Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

Chambik also known as Layet, elyei, mbade is a CBD of Hal-ayat. Ask our current school pupils in East and central Africa where chambik is, they probably point you in any direction and say that! Chambik is a town of a kind not supper developed instead has good living standards and life style. In the future weeks next, you will hear about chambik few times.

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

Within ten years, Liquade has out perform states of 100 years of life cycle. Bidude is another with backwardness, worrying culture and single minded social set up. For this reasons, I do not understand how a state lives for hundreds of years while not developing.

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016


It is a mistake to call South Sudan a failed state because it is developing with a conflicting news.

Civil war

Civil war is created to disestablish people in a society upgrading and degrading either of them.


There are two tribes in Sudan, Bantu(western Sudan) and Nilotic in the rest of the regions. The meaning of Bantu and Nilotic about to come convoluted because Bantu in the 19th centuries became coloured people and are believed to have come from mixed races so has nilotic for same reason(excluding the writer). The evidence are clear and factual not findings because of parents and relatives.


Sudan had never had a leader from the very beginning because all they had are group working individual-depending on other views and so comes to failure of our nations. Dr. Garang was and is the only known leader of Sudan being South, Sudan, Darfur and Halayat. It has problems because of its size and people involve making development difficult and dreading effort.


Sudan is at countering position hence it becomes safe to isolate yourself at your own region and just build your state therefore, the countries/states.


Sudan is a capitalist state because of this, their are people extremely rich and poor at same time. Capitalist do not rely on people because they develop a system using people to extend power. Dead is a norm to a capitalist and so come the state so worrying all over.


Sudan tried improvements on her image and system through signing agreements and trying few projects but they really did not take off till now. Surviving contracts had really taken time and had consumed much more than they had put into use.

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

We will agree we are created for a purpose and all must work to achieve and overcome undulations in our fronts. It doesn't matter you race, colour, location, situation, achievement and failures we all have to fight to gain our lost in our lives. Do you know that you were born? Also implies that you could die or we just start and end, start and end. We concludes, an end marks another beginning hence beginning should not make us feel we own and end should not make us feel lost. For every lost we gain for every gain we lost so grows live. Challenging sickness heals because you forget pains, loose weight, become energetic and knock off your current situation to bring in your future. To bring in excitement, you will have to discuss and have points and clear visit into your future. Have you slept hungry in your life time, just know a person at a location in the world has done so. So, really, who is in an extremely not in a condition they do not consider themselves worthy at a time, are you alone in it(super blamers). Futures are unknown, now is about to past and our pasts are in us and an example of now.

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

Smart is either illusion or a start of mind we posses e.g. clarity to understanding of things. Every person in this world excluding mental illness knows at least a thing or a few personally than another individual because of experiences and knowledge we gain through out our lives. Constant repeat of things irritates and breaks a person spirit and soul leading to malfunction or reaction to things and every single adult person in this world has gone through this in their life time. Flexibility and giving points of rejection or acceptance relieves and keeps us going with few breaking and many success in our lives.

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

In spite of where you live now including all the goods and bad things about. There should be a place in the world you will consider a home to live in or a second home to buy a house. Out of all the list above, choose where you would live leaving out where you would hate to live and even visit.

My home 2017-2035

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

Human decided we build a home for ourselves to comfort our human occupation and living standards. We(the people) are only accepted to build things suitable for our climate and social cohesion. Every one of the sites presented their design however only one of all of them was available for retrieval at the time of the meeting. Another thing we would still have to talk on is, which kind of societies do we want to have?

Houses and lives in the future

Living into future

Lokang Jackson December 2, 2016

Joint chief of staff

After their findings, the chief of staff came with conclusion of disagreement because their views represent 2 worlds-world not similar. No chief of staff want to play an inferior or under rule of the other it brings same to families and team at work. The only way it could be done without problem i.e. paying definite attention to existing problem is to avert situations and lower temper of the people.


After their initial joint chief of staff, they encountered aliens who are superior to them. Triggered emotions and sense of loosing the war. There were also floating phantom requiring right decisions and power humanity to propel optimisms and withdraw mists off our wind screens at places of that kind.


The aliens where many and overwhelmed the joint chief of staff, researchers and manoeuvrability became a major problem. All had to find their ways out even at such extreme conditions.


Labuki as head of joint chief of staff team decided they smoke the freaks off. It was a helpful move and supported in their team however, it was causing some minor problems. We found out aliens can leave under all conditions so it only affect the researchers and joint chief of staff themselves. Labuki have extreme believe in smoking the freak out and it remain their own solution.


Ihure an experienced researcher with extremely long history knows all it takes to hoo and bring in aliens to her corner. With proper communications skills and less knowledge to aliens language, she sweet talked them in and orient their views of their world with the deficients.


These triggered bad emotions between the teams hence all decided to part their ways. Labuki is a smart individual but extremely aggressive and self reliance however, Ihure is a team player and do know all facets of situations. She is sift, flexible, react at due cause and has no plans yet can do without help and offer dear necessity to her team. The aggressive nature of Labuki plays drives the future and energy to Ihure.


Out of it came a culture for the future and formation of our democracy, empowerment, society, and development for next relationship. Expect chaos and fights at all time and be alert because territories had been occupied and teams might regroup and advance an attack or be tested for resitance.

Lokang Jackson December 1, 2016

Biome as come at an angle and has forgotten man power. Acaki has send a strong warning claiming God promises to mankind. Allow me say this ladies and gentlemen, "there shouldn't be anything surpassing God creation and the power of humanity comes what may". "This is our world and shall none displacing or claiming it from us" however, we have to now think for the next battle. A living things will come against us and anything you know will evolve naturally maintaining originality. "Hey, Is there anything which will make us loose in the future", I asked. If there is problem, burden, tranquility, cover up, worrying and burning issue it might be our future problems.

Lokang Jackson November 23, 2016 1 comment

Our differences are clear, our similarities sub sided, our cultures are foreign to each others, our competitions are outwards but, and central to our statements. Comparing the unionist West and Federated East, there things we need to dig deeper to find out and concrete. We are both technical, logical, intelligent however, western Luo are defensive and modern unlike we in the East who are all the above but, protective and ancient in culture. Eastern Luo and Western Luo together founded African Union with the rest of Africans and both are Pan Africanist though because of strong colonies they failed a bit. Eastern Luo are originally resistance and had never given up for anything and are the least developed while Western Luo have become Federal and supper defensive but, have become united than at anytime in their history.

Question: How do both East and West Africa remain original founders and leaders of African Union and African federal governments while convincing the rest they are safe, will develop, improve social system and will restore and maintain African power dithering Western world from dominating and taking over Africa particular influential Western Africa-Nigeria?