Lokang Jackson June 15, 2017

Did you ever asked yourself "When does it end?". For a community to totally swift from low level, troubled, and kick start development has two things the community itself and the leaders it produces. There are two goods for a society or community and those are education and business which generate skills and produce jobs for the community but sometimes it is the mind concept of the people. If community looses leaders who drives it to good direction and create more of those that directs it in negative direction e.g. conflict, bad businesses, and create aggressive culture it is bound to loose more of her people. When a community is chaotic people tend to move to where it is peaceful hence draining it. Imagine a community with good businesses, education, NGOs and international organisation are driven away. It will create a vacuum and depopulation not only that, so is conflict.

Lokang Jackson June 8, 2017

In everything we do officially, there is also a back door to doing it e.g. education, profession, qualification and leadership such as police, president, army etc. Some dedicated people take 10 - 20 years to get promoted, gain knowledge to doing something e.g. engineers, designers and developers or just find out a passion for something. This is because the world have not made it easy for everyone to become who they want to become and excel for instance military and others just do not have formula or procedure into doing things e.g. constitution for all to follow or a document for the rest to go through. While they are reminders, they are also cost cutting because they avail resources and eliminate repetition. Short cuts could be opportunity, hard work, finding way to getting a head, survive or poor means of solving problems. Anything that causes regrets, lost of lives, poor products and is illegal is also a short cuts for which people lost direction, cause harm and promote hate. To become a president(head of government), in most countries around the world it takes a lifetime of skill because it is one job for the many citizen of the country and for that reason it is highly competitive hence many countries have social problems. Planning is important because it clears off doubts and show the door into another place of something for example plan to learn a programing language(e.g. php) or produce product from chemical mixing. It is very hard and you will find that it takes years to gain actual knowledge but if you plan that you will learn two hours a day after work, school or free time to learn php, it will become possible. This way, there is nothing hinting and it becomes a routine to doing things in your life. Instead of growing crops for food and generate income instead plan crops for food and plant fruit trees for income generation. Things that takes long to do, produce, learn and acquaint with yields more and excels faster. When we have things we look after and takes care off we will spend more time thinking their security than our own security hence we will have peace, busy lives and live longer.

Lokang Jackson March 9, 2017

So we say that he/she is your cousin, sister, brother, auntie and so everyone has a connection to each other and that had became the spirit of Africa then. This time does not count clans, tribes, ethnicity and country border line just any Africa. Can you recall time when villages would call each other out for hunting, cultural celebration and cross tribes or ethnic groups. There was a time in our history when this evolve into children game where you call team of youth from other communities to compete or just challenge each other. Each of those has negative and positive. It is positive when there is no problem and many relationships are build and cultures were exchange but bad when accidents happen such animals attack groups on their ways back e.g. the crocodile attacks. It does rapture and can shut down relationships between people or fuel insecurity but at the end people will try hard to put the bad behind and continue with the positives. We still have those situations in communities where at list a person lost life to one of the other communities and the pains still lingers in communities but at the end of it all communities goes on and social lives won't any time soon hence for those who think social life has the goods on his/her side are always surprised. There was a time when clans fight to prove strengths and power it was a good determinant but the outcomes are not actually totally bad because people learn at least from each other and what they do remain themselves with is who are people and people have social cohesion and lives to live and nothing have ever done so. Just think the worst people or community you remember for the last 10 to 20 years, it is likely your interest or interactions have changed. When Souther Sudan opened her border, Northern Uganda have closer ties with South Sudan than the rest of the country but when there came war in South Sudan, the interest changed. There is a strong history to all Nilotic that they came from Sudan and others say that they are from South Sudan since the creation of the country but things have changed because improvements like national ID, passports people feel more of their nation than their origin. It is likely in the next 20 years of communities standards of living improvements, we'll forget our origins and just think of our nations. To add to that now, there is even search for wider African friends in other countries that means we become supper connected and meet each other on state or continent issues.

Lokang Jackson March 9, 2017

The verse majority of people in developing world don't have the sustainable economy the uplift their living standard hence it drill when the smallest they is spend on investing in the future. Tomatoes farmer will get out of farming if they start thinking about producing tomatoes paste because the resources needed to produce, store, manufacture etc will cost more than tomatoes farming. Farming itself is also a full business enough stop poverty and improve living standard. If a tomato farmer can produce a tone in the first year, he/she can also increase production by may be a percentage of more each after because farming has other factors that can stop the process and considering all if a farmer can pass it and increase production then they are only left with more expansion and quality improvement. Instead of changing from farming to producing finished product, most people who stay farming their volume of production and the likelihood they stay in the business increases. The other thing they might think of is how can you keep your employees and increase their number, profit, disease and soil quality.

Lokang Jackson March 9, 2017

Traditionally, we study crops, animals, forests and the wild lives to find disease, yields, quality and quantity. Agriculture has aged and the continent is too wide, diverse and there too many breeds of animals, types of trees and crops we plant hence study of agriculture can also be finding the missing breeds, where they can grow, who have them and where else on the continent is suitable for them. There are less cocoa in the all parts of Africa but except Western Africa, there is more coffee in East Africa than North and there is livestock sparsely everywhere in the continent. There other think Africa can also study is how far can a country go with specialising on single crop, single livestock and transfer of wild lives between countries and how much of it can they really produce considering

Lokang Jackson March 7, 2017

If Africa copied the rest of the world it will face challenges e.g. infrastructure, connectivity, language, culture etc and if they work on what makes them fall behind it will drag behind more because innovation revolution of industry, society etc takes time and resources. Imagine Africa decided to just think Agriculture as the only way to survive, rise, enrich, equalize and transform to surpass all other continents. It will make sense one, Africa has lower population and large unused land and suitable temperature. Agriculture of course is diverse e.g. crop growing, fishery, animals husbandry, forestry, wild life, etc. All continents does farming and it is the biggest contributor to their economy. In general developed countries have agriculture absolutely good many be the top five performing industry in their continents or countries so for Africa to out perform them, it requires extreme commitment and devotion of time and resources. Africa have a fair advantage at least compare to them because land is expensive in the developed world hence farmers remain same people, land requires fertilizer because over use and repeated use, temperature either too hot or too cold for animals or crops hence they spend so much in electricity and physical infrastructure. Agriculture provides current generation income, businesses etc while arming the young with knowledge to improves agriculture at schools draws their attention to agriculture as powerful sources of their continent economy and security power.

A system also means supply, distribution, marketing, information and interaction platform continent wide. What crops, animals and types of trees which country has exposes them to large sale and cooperating with similar mind on the side of continent. Also if one produces fruits and their is one that manufacture juice then the two has a collaboration. Agriculture also has other factors like disease and using the temperature appropriately to prevent low yield and encourage production. So if all the 54 government put agriculture at the top of their agenda gradually it will become agricultural powerhouse of the world. Agriculture real advantage is raising the bottom people to meet the high achievers of the continent hence improving the continent drastically.

Lokang Jackson March 7, 2017

Wood and grass

In our primitive times wood proves a very viable source of power for cooking, heating, lighting etc. Wood is also free and abundant if you grow as much as you use. In many cases consumption is higher and woods had been destroyed and some societies trigger migration to more wood areas. Which then meets aggression from other tribes and societies because of a large area is cleared off then the number of people needing wood becomes high hence the chaos.


The second level of power was charcoal. Human discovered that it was at least good to use charcoal as a power source because it is less smokey and burns slowly and at least is clean compared to wood. The negative of charcoal is how much wood it takes to produce charcoal. This reduces great amount of woods and increased land degradation. Later charcoal became commercialized in this few will have access and less strain is put on land and woods. It also lead to some innovation e.g. charcoal stoves. In other countries the second level of charcoal stoves use solar power, stones and gas which are far much profitable and those who can afford use them as an alternative to cooker etc.


Coal was a big step taken by humanity to enhance power. Coal came at the time of revolution in industries e.g. trains, factories and the need to supply power within places. This also introduces power lines and the needs for people to get power in their homes, businesses and industries. Coal was not only a business but also the inclusion of restriction e.g. policies to help guide, secure and improve quality of work. It was also because it was big meaning it was now affecting many lives.


Turbine was another innovation human had to improve power. It was said at the time electricity would improved world wide and access will become abundant because judging by it, water which produces power was so many hence it is everywhere and all people have access to it. To add to, they also at the time concluded, it is cheap and viable. This was a step forward in power. At least it was by 20% true because hydro electricity took off globally but it was not enough source for everyone because water sources were volatile and the amount of watts it produce is low.


Renewable energy has brought in another different logic and conversation. Wind is free and it is available at night and at day hence trapping it to produce electricity will not hard our climate while increase our electricity access. Wind is renewable so it is not aimed at global population but Industrialized countries and areas from adding carbon and affecting environment. Wind has gradually increased its access to all areas because the original reasons of reducing toxic from environment was more enough hence the world embrace it and it has gone world wide. There are now more than one renewable energy sources but all are now solving both industrialized and developing world power sources.

In conclusion power use increases hence sources of power production will increase. To supply all people, human is going to need more than one source and individual intellect to create. Improvement in societal activities factories, business, modern home increases use of power and if power supply is not increase, there will blackout, high prices and reduction in development.

Lokang Jackson March 5, 2017

Americans credit themselves with ultimate power and management of this world and they repeated saying it for many time however America is easily distracted by small problem in a small part of the world. In the 1980 they devoted all their time fighting cold war-a war between the Americans and Siberians. In the 1990(1991 gulf war and 2003 Iraq war) which lead to their expansion of fighting terrorism and dictators all around the world particularly Africa and Arabia. East Africans and the entire Africans remember this time so well. For the last 10 or so years it has been ISS war which do not either benefit the Americans themselves nor their allies but just loop round and round kind of battles. The last ten years has been the most failing time of our lives because South Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya all felt off the Allies of the United states with exception of Sudan being promoted to at least friendly criticism from policy makers in America. East Africa is moving(developing) that is undisputed but we have lost America. Now, who are the true allies of America in Africa and what are their agenda for Africa? We know truely, in the 1980 Northern Africans were the true friends and they(Americans) send in troops after troops to help solve security(except Somalia knock them off), in 1990s the very people they helped have now turned dictators the Arab springs started. Americans wants to reduce their influence from the world but continue to push their existing programs off Africa and hand them to China, India and other developing nation to help develop and fix African problems. Putting two juniors still amount to juniors. Now the real fear, after ISS then what? It is likely we are. Africans need to be a head of their time by forging relationship with America before they do because Americans are interrupted by the little guys but they can contribute big to the world if they have to. The last American government was a curse to Africans and with the policy of the current, we can predict what is coming. Assumption is that, they will likely ignore Africa and hence Central Africa, Chad, South Sudan, Burundi and Congo will resort into full combat. May be the real question is, are Americans loosing their global power or the other minors are getting stronger?

Lokang Jackson March 4, 2017

Truth be spoken East Africans are struggling with food security problems currently particularly the war ravaged Southern part of Sudan. Famine is really bad it makes very easy things difficult. In 1995-1997 was the time I personally went through food shortage. Sometimes there is money but no food to buy that is the worst type but there is a time when there is food but extremely expensive especially for none working large family. To day they will they will complain to UNHCR and other NGOs to send food to help the situation while there are others currently still under UNHCR and NGOs help(they too can get poor). Food security depends on the time it happen in the year. In dry season, you still have fruits and few vegetable to mine and depend on and in dry season you have at least few harvesting to do. The real problem with food shortage is there is limited of it that makes the able(financially and physically) forged their way to get it first hence the bottom people carries the burden more.

What of space travel really? All resources tells us, there is no other Earth that supports life but there is always mission to visit, study and land on those planets. I personally don't want to study how they manage food security during the missions but I want to think(you should also) of their world based on information we have an imagine how they will cope up with food security. Space problems are enormous not just food it also brings memories of the last century. We were not allowed to interact freely both gender. Space is also a long mission, failure is your personal stupidity on the voyage and lack of quality of ingenuity. If faults appears at the end of the mission the problem will be food and human interaction. Humans are intelligent soon they will start family voyages where failure is an extension of time and intelligence to uncover what had not been thought of during mission launch for example you are sent to study if mining is a possible phenomenon on e.g. Jupiter. There are things to prepare with heat(mining tools), microwaves, space suits etc those tools are enough to produce food because then you only need land. Humans could also get crazy and instead build food centres before human travel remember, we fear with you know and solve them first and we question more what we do not understand. Imagine it has become a business that food supply is now a mission of its own, human deployment is another department and ingenuity has to become another giant. Pretty good but just think how much the trained, smartest people, educated, rich and only the one percent of us have to think to safe themselves from unknown.

In conclusion there is no food security in general but there are miss management, social imbalance, policy linearity and bad planning. The painful truth is, East Africa has the best soil, temperature(it is call great lakes region of the world), soil and people. The people in East Africa has all necessary talent, minimum energy required for work in farm and resources they need. In 1994-1997 our problems were land, restriction, UNHCR and security. Today, I personally think it is choice of location of people settlement and lack of agricultural intelligence e.g. East Africans closer to lakes and rivers should produce more food than those on desert and forest area.

Lokang Jackson March 4, 2017

The term globalisation has been on agenda for at least a decade for the good part of it but it is just policy globalisation. Imagine centralised globalisation for instance finance, power, culture, trade etc. At least there is one, a globalised innovation centre. Globalised centre must stop global functionality for example ask yourself where currencies comes from. The answers varies for sure because money is not centralised they come from many different branches of continents, governments and at least have multiple policies governing it. The biggest of all was when Zimbabwe printed its own money and created her own currency. It sound as though it does not affect you, it might not directly but considering the people of Zimbabwe at the time all the problems they were faced with, it could be anywhere and it is actually everywhere particularly in Africa with too many states and lack of connection between states and governmental cooperation. Lack of jobs in East Africa could create insecurity in central Africa which creates tension in the north but a villager cut off of communication between them and their families in the city(bad). Let be real, when at the time Zimbabwe was printing money, South Africans where complaining of qualified and skilled immigrants from Zimbabwe in South Africa and they are taking their South African job and that same time, Mozambique was at war. Few years later East Africa was a total mess. The centralise thing has special benefit because a cause at the centre affects all and effect on one side affects all so everyone will always pay full attention to all problems because it is headed your way.