Composition 2: Proposition

December 18, 2016

Composition and proposition is how the government system operates. Governments do function and perform tasks perfectly but as a single government of the time. For this reason of course the others had created oppositions namely parties but we are not dealing with parties on compositions and propositions. It is a system where governments, state leaders, regional government, a functional system is run. We have Federal, Union, and central government but there is a political ladies and gentlemen where are so fluid at work but plays the back rules when it comes to publicity i.e The banking system, security systems, corporations with multiple head quarters, internal governments e.g. rwot, religions, and electrical power suppliers. These people plays major rules however, they do not campaign nor convenience the public and in most time they do not have the chance to but wait for decision from politicians-the people with multiple views of things.


Government and oppositions are system based on thrown. You must own the thrown, be the only, and have major powers played by you and only you while the rest struggle to in. It had been operating and it is perfect however, it is good for small population, location, business, ideas, sub groups because on major playing fields e.g. regions, multiple states, and continent, it is an ediguate because information does not reach every individual, few own everything, and competition is one sided and align in a small area at a time until existed. The other problem is also the part under development is designed for war competition, regarded not logical area, un civilised, violent and primitive and they made to be so. Now, that is not composition nor proposition.

Inter Governments

"many hands makes work simple", African famous saying. As I write this, many of you at the end of this piece of writing will have other points that is extremely important and concrete than I have written because of experiences and expert areas and that is also true when intergovernmental comes together. Now, we need to understand framework of politics. "I am and only me", so they think in the pasts. Have you heart a president says, "My government?" It is because the system is throned. When you get to be a president, prime minister, canceller, everything you rule is no bodies. Have you hear corporations say, "I am the co founder", "we founded and when we started, we do not ....". That is the differences we have in the world today. The point here is bringing all system under a single functioning and continental ground.

Disadvantage of single government.

They run the entire system of their region leaving at different tribe, clans, people, or region out. If you are heated, then you are grouped under war and primitive group while the like is grouped under civilised and treated prodigal. Imagine three government from Western and South Africa, East and northern African and Central African government comes on a table to negotiate who be worrying on their side and who be developing while we wipe the uncivilised. I promise you, None will say they are uncivilised because death is death and all of us want to be a life and when to have piece of the pie of our continent.

Causes of failures

Lengthy discussion, premature agenda and not discussion regionally before coming all at one place to finally exhaust points. On the other hand, Every politicians on selected groups must have at least one or two friends or alliance from all of the other groups or regions of the continent these way the brave will survive and the people orient will stand and the weak shall drop. It will also be easy way to weed the dogies out.


No other person will make decisions on your people or region and if you find anything altered, you still have the chance to fight back before it is too late or you get ruined.