Business Plan 2

March 18, 2016

Businesses have many forms and shapes. Not one of them is the best or good for all people. Many people doing similar business can be a bad idea because of competition and drainage of resources and flooding of the market. It can however, be a good practice if it is a near idea which just emerge in a society and their is need to explore it more.

Types of businesses: Production, process, and share are the three main businesses I know. In production, you create, build, and produce products that you can sell to earn money for instance, hardware e.g. mobile phones, GPS devices, computers gadgets and software e.g. Operating systems, Web scripts, applications etc or both e.g. personal computers, autonomous cars etc. In process businesses, you acquire products then purify them for sale e.g. Drinks, jewelry, etc. In Share businesses, you invest in people with potentials for instance in schools so they can have a career or business so they can build businesses to help others or themselves or leadership so they can improve the lives of others. To many share is helping the other who needs it in return to see their lives improve or are able to lead themselves.

What business type is the best? It depends on where you come from. If I were from Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, Réunion, or Mayotte, my main ideas would be fishing, tourism, logistics, warehousing etc. My town and villages needs more agriculture e.g. forestry, farming, ranging, Construction e.g. water supply, house construction, electricity, roads and railways, and Technology e.g. security cameras, data storage and collections e.g servers, web technologies like people data and many more.

How should I start? Financial situation and human capital are the two major influence in how we run a business. If by any means you are a millionaire your mode of business thinking differs from the ones that lives under two dollars a day. Millionaires think more about how to raise their capital by using others do the job e.g. employ them to work for them while his/her gain is profit after their salary and other costs while the poor thinks about using their mind, time and physical power more to produce a business. Imagine, you start planting pawpaw a crop that only takes one year for harvest. Because time is on your site, you could plan thousand of them within a month and yield reasonably good amount of money within a years time. I guess the problems would be how to get the market and transport if you don't even have two dollar to live on in a day. Don't worry because their are so many people with cargo cars, roads and railway systems is improving in every part of East Africa. Not only that, pawpaw has more than one use for instance, it can also be use to produce drugs and body lotion. In this case you only need to contact the right people to gain access and expand your reach.

Assumption: This article assume that cost of starting a business for poor people is zero and location is the most important factors in starting all kinds of businesses and time is the most important factor in succeeding.

Conclusion: In conclusion, if you use your time best way possible and commit to your business, you should be able to produce what you need. You should not listen to others and follow their footpath because what makes them may harm you i.e what works for them may not work for you.