a thing done just half a century ago.


There are things about foreigners, running from competition from their homeland, helping their alliances, doing businesses, naturally like certain culture and society and just want to correlate and do business with them. We cannot wait for them or depend entirely on them. Just imagine they too are going through our problem on their continent, we now have to wait till they finish theirs then come solve ours. I let you decide on those things.


Africa is Governmental meaning every state is lead by a union, federal, or central government e.g. Tanganyika, Sudan(Khartoum government runs Khordofan, South Sudan because both are still bound by their peace agreement legally, Darfur, and Omdurman), and many of the African states. To day it is difficult to know who is leading who but at least we have either of the three and many of them are opposing-they too are running their own government. The difficult to understand is the difference between opposition and governments because they are in many ways enmity run meaning you have to be extremely negative to other to pass or gain support. We now have to work on states and fix their problems while the other copy. In another way, all form of governments deal with a single state at a time while local leaders of a state deals with a single county, district, region etc.

Note: Just an idea for now.