July 7, 2016

Bunga: Instead of thinking up high, lets create a planet right here on earth. The thinking associated with this planet or piece of land is that once had BUNGA, but the people were few in numbers because of several reasons, their numbers is now high in terms of population and caused or about to cause land degradation e.g. trees absent, soil erosion, water shortage, scarcities of food (fruits or animals). Now, I’m (you or anyone reading now) a member of this community (ies) or leader for that matter wanting to restore BUNGA back to its originality. Generally, I would try to think that major problems today in this societies or communities could be electricity, food, and unity. Luo in the past lives on the wild for food, electricity etc. We do not need to collate subjects/problems/issues on these matters no more, but rather solve the outlay of it all. Then, we need communities to have centers. Imagine having a community of hundred or more families with thousands or million people and all have a center. Definitely, there wouldn’t be those who would afford their basic needs and those are not our concern. We want to tackle those that cannot afford their basic needs at this time. Build community centers that solve most public problems equip with modern technologies e.g. dining, laundry, kitchen, storage etc. and use means like solar, generators etc to power them. Now we can put laws and regulation to restrict human destructions on environments including hunting for numbers of years. What do you hope to see? Me I see a moderate BUNGA restoration and all animals back in them. Let’s also think that by the time we finish and are happy with with our work, other colonies have already left deep into space. Then we just go get their land and do same thing or follow them wherever they went. Now I hope that does not make us be left behind in the trend of people growth.

Hiving: Hives are artificial houses of bees. Human makes hives for bees for many reaons e.g. honey, pollination, job, and increase number of bees and bring in new breeds, but bees too just hive into grounds holes, ant hills holes, and trees. To have many bees, you need lots of Things(trees, sorghum, corne flowers) to attract bees. You could also try to build as many hives as you can then when it is about to get full, or it is full you transfer the already about to or already full hive to replace with empty so that the working bees can start on the new hive and the transfered bees continues on the old hive. Bees are smart little insects that means they will know what you have done. What about human? well, we will full them by building same looking hives and put them too close to each other that they will know what happen but will not care what they do in either of them.

Transportation: What happens when this communities are all set up, but there is no communication amongst them? well, you either get one or build one. For this technology is simple to build. Just get a strong strings across from a point A to B (mountains, Trees, Rivers etc.). Tie and object that may transport people, information, or produce one string and another on the other string. The release both at the same while one on the hilly side and the other on lower altitude. The one traveling up and down must have more weight than the opposite. This is the general picture, but you now have to deal with breakings and speeds.

Solar System: there is no real electricity I have ever seen, but I can assume that we have all this resources lying right in our back yards. Kongo Atona flames, and bee wax melts right? Then this also means that if you can solidify bee wax and then deep a peace of cloth in Kongo Atona, then we should have enough electricity lighten our rooms, roads, houses, schools, etc.

  • metalisation
  • fuel
  • Aforestation
  • communications