Lokang Jackson March 2, 2017

The most adopted or dominant culture is the one that is influential, excel, financially secured and has future to the others. Before internet, was the telephone, radio and TV and those nations who has them asserts their influences and dominance all over the rest. The world now is neutral because information comes from everywhere and every single nation has the potential to dominate the global culture but the ones with the real influent and dominance are those we lives in the future of the other. Infrastructure, communication, technology and innovation will lead us and societies and nations and those who remain behind, will be dominated. There are less information, knowledge and culture new to people of all societies and nations but skills and experiences to develop things still defeats societies and nations. There so many engineers but there are few technical engineers for example there might be so many electrical engineers today but with increase innovations, policy and systemisation of electricity many on other nations will become students to the ones who spend time innovating, systemise and regulate their electrical policies. In the future electricity in countries where they are public will become private and in countries where they are private will become public and this changes will come with provision of technology that supply and distribute electricity. In developed nations electricity is private hence you have money you have electrical company supply power to people but it is drawing near when technology will provide self regulated, provided and systemised electricity where you buy and install at your home or business. This is such a dangerous moves to governments of developed nations hence, they will regulate it hence becomes public but in developing nations this become opportunity to developed citizens or companies hence they will need to expand their reach to all parts of the world hence government will privatise to save their people. The tradition of culture is dressing, food, education and origination but with globalised system, people have learn and are adopting another's differences. Cultures in the future will not change our views of our origins and traditions but will greatly be impacted by development and new things from other societies and nations. This might also come as I am an African, I really do know what other Africans are doing in other continents or nations because of fear of falling behind.

Lokang Jackson March 2, 2017

The wrong way to look at a society is to consider it in groups of people. Grouping people is good when in classes of the educated, employed, politicians and place of living(villages, towns, cities) because services, economy and management is distributed base on their strengths and weaknesses. The problem with grouping comes when there is lack of equality, distribution and race(ethnicity,originality and relationship(family, colour, state etc). It is natural to treat your own fairly and the rest after your own but is it the same with everyone of us anyway. Consider a terrorist or a dictator both are hated and loved by enemy and their own because they are protector their own and murderer to their opponents. Now let's imagine we(me and you) are considered terrorists or dictators that leaves us with two things either influence our own or get remove i.e fight or replace. At the end we all become terrorists and dictators because we have just removed one and replace with another(bad) e.g. to remove a terrorist, you need a train killer or rules that stop them from the activities done you think you made the new killer a terrorist and the rule made another person powerful? The system of bad not me and good for me creates chaotic communities and societies but we can have a problem solution society running smoothly without conflicts, equal rules and fairness to all. Just imagine for every problem in the society their is a solution so for every terrorists and dictator their is a supporter and a family that depends on them hence one's problems is another's solutions. Education, economy, culture, race and origin tells how we should operate. For any injustice their is rule of law, for any poverty there should come development and education and for any societal problems their is a person with enough skills to help figure out a solution. Whether money, technology or intelligence, the world should sacrifice her time, resources and values.

Lokang Jackson February 28, 2017

In general, there are five nations in the world i.e Eurasia(Europe Russia and Asia), Africa, America(including Oceania), Pacific and Africa. In the early 1900 Europeans migrated into all continents then fifty years later people from Africa and within Eurasia decided to move to other continents. Now we are at cross road of globalisation-a single world system under the five continents. This is coming at a cost though because races are beginning to switch spots e.g. Eura(Europe and Russia AKA Siberia) wants to build their empires in Africa, America, Pacific, Asia and Oceania leaving the rest of the people defenceless. There are still two giants standing to defend the rest and that Africa and Asians with Americans and Pacificians at a total lost. Africans will colonise Oceania and America leaving Europeans in total control of Eurasia, Pacific and Greenland in the next 100 years.

Lokang Jackson February 28, 2017

Because of amount of total area our oceans covers, it is a perfect target to transport system because in transportation oceans contribute negatively leaving strained air space. Air transport is fast, efficient and safe, but the increase of planes into our air reduces the safety of our air transportation system making the most dangerous and less affordable form of transport on earth. Water transport is only on water. Water transport is safe compared to most form, but slow and pirate target for instance cargo ships because of this, it has become expensive to transport goods over water transport. Beneath our oceans lies Land and we already have more experience with tunnels, through mountains and bridge buildings. This same techniques can apply to under water transportation ways making and letting us introduce road and railway transportation into ocean transportation. This will integrate the globe, reduce transportation, connection continents, reduce transportation costs and bring forth closer to human interactions. There are five major land masses on the globe, on the East is Africa, Europe(including Asia, Siberia, Deirab), on the West are America and Oceania(Formerly South America) and in the central is Pacific. The shortest distances for us to connect the world by under sea ways are between Africa and Europe through Egypt and Yemen or Morocco and Spain, Africa and Oceania through West Africa and Oceania, Oceania and America through their border, Pacific through Northern territory and Indonesia and Europe and America through Greenland.

Lokang Jackson February 28, 2017

Before we think of connecting the globe, may be we should think of connecting our continents. Africa is still divided on states, you cannot cross from one country to another on a single passport although they are neighbouring each other, to travel from Europe, Siberia and Arabia you will need to change mode of transportation, Americans, Canadians and Oceania(Usually South America) have not finished working on pacific and Atlantic highways to connect the three continent which are connect by land, Pacific an organised because you cannot travel from one state to another on single means of transport(public transport). There are no busses and trains going and coming from one state to the other, you will have to take a private means of transport to do so. To connect our globe in transport we have planes which are expensive and and affordable by few. There are no power, water and communication system that connects the continents as one except internet has made it in the 21st century. What will it take and how long will it take humanity to realise the need for each other.

Lokang Jackson February 26, 2017


Africa is a continent. It is in most cases refer to as the dark continent because of colour of the people, under development, and poor power supply and infrastructure throughout the continent. Africa by far is the least developed, has lowest rate of literacy is disease prone and the only continent that relies on support of other continent to help solve her problems.


Africa economy dependent on individualism for instance, subsistence agriculture, in adequate branding, systemisation and legalisation of businesses of the continent. African economy is also under performing compared to other continents because the continent have less super rich people who are ready to private big businesses to fuel the economy. Poor management, skill workers and low value currency also do affect Africa economy.


Africa is built on socialism-a shared value of all the people in a society. Societies are built by ethnic communities who then breaks in tribes, clans, lineages and families because of extended family system which still exist in the continent. Urban societies have better services compared to rural societies leading to imbalance category of people. It also means rural people are totally cut off from urban services for instance power supply, internet service, banking and better and quality jobs.


Africa has 54 and all state runs her own agenda meaning state build their state politic on a single state preposition without any help, consultation and interruption from another state.


Africa politic driven meaning security rely on politic of a state. Africans are not integrated to manage its internal issues properly leading to continue insecurities in the continent. Africa politic is also tribal and because there are many tribes in one state, this brings in insecurity from the players which easily get drawn into societies and fuel up along borders.


Africa has 5 regions and 7 islands namely east, west, central, north and south and Easirun, Souda, Norland, Infend, Anana, Elan, Era consecutively. Western and East African is home to the original Africans namely Bantu and Nilotic(Lwuor). North Africa is mainly foreign occupied because of its location and distance from the rest of the world. Europe, Asia, Arabia and Deism borders Africa at the North.


Different colours, tribes, foreigners and people of different continent present into a country/state, region or continent. Race is also culture, society, humanity entanglement. Consequences of race diffusion are deaths, war, and cultural dominion.


Black is original thought originate from Africa however, there are blacks people many where in the world e.g. amazon, Cambodia, Yemen and Mongolia.


Browns are generally in Arabia and Deism but they also found in America, Africa(Madagascar in particular) and Assia e.g. Phillipines.


They are the origin of Europe and Siberia together also known as Eura. They are also majorities and have occupied many parts for the world e.g. Atlantic and Pacific and has the power and super power of the world. They are innovative and do work based on time.


Yellow people where originally Korean. To day, they have spread around Asia and are found all over the world. We can also assume that Asia was once invaded and was originally once a yellow people original lands. In the history of our ancient, Africans where known to had migrated to Asia for milli purposes and use by superior colonies of the time.


African power is on the land and her ecology. The temperature of her is depending on region of the continent balance agriculture and natural resources creating employment.


Animal husbandry, forestry, water system, green lands, grass lands and islands of Africa perfects Africans ecology for human inhabitation.


Group of people, race, colour and nationalities living together under same government and system. There are so far three major African tribes i.e. Nuba, Nilotic and Bantu. Intermarriages between them and foreigners brought in tribes like Afro-Asiatic(Africans, Europe and Asians), Somali(Harmrun, Deism, and Arabs), Egyptians(Secondary Nubians, Arabs and Italians). Egypt is an interesting country because all inferior people from Arabia, Deism and Europe run to show their superiority.


Nubians from about 10,000 BC to 15,000 BC where large in term of population covering from Libya, Egypt, and Sudan and partly Ethiopia but now they are reduced to their place of origin Nuba. Nuba most famous monument is Nuba Mountains which have been in their history and a thing remembered with them for many centuries.


The name Nilotic came from the name River Nile because they were believed to have been following River Nile.


They are believed to have migrated from central Africa to the rest of Africa.


People coming from different countries and continents for work, school, escaping competition or war.


Known pasts of Africa and Africans


Scientifically, Africans are confirmed to have evolved from animal sub classes of Eps but cultural and historically Africa is evident and factually found to be black human subclass however, Africa had humans from other continent and colour from the beginning of human beginning.


African history is of wars, tribal conflicts, backwardness and abundance in her natural habitat and minerals.


There are many cultures and they varies from Northern to Southern Africa.

Lokang Jackson February 24, 2017

Dead no more

Do you know that when we were young we had everything we have when we are adult? Every single one of us have million copies of lives. Instead of getting all and loosing everything we had at our old age, we will be able to harness the copies of lives have in us and renew our stage of life i.e become young again. We can also increase our age by instead of being born and increase things in us slowly the traditional way, we can now say, let us start at age of ten from the day we are born. This has advantage because at ten years old, we can take care of ourselves. The only advantage with this is you can say knowledge is experience we learn from the day we are born to age we are at. True but know is also put of life hence we can copy knowledge and transfer from one person to another.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

Resistance to lost of energy. Cooler temperature has more hair because body needs more energy in cold temperature to speed metabolism. Warm temperature has more energy hence, there is no dependent on hair to defend body from lost of energy because it is abundance and also because frequency of toxic material secretion from our body increase. Toxic materials kills cells which weakens skins, hair roots and expand pours to.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

All Biome and Abiotic compete at least for a resource they both shared and have use for it, but there are competition we should avoid-competition that looses lives and creates situation not solvable. In another word only solvable through the 1% of the global people or the supper people these causes imbalance and create problems that will emulate or evolve itself.

Lokang Jackson January 17, 2017

Waves, flows, echo, duplex, music and singing are designed standards to know sound. In reality sound is creation of us. We hear reflection of our creation e.g. tears, heart attacks, muscle arthritis, opens of our world. When a part of our body receive foreign object, experience excessive reaction and lack which creates holes produces sounds. When we become extremely hungry, our body produces sounds and so is when we are full. Enough is either the becoming to slow or increment either side yields sound. Sound cannot stop sound because they are both particles or unit of objects aggressively facing each other and also sound with no sound does not stop us from getting sound.