Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

The world of religion is guided by commandments or rules that naturally governs it. Abinu has three natural law protecting anything inside from anyone invading it. There are three natural storage levels i.e. bottom extremely large, neck smallest and neck small. Naturally, seeds are kept inside all of them. Problems start from opening, once you open Abinu, seeds will definitely fall on flow, secondly, you loose your natural ability to concentrate and either break the entire Abinu or neck leading to all seeds dangling on the flow. The real rules are who should touch Abinu; when shall he/she allowed to touch; and why they should touch it-Leader of the farm of the season, showing time and farming season. It is also discussed by family members to see who, where, and how much at a season. This is because leaders grow old and become independent, change place or accidents happens leading to lost of them or another person rise to a leadership role of the season. There are sanctions against people who are now passed natural rule i.e. when mistake happened. One, death, two curse, three, ban or abandon from community or family activity for their entire life, generation or relation. Abinu is not and shall not be hidden but govern by its natural rules.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

Supper government have arrived and they are doing extraordinarily. Pacific, Deirab, Africa and Europe are leading the way. Atlantic and Siberia have fallen short and won't be catching up a soon. Such a heart feeling. Interestingly, we have passed other bounderries and have come out as a whole successfully but miserable have to do heart work. Time is at hand. Now is the time, so we must continue with our work not forgetting competition shall never end.

Lokang Jackson January 7, 2017

For a call for your attention for your men and women to fend off your territory and watch after them and see into it they defend their people at all cause. There shall be battles at has already began. Protect everyone and give dotched their noise where it dent for history for our ancestry.

Lokang Jackson January 7, 2017

We had been at it and here we are again. The time for words has passed the time for new beginning the a more formidable world with which you and me are either human or freaks of opposite sites. Take no side but do remain with you alliance where you feel safe and at your strongest. For the strong say less but mouthful does so shall we had to point men shall be call men are the weak shall say. Enemies the battle line is drawn speak no more until then see you!

Lokang Jackson December 27, 2016

United nations is flooding East Africa with foreign elite they call peace keepers. The peace keepers comes in with high precedence compared to East Africans. Right now, there are about 50,000 to a 1,000,000 foreign elites in East Africa namely China, India, Chille, Mexico etc. All the countries mentioned above are low rank in terms of world order and contribution to world affairs-phew that gives me the goose bump that they have their own children dis- persed around Africa well equip to tear us down. For any president, local leader, civil ser- vant who cares about the future of East Africa, why don’t take a stroll into UN head quarter to interrogate the peace keepers to know where each one of them are from. That also im- plies every peace keeper in East Africa must have a clear and clean data stored before en- tering East Africa for the populace to know. China and India are over populated and the su- per wealthy are looking for an empty ground to hide their children and Un is the company they operate their business. In a way, the wealthy family donate half or so their wealth to UN then have their children use their will to build supper homes where the people are weak. That kind of a plan is a total take over our territory. The evidence are true in Mexico and probably Argentina in central and South America. Mexican were the poorest people and they were block from entry into USA at same time, USA brings in their companies into Mexico and higher their generations from USA and the immigrants from Asia. Now, both Mexicans and Argentina are proud of their country and says it has all they wanted but who are the Mexicans speaking now. These are what is going to happen in East Africa in less than fifty years from now. All the wars and hatred inside East Africa is to build and transfer their power

Lokang Jackson December 18, 2016

Ever imagine living in continent or countries like Greenland and antarctica? I haven't been to those regions of the world myself but material and data collected have strong evidence and concrete information about the differences between them and our world. If it we can do, I prefer we go back to icy ocean world because it support multiple transport system, safe, eliminate piracy, reduce torpedoing leading to saving lives and improvement in stand of our living in our world. The consequences are temperature will become extremely cold and fishing business will become extra ordinarily expensive and difficult business. I see us fulling ourselves because we can make our fresh water lakes and rivers conserved for fishing and water containment. Cold water is peaceful than hot weather as we know it because we had produced a work on cold and hot world before. Cold world will make us busier and tasks oriented compared to hot weather which brings harms to our stored energy because it disturbs and destroy them in the process however, I grew up in hot weather I would rather be in hot weather but because of the positive world of ice, I prefer cold weather more than any for now. In cold weather water as a basic fruit of life becomes abundance and variety presence at our hand to honest for our daily use with limited resources. One of the things, I like about it is transportation that will come out of it and how we will travel and I am sure I know you too will like it. Lets go Icy world world.

Lokang Jackson December 18, 2016

Composition and proposition is how the government system operates. Governments do function and perform tasks perfectly but as a single government of the time. For this reason of course the others had created oppositions namely parties but we are not dealing with parties on compositions and propositions. It is a system where governments, state leaders, regional government, a functional system is run. We have Federal, Union, and central government but there is a political ladies and gentlemen where are so fluid at work but plays the back rules when it comes to publicity i.e The banking system, security systems, corporations with multiple head quarters, internal governments e.g. rwot, religions, and electrical power suppliers. These people plays major rules however, they do not campaign nor convenience the public and in most time they do not have the chance to but wait for decision from politicians-the people with multiple views of things.


Government and oppositions are system based on thrown. You must own the thrown, be the only, and have major powers played by you and only you while the rest struggle to in. It had been operating and it is perfect however, it is good for small population, location, business, ideas, sub groups because on major playing fields e.g. regions, multiple states, and continent, it is an ediguate because information does not reach every individual, few own everything, and competition is one sided and align in a small area at a time until existed. The other problem is also the part under development is designed for war competition, regarded not logical area, un civilised, violent and primitive and they made to be so. Now, that is not composition nor proposition.

Inter Governments

"many hands makes work simple", African famous saying. As I write this, many of you at the end of this piece of writing will have other points that is extremely important and concrete than I have written because of experiences and expert areas and that is also true when intergovernmental comes together. Now, we need to understand framework of politics. "I am and only me", so they think in the pasts. Have you heart a president says, "My government?" It is because the system is throned. When you get to be a president, prime minister, canceller, everything you rule is no bodies. Have you hear corporations say, "I am the co founder", "we founded and when we started, we do not ....". That is the differences we have in the world today. The point here is bringing all system under a single functioning and continental ground.

Disadvantage of single government.

They run the entire system of their region leaving at different tribe, clans, people, or region out. If you are heated, then you are grouped under war and primitive group while the like is grouped under civilised and treated prodigal. Imagine three government from Western and South Africa, East and northern African and Central African government comes on a table to negotiate who be worrying on their side and who be developing while we wipe the uncivilised. I promise you, None will say they are uncivilised because death is death and all of us want to be a life and when to have piece of the pie of our continent.

Causes of failures

Lengthy discussion, premature agenda and not discussion regionally before coming all at one place to finally exhaust points. On the other hand, Every politicians on selected groups must have at least one or two friends or alliance from all of the other groups or regions of the continent these way the brave will survive and the people orient will stand and the weak shall drop. It will also be easy way to weed the dogies out.


No other person will make decisions on your people or region and if you find anything altered, you still have the chance to fight back before it is too late or you get ruined.

Lokang Jackson December 17, 2016

Have you imagine a person promising everything you do not have now and you will have later? That is the trues sources or false world and it is disastrous cause in life. Everyone in this world has a condition that hinders them from achieving or have burden in archiving. If I have so do you so why then say mine is good and yours is worse. People, country, regions who do not loose their principles, self worth and direction has the lowest chance of loosing to others because they trust, believe, share information, and work team.

Lokang Jackson December 16, 2016

There are real (practical) rules and virtual rules. The difference is framework-parmanency or concrete standards. Rules are makable e.g. policy, constitutions etc however, you can never bringdown bridge, ten commandments, culture because the originals are true and to make a concrete different, you are going to break down the entire set up and reengineer the whole thing from scratch and man! just imagine how much traffic, chaos, business break down etc you will bring to the society.


Internal competition has no different to colonisation. Asking me to come to my house posses danger, threat, and could result into deaths, conflict etc but let us meet at the parliament, coffee place, eating place, discussion rooms etc to discuss about our business etc gives us the freedom to think freely and create a healthy and progressive competitions.


The only way Europeans can help Africa is to meet them at African Federal Government house in Dodoma because then you have real problems to deal with and they are matured problems but coming into our communities with your NGOs and thinking you are coming to help us just make us think of our pasts harmful moments.

I am a western elite and I leave in Pacific hence white people should know I am going to compete with you as any other white person you know and I will always be open to point of views. Pacific people are going to own their opinion on Atlantic and because they too are immigrant continent, they are no different to us and have nothing to think we owe them a thing.

Abantu and Santu cannot be either Nilotic nor luo it makes both of us know that the only effective way we can compete is in Addis ababa because that is were union and regional governments had gone for discussions for the last 50 years. It is logically primitive to think competing has to come from inside Liquadi because it is new state etc e.g. South Sudan style just reminds us of the dirty things that had happened before us all. Acholi inside Liquadi cannot say we must rule Eastern Equatoria or Torit to say the least because they out number or have better potential for development than we do but we would meet in Kitgum for government issues. In the past we had foster relationships with Santu and Abantu and worked with as early as the 19th century so really nothing should stop from doing continuing doing it now.


We should allow ourselves into talking things out however creates an environments where my life is exactly as important to you as it is to me. We cannot be friends, alliances, governments when we are using positive to us while negative to them short of rules. It is sickening and we will continue to die if truth be said. We give them freedom as have we and allow them to expand as we are. My dream was to get etc now I have to power, strength to do so hence, I could take over all things and wipe all all my problems is just one way of misunderstanding and having big heart of self thinking.


I am you enemy and so does my friends, alliances, family and people hence I am to you as you are to me.

Lokang Jackson December 15, 2016

To close to an entire new beginning or spread through out, there is an immense struggles for an entire reasons to complete. Formulae help us draw closer to finish line to accomplish our targets. We have new introduce four ways to help reduce and strip out ambiguities from our system namely Gamire, Achiler, Sovent, and Harnant.