Lokang Jackson June 25, 2016

As any government, Luo government need to have reasons, ideas, concept etc of governing Luo because Luo are sparsely divided through out the entire East Africa region. East Africa region is the largest region in Africa by far because of countries like Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius etc. These can become a problem because if available resources from the people and the Government. Emergency, special needs, argent circumstances will not be attended to in time. This now call for government to think beyond the current political, social, economical etc systems. The government needs to think more of response and awareness to her people than leading because people concerns are what they leads anyway. There are so many orgainisations in East Africa that do the above mentioned particularly at state level, but most are stuck in past centuries thinking logic and are not so dynamic in ways they solve their problems. Those, we will not join! We need to think more however on how we change our parties concepts. They are too many/less and need to attend to individuals not groups or class of people. They need to know names of all their people, villages, activities strength, weaknesses, events etc. That means their is at some point going to be cross state orgainisations, memberships, participants, allies, friends etc.


Lokang Jackson June 10, 2016

if things has a start, then it is initiated at two and accumulate to its final quantity. Every beginning has an end and reversible. End is determined by speed of progress, quantity, accessibility etc. Things tends to go faster at the beginning and slower at the end however, the opposite is also true. End is also standardized by number, place, color, normalcy etc. If Acaki is two at it's initial then, there is need for us to differentiate from quantity. Two(2) as a number is quantity, result, name, format etc. Two can be binary, result of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying numbers hence, not Acaki. Two can also be an agreements and disagreements.

Competition: To gain success, another has to loose and the reverse is also true because all of us appreciate success and recover from failure. Competition creates and enables healthy living, gives more work, and enhances our learning. Failure on the hand, brings realization, retaliation, hardworking. and need to achieve the missing. We work hard because we need to double effort to catch up and equalized.

Conflict: competition from within with the group you belong. It creates isolation, hate, fight etc. Conflict is mostly caused by greed, lack of direction, wrong leadership, resistant and impurity of knowledge about foreseeable futures.

Causes: Acaki in one way is an existent of things. We can assume that nothing exists which will have us think that all things grow, accumulate, formulate, erode etc hence its really nothing of something or the reverse.

Lokang Jackson May 28, 2016

Guides, regulations, commandments, laws etc whatever you define it is just a way we solve problems. They are good because they are stipulated, documented, and are available to us on a ready made form. We can read, use, and translate them to relate, question, and formulate things.

scenario; eggs and chicken: The question is who is old between the two? The answer here depends on our understanding of eggs and chicken. Chicken is older than egg but is that not where chicken comes from anyway and where does chicken comes from? If you ask such question number of times, participants involve gets confused that they change their answer from one to the other depending on time and how they are asked. This is why rules are so important to guide us through such complications. Programmers(computer programmers) are good example to help solve this problems.

scenario 2; Finding GDP of a country: Mathematicians are the immediate people to help solve this problem because they have the logic and know how. You will think that solving that problem is easy. That is true but, it usually depends on your knowledge of finding unknown - imagination and assumptions. The answer to most time is based on number of people and businesses earning in a particular group of people e.g. country, district, state etc. They always missed out on unlawful earnings e.g. handout e.g. criminal money like drugs etc. This are big earning of a country but because they are outside the law we need to assume that they exist because that same money is used for development, doing lawful businesses etc. We also fail at constants of earnings because earning fluctuates from high to low based on situations e.g. out breaks, booms etc. Those are irregular situations hence, most people fail to predict them hence leading to wrong official number to the public.

Lokang Jackson May 28, 2016

Solar is making it in our homes especially to people who have no access to the main grid. More and more people will be freed from bondage of electricity. This call for now thinking and concepts - we need our bunga back! For now our population is at its lowest therefore, it is automatic that the communities will work on population issues however, this also means having bunga is another disaster coming hence, we need to balance the two.


  1. Land
  2. water
  3. mountains
  4. valises
  5. people
  6. animals
  7. insects

It is a good a idea to grow bunga naturally. To allow the process to succeed, we limit human activities e.g. trees cutting, walking which disrupts the eco system etc to the design place. Our regional whether system is based on two seasons dry and wet. In wet season it rains and plants grow and their is plenty of water to support the living organism growth. In dry season however, it living things like plants evaporate water which leads to lives falling and branches drying. This does affect growing of living things in both good and bad ways. The bad effect would result in some spices of all living things including trees dying. The good side is; new spices is introduced into the colony because that allow free movement of things. Winds, water and animals carry light weight plants seeds or seeds in dry seasons to far reaching places. Animals like Omba/Ombaku brings seeds in their mouth to their living homes, insects mixes plants during flowering and dead animal yields introduces new warms which then matures into bugs hence, insects, butterflies and flies. Insects, butterflies, and flies also help pollinate plants but, they too can infect plants especially fruits.

We can speed or enhance bunga by allowing water into the design planting ground(s) in dry season. This reduces the chances of wild fire and increases the chances of growing of plants and attracting animals. Such activities can balance the eco system of the designed bunga environment giving nutrients for plants and water for animals.

Lokang Jackson May 27, 2016

We can mathematics in three major groups - Quantitative, Formulation, and Logic. They are meant to solve a problem depending on situations or problem at hand. The fundamental in knowing mathematics is understanding Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Quantitative mathematics help us solve problems in numbers, amount etc e.g. finding total population of people in a country, number of things(animals, cars, pens, bags etc); Formulation is a way we build, construct, engineer objects out of concept, emulation or transformation; Logic is thinking in numbers for instance, statistics, probability, percentage. This are predictions and assumptions of things based on facts we have. Calculus, algebra etc are mathematics of both quantity and formulation while Discrete mathematics etc deals with logic of things.

Many books particularly in early years of education e.g. primary and secondary schools accumulated all mathematics sub-sections in a single book. In higher learning however, there is specialization hence you will find a person do only one of the three.

Planing, process, and execution, are all difficult journey, program, project etc. All stages have to flow smoothly to achieve end result(s) intended. Maintenance dreads, exhausts and consumes our energy for instance roads, electrical polls, bridges etc. Government, people and needs too needs maintenance. It's cooperation with other governments, tribes, businesses etc to build, implement, and promote businesses, projects within and outside. Luo Government, needs other tribes for instance the Zulu of South Africa, Igbo of Western Africa, Nuba of North Africa to foster stronger relationship inside Africa and to be recognized at African Capital addis ababa. We also need to strengthen our relationship with our friends and allies like Otuho, Lango(SS), Ateso and Kalenjin. As we do that though, we also have to take into consideration that they too have agenda of their own to follow. That means, we need to listen to their needs and reasons. Our relationship need to go beyond Africa because we have the power, skills, means, people, and resources that needs other experts, resources, skills etc. Not only that as we become richer, wider so are our needs e.g. projects, export and imports, security. That means we need role models, friend, allies, member or etc of one of the Six(6) nations namely Australia, USA, Canada... Of all the above, Australia is one of the best to look upto. It is also the closes making it economically good reason to partner with. Don't jump the fence yet because we now have experts, leaders, government etc that will drive us there. It might take long time to get to it say about a decade or decades. It has advantage because the longer it takes, the more we understand and learn about them and we get acquainted to their way(s) of doing things and adopt that in our system. Teetee Luo, tete

From Luo general Director


Universe as a whole takes time to understand and analyze. It is big, wide, diverse and has so much for a single person to understand it all. In world I wrote about differences in time over number of decades or centuries. This is about countries and people of interests.

Two finest: There are two countries and people that you will not likely talk about or even heard about - Bavarians and the Jewish. Bavarians are geographically in Western part of the world and the Jewish are in the East. Bavaria capital city is munchen munich while the Jewish capital city is interchangeably Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. These two are the real supper powers of our world. I personally call them big brothers of this world. Jewish are the most known it could be because of their Geolocation and kind of people that surround them while the Bavarians are quite people may be because of alternate reasons and may be they are known only to western people. They are surrounded by democracy, peace loving and developed people. That could make it easy for them to provide solutions to problems around them. These two have major problems; populations and total land area wherefore, they have their big brothers who are known to all of us - British and the Germans. These two I call them the doers/actors of the big brothers - they perform the tasks. Though I call them brothers, the concept is that they are brothers of the world not each other.

Attempts: Both of them went through their trial times because other powers attempted to take powers from them. That led to bombing of them at pearl harbour in 1941 by Russians and at Darwin, on 19 February 1942 by Japanese. All attempts where unsuccessful and they maintained their powers over their territories.

How I got here: My real work started between 2008 and 2009. I did most of the work in house and from 2012 to date it is been in front of everyone. Of course it was about collaboration and understanding Luo and the wars within and outside the Luo regions. There were phases I had to pass through and choices I had to make during the work. It was a lone walk, but later started getting support, assistance and help from the four groups. We went through nearly everything from religion, culture, politics, lobbying, security you name them. When the big four joined, I had to choose what I like and want. They provide their version(s) of whatever I took a look at e.g. security because each time I do this work I get more unsecured. I needed some sorts of security for myself and my people. The British, I assumed, granted me personnel between the time of 2008 - 2013. That was during my time in South Australia. Some few people in South Australia knows that. It made me feel no different to an African Dictators. I had to move to Sydney in 2014. The Germans then provided me with "No interruption". It is too hard to explain what that is. It feel like you do what you want to do. It took long time to get to that because I was being push around so much. I actually have to go to a brawl to defend myself from other people who unlikely happen to be a British Australian. I was stopped during the fight after that I really wanted to beat the guy. I kept trying to find time when he was alone then beat him. I couldn't find the chance because each time I come there, there was an old man. Later some Germans and Italians advised me to focus on the mental battle because I am on the right way anyways. They said I need patience to succeed. Remember it got too tough that I had to leave my apartment room and move to street. I was exposed to all sorts of dangers and can die at anytime in the hand of anyone. But I felt safe because that drew many friends. We were in numbers. That is how I felt safe under them. The British Idea was toughness which I am more capable of doing but both Italians and Germans wanted me to focus on working on my logics and find some more clues. All they all agreed on was mental toughness. It translate to many things keeping quite when you are suppose to, ignoring things, standing up when you are supposed to and maintaining your emotions etc.

Attempts to avert me: From about March to August, I met most of the world powers leaders, supper stars and all kinds of important people you can think of. Some came illegally and where denied entry. I was already under guidance and the best security you can ever find. I was told don't act but just do whatever you are doing. I really wanted to talk to some of them but I walk past all of them and some of them more than once. I knew the work was over but for me I was and is not ready to accept that the work was already over. There was also some bag money involve. It could have been from an NGO or a government. Upto now I don't really know who that was or were the money came from. I was told it was $100,000(one hundred thousand dollars). I just bluntly refused and for me, it was not and it is still not about money. Some of you remembers that because there was a time we talk about money not being solution to our problems and then we started coming up with ways how we can generate money ourselves. But there was also no need for such kind of money yet because with such kind of money, you can buy a house, marry, start business and do a lot of things which would have made me comfortable and not make me arrive here. I was also afraid of my friends who advised me because they have some of the biggest businesses you can think of, big banks and all things that earn enough money. If they know my problem was money then they should have given me. Accepting that would break our friendship and ruin the whole process and send us back another 70+ years. Oh! and BABA didn't know that too. After that I went three month without any assistance and any sort of income. I also lost everything including my wallet. I was left with one cloth I slept in that night and every time I wash it then put it back on. I got lice all over me. Of course later some friends brought me clothes and shoes and that changed things a little bit for me.

Who is who: Having gone through all this problems being all the good and bad things I think that both sides are good people. I just disagree with some of their concepts and that shouldn't make me the chief judge. Your friend and allies are your choice not mind to make because mind was to do what I had to do. Remember all of them also advice me at some point on what I should do and should not do.

Peace: To keep the world at peace, there is need for us all to interrupt this four people whenever it is right time. The impact of their problems are dare and it affect each and everyone of us in spite of who you are, your color, religions, positions and geolocation in this world. There is one good thing with them; they are so powerful that they listen to the least powerful person/people. They understand us, they have time to speak to us whoever you are wherever you are. Whatever you are going through whether bad or good is just a tiny fraction of what they are going through. There is no military in the world powerful enough to withstand them, there is no big or small problems to them too because error becomes an excuse to them.

Leadership is created from namely culture, politic, institutions, business, security and governance to form a system called government. Luo 2.0 will try to bring forth all leaderships from all sections under one governance. There will be cultural leadership whose leader remains Ruod; political leadership which will be lead by a political party; and Luo council and all other branches headed by the council. Leaders(president, prime minister, chancellor etc) will either be Ruod, leader of a political party, intelligent individual with leadership experience etc.

Elections: Leaders shall be elected by the council till full electoral infrastructure is found to allow all people to vote for their leader. Leaders are elected every three years or a set and agreed number of years. A leader has a maximum of six years to stay in power. They are however allowed to come back for an election if they have been out of office for at least three years. Elections year from now depends on people reception and reaction of the message. We assume that it will take as far as 2039 0r 2049 for a full government of East Africa in full Operation.

Parliament: There will be Luo parliaments in all countries in East Africa region. There shall be at least 3 member of parliament and a maximum of 9 from each tribe of the 19 tribes representing culture, Kal kwaro, etc. Members of parliament are chosen by their own tribes to represent their voice and their people. Regional parliaments will represents tribe(s) within a country or countries debating issues of their own to represent to the Luo government. The government head quarter shall be build at Luo head quarter.

Lokang Jackson May 13, 2016

Luo 2.0: East Africa braces towards integration and so is Africa. Luo 2.0 seeks to bring Luo government that represents the Luo people, friends and allies. Luo were involved in all kinds of transformation in East Africa from kingdoms time in 1900 and Independence time of East Africa in 1960s. As we mostly belong to the East African region within the East Africa community, their is need to help were we can and do what we can to stay at front of changes that comes with it. For this reasons, we will have a governing system that represents the Luo people's interests, concerns and needs and our governing system shall be a government that works with East African community and respected by all countries in East Africa, African and the world at large. The integration of East Africa is also the integration of Africa. People, businesses, cultures will merged to form a single body of their own. We need to set ourselves aside and prepare to lead and accept challenges of the century. We need to keep our allies happy and represented and also promote our culture, idea, language and assert our needs. We need to compete with our opposites and challenge ourselves to increase production, performance, and bring rapid changes where needs be.

Goal: Our goal is to form a single unit of Luo tribe culture, history, leadership, language, institutions etc and make sure we are represented in East African Community and Africa at large and maintain front for at least the next hundred or so years.

Likely problems: We are not the only large tribe with the best cultures in East Africa and Africa because there are some who are close or equal to us or greater than us. They too will not wait for us to accomplish all we need. They will unite with the others, feel intimidated, threaten by us therefore, atrocity because of rivalry, stiff competition and counters in section of our moves. That may slow us down or make us change direction.

strengths: We are very established people in all sections e.g. multiple political parties, strong cultural institutions, many schools from nursery to University, big businesses, powerful leaders and intelligent individuals, but all these are sparsely distributed across the region. mind you, other tribes still rely on support from others, have none of the above and are struggling in all sections.

Activities: There will be Luo parliament, Luo sports which will abstracted from Luo cultures, Luo cultural day, Luo conferences, Luo administrative center across whole region, etc.

Generation: Next generation will be Aluo(aluor, Alwuor, Alwo) and Oluo(Oluor, Olwuor, Olwo) generation. This will replace or better Ruod system which have been there for the last few centuries.

Lokang Jackson May 13, 2016

The 16 classes of Us

Introduction: Categorically and naturally, there are sixteen classes of special people on the planet. That make each one of us identically, ideologically, ethically and humanly unique to each other. All classes are both bad and good to each other in a special way. Knowing what class you belong, might make you realize your potentials and possibly act on them and that increases chances of success. Our color, race, country, continents and number(minority or majority) does not determine our belonging to a class of people because its a gift that we all carry with us.

The real Figure: In actual sense, there are fifteen(15) classes of category of people because one of them belongs to none or all of all groups. They interchangeably switches sites if need be. Persons in this group are who I call LUMA(I have over written and spoken about luma. I won't explain it here again).

Assumptions: The classes we have now may not be for our life time because we can work our challenges and adopt our failures and that might likely make a whole different class or classes of human being.

Conclusion: We know who we are and where we belong because other people reactions and our responses to them. In most cases our differences are our strengths because each of us contribute to make a different-a different that equally makes us share, benefit, and uplift each other.