Lokang Jackson June 19, 2017

php classes

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language for programing solely websites. Most websites are programmed in PHP because it is a language for programming websites and suits best for web application development. PHP development environment can be set up and run on local computer and are mostly free of charge to developers. It has abundant resources and are available at developers reach.

PHP Classes

classes in php are created by declaring them. Below we have declare a class Name with functions. Functions are also called methods which describes what a programmer wants to do and perform tasks intended for it to perform. The below functions is intended to display name which is instantiated at the top of the class.

Lokang Jackson June 15, 2017

To sell goods online today is simple wherever you are in the world but before you do that, there are two requirements you need to have and those are access to paypal or merchant payment system and debit card or credit card. Debit or Credit card will give you the access into the main online merchants and you can be able to sign up online merchant accounts for payment options. Depending on countries, to use debit or credit card directly on your online store, you need to be earning about $75,000 a year from the business.

Your own

Standard ecommerce scripts are free for all types of online businesses or businesses of all size or use the premium versions for sale which offers more features. You will only need a domain and host to download ecommerce scripts and set it up to start using it or running online shop. Domain and host combined might cost about $12 per month or about $100+ per annum which still consider cheap for an online shop. The problem with own online shop is you have to market yourself against all others. The advantage is you sell and produce goods at your own pace giving time for improvement and grow.

Group website

You can create a website as a group of people and install ecommerce shop script then run the script from there. Group website will have problems in case one person disagrees with anything, but you can ask a person with online shop to put your products on their ecommerce site.

Web Flatform

Websites like etsy.com, amazon.com and ebay.com allows people to sell their product through their website. User create account and create products online and sells through the online store. The main drawback with this is competition against other big companies because they too sell their goods through those ecommerce flatforms. Some web flatform offers it for absolutely free but sometimes you pay commissions while others asks for upfront costs per month or yearly.

Hidden cost

A hidden cost in online sales is the transportation costs. You will need to get familiar with mail costs for national, international and postcodes. Transport costs can be higher in other countries and lower in others hence it is difficult to quantify especially when selling light weight goods.

Lokang Jackson February 18, 2017

There are about four major languages to design and develop websites e.g. PHP, Java(J2EE), MS ASP and HTML. The traditional way is use HTML and a design language then embed the rest inside HTML tag. We have discovered a new way to design websites and that us PHP as a design language while embedding HTML and CSS in it. We are going to design a website using PHP as a major language which sounds funny and really idealistic. Yes, it is idealistic because it has not been done yet. We are going to be the first to fully design a website in PHP scripting language then embed html and css for styling.