Lokang Jackson February 21, 2017

Avoiding stagnation

It takes 4-5 years but exactly five years for a fruit plant to start producing fruits, and Engineer e.g. computer system, software engineering, Science e.g. medical student to finish a degree, Technical business e.g. Utilities such as electricity, internet and phone to earn enough money from their business. This is to start or gain at the beginning and it take another five to mature, produce quality, gain experience and qualification in whatever you do. As a Liguadi, I see only a way to expand our reach and break into new e.g. plan long term and stabilised our societies e.g. business that runs societies e.g. town or cities internet providers becomes post office, training centres, ISP providers(data centres), libraries, schools, Cultural groups becomes institutions e.g. schools, knowledge base(passing knowledge) and training centres, and mega businesses that takes us into next generations. I started writing on websites officially in 2012(this year is five years) just barely published books meaning I have another five to things I really thought I am going to do and so are you just think about it. I have been studying patterns today that is why I write about it now...

Lokang Jackson February 21, 2017

How to motivate community/society

Let's start with a way not to motivate society first. Encourage people to do things, speaking to them about personal experiences and talking them down on their weakness are not ways we motivate societies. To motivate society accurately, educating and financial way is to involve them in social activities, engage them in community development with will end up into skills, and promote ideas and business starting in the societies. This does not only motivate but also excites people to become more and more productive and becoming economically power house of the globe and once they are, all will become an ease.

Lokang Jackson February 21, 2017

Developing community the African way

To have a strong and constantly improving community, the people must monetised. First thing first, legalising all things especially those which makes money e.g. Services, brand or made by, businesses, communities and activities like sports and events e.g. Conferences and seminars. One step after is to make ever person of the society become wheels of cash meaning making less redundant by creating activities that makes those with money use it to expand and those without be put to use to earn and help themselves, family and the society financially. When this cycle gets running all will become smooth. It is good and easy managing and having financially secured and more educated(literates) and the base is monetise them.

Lokang Jackson November 20, 2016

If in the last four years there is a sentence so resonance in luo is "starting thing from scratch is difficult" but we have done it often time and at least we could make it a legacy for current generation. Now we are about to enter a new yet distinct and autonomous task. Unlike Torit and Gulu airports, this is regional handling the world passengers, ingenuity, standard and class based on Philip Okelo dream, "Liquide will become central to African gateway".

Places of choice.

There are only two places we have consulted to suit this kind of development-Pangimur and Imotong. I personally favour Pangimur however I am inclined towards Imotong. Pangimur is my former place of origin because I am originally from Kitgum however, Imotong is my place of resident because I lived, grew up and owned land there meaning I don't have any in Kitgum at least for now. This places are so rugged it might send off foreign and qualified Engineers because it is risky and technically difficult however, if there a thing we cannot do then, now we have the technical capabilities, knowledge and have become expert of doing the impossible and trust me, the people I know coming are too.


There are two designs we would do for a start i.e. planes and the airport. All planes we know off today are designed for flat landing because they have super wide wings, heavy tails, high wheels and tubes designed breakable at stiff and sharp corners, undulations, rise and depth. Common airports have straight and lengthy run ways, openly visible from a distance and less maneuverabilities. For landing we are relying on technology visibility with a theory "technology sees father and tinier than our necked eyes" hence we don't have to see the airport to land, we just need a geoData to land. We are a lwuor and are Oyo solution driven hence, comes our airpot designs. How far we land to come to stop and take off really doesn't matter because we now know weight therefore, we can adjust our speed to correspond to it.

People involve

The president and all ministries, government departments, local leaders and people shall run the project because it is the project awarded in response to people demand with exception of few outsourced professionals who will come to solve the technical ingenuity and join hands with the local experts. We ask for the local population to play calm and cooperate as were in the first project we had. The first project was all over and so difficult to track and monitor however, the success has created immense trust and will create jobs, up bring experts, improve our living standard and could possibly knock off all records that had existed in East Africa because is corruption free, solution driven, people centred and futuristic and it was just the beginning.

Prove: If you locked people up, does it mean they won't fly?

Lokang Jackson November 19, 2016

LRAOn 05/09/2017, We are going to launch our fist Lwuor regional project. This project shall be solely run under lwuor as a reply to request to transport, correlation to compete, knock off poverty, and fuel economy of liquadi. On interesting thing about the project is, it will be the first done. All airports I personally know are built on flat land or at least hill but, we are going to built ours on a valley. The idea is, Earth withstand

correlating design

pressure at its base and easily weaken at its peak hence LRA. It will be a colabration of Luo experts and friends and alliance across the globe to finance, construct, supply and engineer. Before we come to this agreement, we undertook ecology as the first priority and social cohesion central to it. The project is a liquadi project hence it solves the problems of Liquadi however, the regions can borrow, help, secure and befriend during the process.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: The first project we deployed when successfully.

Lokang Jackson October 24, 2016

The impenetrable and difficult time that had ever been but remembered by few in Liquade about Lokoya people. Lokoya are Eastern people of Liquade whose history date back to chiefdoms(before kingdoms and empires) time. Lokoya people are known to all their neighbours however, their dark history is known by few people and themselves throughout their work. Lokoya, Otuho, Acholi, Langi, Anyuak, Murle, Ofirika and the rest of their Eastern Liquadi are true resistance, defensive and all that involve keeping a watch on your people. They all lost and gained, but one thing with them, they had never given up. Together, they know their history and always unite if not isolated by stronger opponent. competition never ends, but always evolve in nature. Lokoya however are been isolated from their very beginning. The more other tribes isolate them, there more they remember them and their pasts. If Acholi, otuho and Lokoya are not working together today, it is not the first time and will not be the last time and those brings us back to understanding that it had been a while. Southern Eastern and west site of Liquade is developing rapidly and is about to past many countries in only few decades from now. What have they done differently and are they going to restore and make these a realistic or they will lend a hand and work head to head with Northern Liquadi to line up with other neighbours?

Note: Development is improving standard of living, health, literacy etc

Lokang Jackson October 22, 2016

During pal war Liquadi was under the people call Pa Lwar security. They were the people people making sure everyone is kept safe and taken care of. When Jo Loka won, their was drastic short of financial support from in Liquide. People resorted to coal as source of energy at the end of it all created Pata panel. Questions were raised to help secure us from the next Pal war so in both ways their is we can harness the sun and use our Bunga for survival and energy provisions. When we have pata panels, this provide safe zones for people movement and in many cases do help animal movements.

Lokang Jackson October 21, 2016

Being classic, modern, traditional, economical, luxury, castles, fortress, temple, mud house, concrete, class, cardboard, gold, iron, tower etc they are all call house - a place we live in. On a global level, their is none of them to suits all conditions, personal favourite, local to specific, own culturally by individual. Conceptually they are either evolve, copied, idea of time, make sense or is people choice of the that and so it is now and then. How we live, accomodate, or feel secure depends on individual or group of people. Clearly, which of the above is your own favourite in terms of design, livability, sense of security, pride, and peace of mind?

Lokang Jackson September 9, 2016

Deep in our history we have a culture that runs us from within although there was always one known for all. Inside cultures we embedded systems to divert and maintain presence on the world stage. Eastern Luo and Ateker have a representative and history so deep that takes at least a decade or so to digest. When one is in front of the world, there is always one cooking from behind. Generations over generation, we kept interchangeably close to each other bringing new, restoring old, projecting the future. To remind ourselves of war the young are taught to fire Ochokobo; to keep bunga we make sure they are carefully looked after; to maintain culture Ruodi system is used. Intelligence makes a different because we joint all at once and able to make them operational, we separate them to test there functionality, they were real. The last time we checked was how we could make all districts from both Eastern Luo and Ateker work at same time doing different things while still connected to each other and knowing what each other is doing. Torit was always the security head quarter, Gulu took over commercial, Lira was administration, Soroti manufacturing, kitgum was development, kotido and Nymiryong(sp) heads bunga system and Kilak was head of Agricultural system(irrigation in particular). While we do that we call on our neighbouring states of Bungui in the west, Uganda in the south, South Sudan in the north, Gambella state in North East and Kenya in the East West. We kept good relationship and neighbourhood a think that took others a fortune to do. Bad things happened because Lo Lonyo were running us. The reasons was that they only own private businesses, we decided to bring the gammers, bees, bouncers. It was one of kind I tell you.