Lokang Jackson March 3, 2017


To acquire money, you must participate in act that take time, produce product or accumulate data or cash. I spend amount of time doing something for a person who intern gets money during my participation rewards the time with money then motivation me for more time. You also participate in making or providing services to a people or society they acquire it by buying it hence you acquire money they get the service or product. There will also be digital money where you compete, participate, win and introduce new ideas then get rewarded with data which you can then sell and earn money. To day you participate on social media then get yourself or business noticed but how about the count of people click, respond, contribution or help e.g. answer gets rewarded hence you have digital money able to reward more clicks, responds, contributions and help from many more people. We can translate global physical activities for example comedy, design, infrastructure, ingenuity and culture digital and overwhelm individuals who then rewards our talent, time, contribution and intelligence. It might not just become another form of money it will evolve itself into a business into an economy of itself. Virtuality has been in technology for a while now, you play games, visit places, buy and sell things virtually i.e. on a device you own from another persons' device designed and develop specifically to perform such activities. Digital money of today is representation of cash we have at hand or in accounts but the businesses that do it started also innovating by making devices. These devices will just be plug on our digital participation hence we get either business or money off it.


The original culture is, if I own but you want it, you can have it if you have enough replaceable value e.g. shoe you own through buying at a price the owner valued. Imagine the culture has come to a standard you design, you value, you produce and own but I only value for you to have it. This is called 3D printing it has started and it is coming in hot. Soon you won't just have brands you can build a shop, create your products, sell, transport them to you customers but the owner of 3D rewards your participation while you expand into business or earn money. This become integration between 3D printing and drop shipping.


Many people want to rise and beat their problems but the for few others it is a thread to their success, business, career and job but in general even the ruling do not want to be ruled. Money is just a rule created for easy exchange of goods between people. The origin of business is I have what I have hence you give me what you have(batter trade) but it is tedious in terms of transportation, regulation and in general it is unwise. So we created money which is perfect but money itself has become a rule. Developing nation do not have control over there currency and truly have no Idea how it operates. There're so many myths about currency e.g. why is a currency in developing nation lower than currency in developed nation while they both buy and use same materials for their money making and in some cases buy same products made by same company in the global market.


The global system is getting supper size, fast and intelligence. Things that takes weeks before now takes hours to make, get or accumulate. Businesses in general not just money won't be owned but centralised. Why would you want to build and employ people in a garment factory if you can have people choose or design what they want, send to machine and the machine does everything a person can do then send it to the owner. Also remember designs needs extensive education before but now they are build into system which becomes supper simple to put together. Do not be full, this systems are supper difficult to build and it will not cut jobs but change nature, skills and people in the business. So in the future we will have a single or about 10 businesses or companies in total number in garment factory, currencies, media or institutions.

Lokang Jackson February 23, 2017

Solving money problem by creating money

Money is medium of exchange of goods at a portable value. So, if we can create a metal or plastic small enough with an avoidable usage in a town, city or society then we have money. Having a metal or plastic only does not qualify the business yet but imagine health services such as health centre, banks, institution and transportation where you have to wait inline to get call. Having a piece of this metal or plastic with ingrained numbers or letters tells our belongings, bed numbers, number in a queue help get us into multi tasking meaning you can go or stay out of queue physically while being known by your money. This is mostly found in jewellery, keys holding etc. We could creatively make this materials for membership of a political party, public community services, cultural orientation and public recognition. Imagine having it like a business card where a person has it everywhere they go and whenever they want to talk about their business, they just have it right with them.

We can take this one step further by making it compulsory in a society in case you become an influential business in a society or make it so that everybody want to have it so bad.

Lokang Jackson February 21, 2017

Cheapest investment in Africa

Cheapest investment I can think of is planting fruit trees e.g. Mayuni/Avocado. It takes about 5 years before it starts yielding fruits. Cheap assuming land is free and water is close or their is irrigation system incase of rain shortage within the first five years. To acquire seeds the formal way is to go to local seedling store but the not common way is the buy actual fruits during the season from wherever you get it. Plant about hundred trees just around your home or a piece of land then fence it. While it grows, begin to think about how you will eat the fruit, with what you will eat the fruit and educate people about your thinking around. The other advantage about investment is number of people would have grown through migration to your area by birth because on average in 5-6 years, youthful generation would have had two children each and if there are 20 couple of such, you now have 60 people. Trees takes so many years growing hence after five years, it only produce more fruits and the yields only goes up. Five years after the first yield for a hundred trees, you should produce enough fruits for the village and others around including your town. By that time, you already have enough customers you only waits for the next season.

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2017

The strength of Africa and Africans

1: Although Africa is abandoned by supper rich investors in fear of financial insecurity, Africa, continues to have abundance.
2: only Africa and Europe enjoy two culture coherently for Africa socialism for outside the city an capitalism in cities I personally am feel honoured for that and feels it is the true centre of humanity
3: Africans suffer from thirst and diseases more any continent but they never through each other and continue to support each other and help out where needs be and do not desert each other
4: Pan Africans continues to show their strength even in the most though times while others have lost their origin even entire continent and are being thought foreign
4: African security is the weakest for any person who understands real security yet Majority of deaths in Africa is not from security but scarcity.
5: traditionally most things in Africa is not legal but there are less people in the entire continent than even the developed because Africanism is the true rule in blood but not the law.

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2017

Africans businesses ideas that will put you ahead of the rest

1: rabbit raring(the multiplies so fast and good for all seasons)
2: brick laying(Africans are changing their style of living. It is a good starting point into real estate)
3: soya bean planting(produces soy milk a replacement for animal yet has cheap method and less resources assuming you have plenty of land)
5: Banana fibre making( the resource is banana stems alway useless and cut to rod after the fruit is harvested. You make all things from banana fibre. if you are creative enough try rugs)
6: electrical retailing(soon you will afford your own sources renewables or innovate do not invent(I will have to write a block about it later))
7: water supply(drill bore hold or purify water from streams and rivers then supply the local homes or businesses)
7: poultry eggs(supply eggs you have more money than meat)
8: tailoring(soon you will own a textile)
9: plant fruity forest e.g quaver, mangoes, passions, lemon, apples soon you will own juice factory.
10: provide services e.g. Buss time table, flights, call centre(Use you mobile phone or connect a home phone instead of ISP), billing support(just information), tourism(your local area)

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2017

Cheapest business to build but intellectually challenging in Africa

1: Membership business e.g. build a library and have every member of the local community who wants to use it becomes a member at a specific amount and gain the benefits of services you provide.
2: Hostilities e.g. building a cart or having own car driving from public and working publics during their breaks to sell them food
3: Loan e.g. people own what you have as a loan especially in animal and poultry. You build, keep and takes care of the animal and poultry, but they pay to own it. The good part is, animals and poultry number increase especially when you use the method of two of the sex for a single loan. As their number increases, hence, their loan grows in asset and liabilities hence they can sell when the number grow e.g. 10 animals or poultry. remember, after loans you still have service fees to charge them so your business keep swelling.
4: start a community service e.g. soccer team where every member pays or members of community pay for each player like they are investing. Now you have got to be creative in creating competitions so you earn money so your business keep growing and have cash for your investors.

Lokang Jackson February 18, 2017

Finance is the most difficult a personal feel and struggle with. We write, talk, and educate people about money but we are not rich ourselves. It is also cheap to talk about money because everything around us involves money from bills to shopping we must have money to do them. Money has become part of our growing lives but remain difficult to achieve a satisfactory amount of money-an amount e.g. retire or employ self to work on own home base business or provide of oneself.