Lokang Jackson July 16, 2016

What makes difference between us with birds, animals, fish, wild animals, insects? We communicate to each other in many ways. In most cases, we understand what the other means especially when we know their language. Without languages, we still have same objects, signs, body languages that represents our understanding, knowledge, and make us work, do things and be one. We have limits though because distances of us from one person to another breaks circle of communication. We tried many ways to enhance those, and work on to improve them. Some Luo so many ways, whistling, Kuto Cing etc. Most preferred and used ones from then today are known as Bul and Oliko/Bila. There is what we call cwak. That is the difference of signature of one to the other. Through that, the people know who is who and what is happening in case their is a danger, or someone is lost out of a group. What happen when Oyio Iwinya?

Lokang Jackson July 16, 2016

When Ya is collected it is dirty because it is on the ground, and insects might have landed on them. There is need to clean it thoroughly before making a juice out of it. Water is a good source of hoisting it but yo

u can go as extreme as blowing it dry using air using any sort of suction at hand. Fine juicy Oduk will be send to its pot; coarsely part known as cet ya and pok ya are send through their pot. The juice is a drink while pok ya is a good manure for agricultural activity and cet ya is used for extracting oil for cooking. In most cases, the machine is hand driven with wooden parts with Lanyong is piece(s) of iron sheet or metal. All parts have their use in different fields(customers in business) or application in personal preference.

Lokang Jackson July 16, 2016

The word ndare describe the movement of the object. When wins is blowing faster, it makes sound compared to an insect call Odara. You have to run and always run while the wind carries it behind you. Strong wind may break and destroy ndar. Slower wind means you now have to run faster for ndar to fly...

Lokang Jackson July 16, 2016

There is no need to wast your time in designing, thinking, shapes etc. Ocokobo is a ready made toy that every child(boy preferably) should be able to make in their early age. It is were we learn speed so that no one catches you. If Nyik Opobo(pwobo), and Pobi(pwobi) is used, you definitely need to run. It trained young ones torture, maneuverability, friendship, identification of who has what it takes. Good thing with it is also it has such a loud sound that creates awareness, but soon after that it becomes confusing because the people on the other side has same toy. I just thought it would be much more when there is a way you can keep more bullets inside rather than load each time you fire.

Lokang Jackson July 16, 2016

In the old days, yiora was job categorised for woman and children not considering gender. Young boys in particular were the favorite for such job. The young the woman and young girls cut the grass while the man goes GERO BIE and the young boys mostly go hunting for TOL. The quantity and quality depends on the people making it. Normally their is no count on how many are put together but their is need for it to at least fit the user's hand. From here we can assume that told, large hand people have bigger ra compare to the short and small hand. Most people prefers to count it in bundle rather than how many goes on to making one. Counting is preferably done on Guti(house poles). For a house to be able to hold the size of roof, wall etc there need a number of them. Assumingly the word GOT originate or is emulated on housing.

Oyira method does not end there, wise people used this similar method in building house floor, sealing board, boards, car, planes, bicycles etc tires. It is also use by other people as method of numbering and counting objects. Instead of grass sticks where used. The same method can be used in building bunga roads, bridges, walkways and many more. Imagine someone so crazy and combine YIORA, CORO, and Cobo lawala(putu type). What comes out of that is a product that will change the way we count today not only that it will be one of the global biggest business, company and creates many jobs enough for an entire village.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

Do you remember those days when you make one of a kind. Do you remember all the bullets names. I give you another Opobo, pobi.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

Technicality of people are unassumingly said to come from knowing what around them and try to copy things they

do. Luo tried to copy the bees, ants including bats in how to keep their goods. They have not moved far because they are people who are satisfied easily with little things they have; they are not crazy enough to disagree with each others way of doing things; have not continued on improving what they have. For this reason, most of them remain behind in term of development and all else. They could have done more with knowledge they have and continued on. By now they should have been at same level with Japan and South Korea, but the question we can all ask is, where are they now?

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

One day was really a busy day that a father asked his son called Oyira. "can you add how many of those stuff we have to today", he asked Oyira. "Addi baba", he replied. Before the conversation finished, Oyira mum was getting disturbed by birds on a nearby maize they planted. "Oyira!!!", she called him. "Cel mono winyi gu do Latin", she added. "Acel ki ngo", she replied. The Oyira dad was getting annoyed because he wasn't getting any response from him because he was locked up with his mum. "Iriyo lok keket", dad told oyira mum. "idek ni pe Aor Oyira che", she politely responded. "kom doki raaa ojoneee!", he madly went. The conversion for that day concluded and they all went to sleep. Oyira was the first to wake up and he show a lot of things flying around their compound. "gin adi?", they replied. Dad got out and show them. "gi tye ka ngwene, ngwane kwe", he replied. Somehow they where late that day. Most people in the village had hunted for it. When they heard what the family of Oyira described it, everyone in the village decided we call it ngwen. Every day people we wake up late always gets lest and lest in their container. When oyira heard that he said, "mum abico cion tomorrow". "eno, winyi gu odwoko, bicel mono gin bota", she told Oyira. "Abicel?", he questioned his mum. "Abicello", he added. Wuon Oyira wanted Oyira but their communication with mum kept on going. He was standing and waiting for them to finish. "Wuon Oyira, Ngo ibiro wangi!", she asked. "Abiro wanga ko do min Oyira", he kindly replied. "Ma iyabo wangi ne callo boro", she told him. "ingeyo, kadi akuru/akuro wun pudi/podi atye ka tamo pe ngwen me/mi lawuoro ni", he recalled. Then the next morning, Oyira waked up so early. His parents was looking for him everywhere but could not find him. Then suddenly he came running. "baba, baba, mama", he called them while entering their house. "ngo atin", they worryingly replied."gin me lawuoro ni", he replied. "gi kati ki boro", he added. "gi dwong?", they questioned. "ndoki paaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr", he replied.

Everyday after that they made a joke out of it. They had that slang and whenever they want to talk they use the incident to talk. Below is how they formulated it

Oyira: acel winyi

Wuon Oyira: Ario koni

Min Oyira: Adek loki ne, ka pe akwero

Oyira: angwen keken kubeko

Wuon oyira: Abic keken. Tuora in

Oyira: Abiro wanga koni to

Min Oyira: Aboro keken; weng ki boro acel

Wuon Oyira: Abongwen. Bong gin ka pudi gi tye i boro

Oyira: Apar. Doki par ojonee.

Can you make a game and make it into one word each time your name is called. You are also allowed to call two words next time the game begins and so on. When you fail, say EL, SEL, KEL, TEL, ... after it.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

Have you ever made a chair without any tool? It is as hard as it sound, but possible. There are two materials needed. Ogali(fibre) and any branch of a tree. Get a GET to make it more simpler because it can twist, bend, turn and so on. Tol Ogali is like a glue when used appropriately. The problem with this type of work is it's life time. It takes roughly half or full year for it to loosen up or break. Ogali also has other uses which is know to most luo people.

Lokang Jackson July 15, 2016

The worst thing for a dwar abuti for honey is when you get rucu(the pupae). However, it is also a good thing especially when it is during Oro(dry season) and there is no water. After eating that, thirst for water is gone and you have enough energy to move a distant or can to where water is(assuming one is closer by). There is one thing that had never been tried about rucu. Just Imagine that when it one day from hatching, rucu can stay for one or two other days without eating. Then it becomes possible to get enough of them straight into hive so when they hatch, they start work straight away. New family, home, and environment. That would eliminate the old process of making a hive then waiting unknown days for when a colony of bees will come into a hive. It would also be easy to multiply, transfer, and mix colony of bees a hive(s) from one location to another.