Citizens of the world

August 29, 2016

The time is year 2035. Europe need to resettle the global affairs. The search for a new beginning has begun. Warsaw as a capital city has enough at hand. London as the oldest known administrator agreed to offer her support but with the help of Parish. Italy also decided to join in on the side line. Moscow is under severe threat from what is on development from the three colonies. Berlin now has to calm the situation but only if there is need for development and both sides will stand together. That was a shock wave to Beijing and Tokyo. The world is on its way to a turmoil. Empires of the world(Israelis, Romans and Greeks) must come in while opportunity still exist. As time pass by, it is 18/08/2019, Israel as home of the smallest but managed to hold the whole world organised what was known as BOKE(Bodies of known Empires). It was successful! That gave light to the world. Asians where on the landslide. The most experienced originals of Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea must come together to counter both the empires and Europeans power. Europe now, has a new front to tackle. On 19.9.2019, Munich decided to offer what was known as GEA(Guardians of Europe and her Allies). Siberia appeared on the weak so now they need Asians, but there was no ideas. 7/5/2029, the world body is formed while Oyo appear at the sideline. The world remembers and Oyo was asked to do what they do best(What should we do?). We are forgotten! Oyo had to put in an inquest African Capital city - Dodoma. "We need a new race, New battle", replied DODOMA. Gulu wanted to be city this time because their arquement was that this is the third time they have done that so they be given the City. The world body encouragement to them was that it is always a team work. Africa had what was call FAGS(Sport of the Future). Central, North, South and west Africa agreed on the capital city, but wanted west Africa to hold commercial, South African for culture and Libya as head of African defense and central Africa as innovation of Africa while Kenya becomes the big apple of Africa. All was good. As they discussion went on, there was new coming in that India and Bangladesh are on under ground continental negotiation. Anyway, it was not that important because the new race, new battle idea is still on the table and not exhausted. By the year 2034 Parish and Munich offered their version of sport and the battle ground became Antarctica. Moscow was not buying into that, they needed Greenland because it is close to home. On their dismay, Greenland is already the new Europe so they have to abide by the world rule. Africa, Asia, Europe, and Deism came to a conclusion that it be Antarctica. Later Moscow gave in their answer seconding Antarctica. 2035 the world bodies sat on one table discussion security of the world under the watch of the big brothers.