Central Africa charming

February 10, 2016

Central Africa is winning and they are winning big. AU as African largest body is headed by Chad a central African country. To top it up, the first vice come from Benin a central African country too. Not only that, Congo DRC a central African country won 2016 African cup of nations which is still a thing unbelievable in East Africa. Central Africa is becoming more and more integrated than East Africa. They are economically growing faster, socially changing and have adopted and changed their styles to accommodate each other. East Africa has more problems compared to Central Africa because they are more disoriented. There is one major problem in East Africa with all the sates they cannot still solve it - South Sudan problem. Since 2005 when the peace agreement was signed between Sudan and South Sudan in Nairobi, East African have failed to welcome South Sudan into the region. They left them for their luck at the end of it all, south Sudan when into civil war. The East African leadership does not consider East Africa as a body but for individual gains. All countries contributes money to the body but they have so far fallen short at their performance to uplift and produce to the people. East Africa needs to wake up and start leading else it should accept to be the least region of the continent - a position good for dormant people. Are we going to be like south Africa which is passed by Nigeria in all sections. Nigeria is now the African economical giant - a position south Africa enjoyed for decades. Mind you, economical power comes with all powers. The question for east Africa is who exactly is your role model?