​Cheapest business to build but intellectually challenging in Africa

February 20, 2017

Cheapest business to build but intellectually challenging in Africa

1: Membership business e.g. build a library and have every member of the local community who wants to use it becomes a member at a specific amount and gain the benefits of services you provide.
2: Hostilities e.g. building a cart or having own car driving from public and working publics during their breaks to sell them food
3: Loan e.g. people own what you have as a loan especially in animal and poultry. You build, keep and takes care of the animal and poultry, but they pay to own it. The good part is, animals and poultry number increase especially when you use the method of two of the sex for a single loan. As their number increases, hence, their loan grows in asset and liabilities hence they can sell when the number grow e.g. 10 animals or poultry. remember, after loans you still have service fees to charge them so your business keep swelling.
4: start a community service e.g. soccer team where every member pays or members of community pay for each player like they are investing. Now you have got to be creative in creating competitions so you earn money so your business keep growing and have cash for your investors.