2017 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson February 28, 2017

Because of amount of total area our oceans covers, it is a perfect target to transport system because in transportation oceans contribute negatively leaving strained air space. Air transport is fast, efficient and safe, but the increase of planes into our air reduces the safety of our air transportation system making the most dangerous and less affordable form of transport on earth. Water transport is only on water. Water transport is safe compared to most form, but slow and pirate target for instance cargo ships because of this, it has become expensive to transport goods over water transport. Beneath our oceans lies Land and we already have more experience with tunnels, through mountains and bridge buildings. This same techniques can apply to under water transportation ways making and letting us introduce road and railway transportation into ocean transportation. This will integrate the globe, reduce transportation, connection continents, reduce transportation costs and bring forth closer to human interactions. There are five major land masses on the globe, on the East is Africa, Europe(including Asia, Siberia, Deirab), on the West are America and Oceania(Formerly South America) and in the central is Pacific. The shortest distances for us to connect the world by under sea ways are between Africa and Europe through Egypt and Yemen or Morocco and Spain, Africa and Oceania through West Africa and Oceania, Oceania and America through their border, Pacific through Northern territory and Indonesia and Europe and America through Greenland.

Lokang Jackson February 28, 2017

Before we think of connecting the globe, may be we should think of connecting our continents. Africa is still divided on states, you cannot cross from one country to another on a single passport although they are neighbouring each other, to travel from Europe, Siberia and Arabia you will need to change mode of transportation, Americans, Canadians and Oceania(Usually South America) have not finished working on pacific and Atlantic highways to connect the three continent which are connect by land, Pacific an organised because you cannot travel from one state to another on single means of transport(public transport). There are no busses and trains going and coming from one state to the other, you will have to take a private means of transport to do so. To connect our globe in transport we have planes which are expensive and and affordable by few. There are no power, water and communication system that connects the continents as one except internet has made it in the 21st century. What will it take and how long will it take humanity to realise the need for each other.

Lokang Jackson February 27, 2017

Starting a business is easy except that they fails within the first 3 months or year. Though businesses fails there are so many who succeeded. There are only two types of businesses i.e. Government and private. Government businesses handles services majorly and private offering both services and product in the market. Government business includes army, police, taxation, institutions, social services, electricity, water and fuels while private includes corporations, NGO, company, schools and markets(retails, whole sale, malls etc). There is some faze details about government businesses-they are private businesses centralised on people of given country, region and continent. Now, getting a government business is no easy task, it is a battle you might take generations to achieve or will or power to over take. How they get it done is expanding so much country, region, or continent wide then become government to institute it or get a government to approve it into the country, region or continent system. Once you have a government business, you are set for generations to come but an alteration in government especially from opposition might bring in alteration. Smart individuals makes it a system where every government have to compulsory go through a standardise means to know the details of founder or how it operates. Government businesses though have more power than country governments because they will be bunch of learners who still learns about how they system of the country operates and mostly, they are just party voted in by people.

Lokang Jackson February 27, 2017

The introduction of UAV and autonomous cars brings another doubts in our minds. There will come a day when UAV and autonomy will merge and this will return the process of driving but special one where a person sit and drive real what I call "Transport" on screen. This transport will travel, move, and ride on our roads and air space with passengers and luggages. With increase in internet strength, knowledge of machine integration with software, infrastructure and technology interaction. Just imagine with taxi and logistic will look like when this becomes a reality.

Lokang Jackson February 26, 2017


Africa is a continent. It is in most cases refer to as the dark continent because of colour of the people, under development, and poor power supply and infrastructure throughout the continent. Africa by far is the least developed, has lowest rate of literacy is disease prone and the only continent that relies on support of other continent to help solve her problems.


Africa economy dependent on individualism for instance, subsistence agriculture, in adequate branding, systemisation and legalisation of businesses of the continent. African economy is also under performing compared to other continents because the continent have less super rich people who are ready to private big businesses to fuel the economy. Poor management, skill workers and low value currency also do affect Africa economy.


Africa is built on socialism-a shared value of all the people in a society. Societies are built by ethnic communities who then breaks in tribes, clans, lineages and families because of extended family system which still exist in the continent. Urban societies have better services compared to rural societies leading to imbalance category of people. It also means rural people are totally cut off from urban services for instance power supply, internet service, banking and better and quality jobs.


Africa has 54 and all state runs her own agenda meaning state build their state politic on a single state preposition without any help, consultation and interruption from another state.


Africa politic driven meaning security rely on politic of a state. Africans are not integrated to manage its internal issues properly leading to continue insecurities in the continent. Africa politic is also tribal and because there are many tribes in one state, this brings in insecurity from the players which easily get drawn into societies and fuel up along borders.


Africa has 5 regions and 7 islands namely east, west, central, north and south and Easirun, Souda, Norland, Infend, Anana, Elan, Era consecutively. Western and East African is home to the original Africans namely Bantu and Nilotic(Lwuor). North Africa is mainly foreign occupied because of its location and distance from the rest of the world. Europe, Asia, Arabia and Deism borders Africa at the North.


Different colours, tribes, foreigners and people of different continent present into a country/state, region or continent. Race is also culture, society, humanity entanglement. Consequences of race diffusion are deaths, war, and cultural dominion.


Black is original thought originate from Africa however, there are blacks people many where in the world e.g. amazon, Cambodia, Yemen and Mongolia.


Browns are generally in Arabia and Deism but they also found in America, Africa(Madagascar in particular) and Assia e.g. Phillipines.


They are the origin of Europe and Siberia together also known as Eura. They are also majorities and have occupied many parts for the world e.g. Atlantic and Pacific and has the power and super power of the world. They are innovative and do work based on time.


Yellow people where originally Korean. To day, they have spread around Asia and are found all over the world. We can also assume that Asia was once invaded and was originally once a yellow people original lands. In the history of our ancient, Africans where known to had migrated to Asia for milli purposes and use by superior colonies of the time.


African power is on the land and her ecology. The temperature of her is depending on region of the continent balance agriculture and natural resources creating employment.


Animal husbandry, forestry, water system, green lands, grass lands and islands of Africa perfects Africans ecology for human inhabitation.


Group of people, race, colour and nationalities living together under same government and system. There are so far three major African tribes i.e. Nuba, Nilotic and Bantu. Intermarriages between them and foreigners brought in tribes like Afro-Asiatic(Africans, Europe and Asians), Somali(Harmrun, Deism, and Arabs), Egyptians(Secondary Nubians, Arabs and Italians). Egypt is an interesting country because all inferior people from Arabia, Deism and Europe run to show their superiority.


Nubians from about 10,000 BC to 15,000 BC where large in term of population covering from Libya, Egypt, and Sudan and partly Ethiopia but now they are reduced to their place of origin Nuba. Nuba most famous monument is Nuba Mountains which have been in their history and a thing remembered with them for many centuries.


The name Nilotic came from the name River Nile because they were believed to have been following River Nile.


They are believed to have migrated from central Africa to the rest of Africa.


People coming from different countries and continents for work, school, escaping competition or war.


Known pasts of Africa and Africans


Scientifically, Africans are confirmed to have evolved from animal sub classes of Eps but cultural and historically Africa is evident and factually found to be black human subclass however, Africa had humans from other continent and colour from the beginning of human beginning.


African history is of wars, tribal conflicts, backwardness and abundance in her natural habitat and minerals.


There are many cultures and they varies from Northern to Southern Africa.

Lokang Jackson February 25, 2017

We are at the verge of finding spaces in our space and we can live thousands or millions years at our wants without dead. This only leave us with one thing in mind-expanding our reach on our space and the spaces we find. Spaces are like continents of today e.g. Europe, Africa, Pacific, America etc. This is a complete universe in one solar system(space) e.g. sun, moon, earth, stars(or galaxies). So imagine finding ten spaces, then we would have innovation problems because of distance and different of climate on all spaces, scarcity because human being are all on one space that means we do not have enough people to occupy all space but considering no dead we will eventually come to occupy all spaces with time, running security of spaces and societies e.g. not favoring either but making sure we all have same justice system, monetary system, equal technology and social lives. There is another thing we still need to be clear about and that is on our universe, there are earth like lands on our far reaches or on the other side of the solar system because we are at exactly same distance from the sun and so could there be on the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern side of the sun that we still have to colonize and send human to e.g. mars etc. We just need to train more people about space and lands we will have and how we can move from one planet/space to another and settle on them without climate interruption instead of focusing on businesses, agriculture, tourism etc. Remember the time when Europeans migrated to all parts of the world from Europe to Africa, America and pacific not discovery. They just get enough people in the boat and transfer them from Europe to any continent at the time and that was how primitive we were as human and now we have our next migration from our Earth to Earths around our solar system. We do not have to have space skills, experiences, training and qualified we just need a system on all Earths to be favourable for human and send some of us from this earth to the rest of the Earth we will make.

Lokang Jackson February 24, 2017

Dead no more

Do you know that when we were young we had everything we have when we are adult? Every single one of us have million copies of lives. Instead of getting all and loosing everything we had at our old age, we will be able to harness the copies of lives have in us and renew our stage of life i.e become young again. We can also increase our age by instead of being born and increase things in us slowly the traditional way, we can now say, let us start at age of ten from the day we are born. This has advantage because at ten years old, we can take care of ourselves. The only advantage with this is you can say knowledge is experience we learn from the day we are born to age we are at. True but know is also put of life hence we can copy knowledge and transfer from one person to another.

Lokang Jackson February 23, 2017


Introduction: Most if not all languages in the world are tonal that just means one word spelled same with lots of meanings in their pronunciation, interpretations, and spellings e.g. mega means ownership in Luo but it means quantity in other languages including English.

What is Language? Identity and culture of a society. We speak what we know excluding what we don’t know. If you speak more than one language, you have more than one culture hence you becomes intercultural and linguistic. Language can also be understood as a single entity in the world making it a different not yet reach and learnt skills, but presumably words might give us clues.

Luo solutions to tonal: We could double some letters like Mo meaning some or MOO meaning oil, a meaning get up or AA meaning getting up instead, we decided to keep it same.

Dialects: Dialect is a term use in Luo frequently to identify a tribe, clan or lineage from each other. Dialect in other languages are known as slangs-the things that has meaning to one tribe and has another to another tribe. Tudu means connection in Acholi Gulu and Kitgum, but Tudo is what is use in Acholi in Magwi and Atyak. It take a person who have been to both sides of the countries, societies and cultures to understand the similarities and differences otherwise, it is understood a different thing. Acholi of Magwi and Atyak prefer to use O in their words while Gulu and Kitgum prefers to use U. It is a choice that is chosen by tribes in these places. It could also be because of the letter U used often in the name of their towns and many other things follow because of a situation, a cultural swift at one point in time.

Words and meanings: There are standards or base line-the starting point of language and everything else originate from that very beginning.

La, Ja: This two words are used to describe singular objects or nouns and they are used interchangeably e.g. La kuman or ja Nam.

Ma: Is a common word among all Luo? It could be translated to TO BE or THE. It is use this way Ma Ber, Ma Kwiri (better, good etc), Ma Nyen (new) etc. it is often miss used because it becomes combine like Maber etc

RA: Ra is used at the end of a word e.g. Aluora. Let me divide this words into more than one. When you say Aluo means am afraid; Luora means go around me and Aluora means something be gone round (either person or object). In the old days that is what use to be done even today some of Luo culture is still Luora e.g dance, eating used to be one but now removed.

Ya: Then here comes ya issue. In Luo in general, ya is a question mark e.g. i a ya did you get up? i gamo ya did you recieve it? I kwanyo ya did you take it? Some Luo Acholi and Lango in particular have made some bad changes to the Luo language or should I say they have over modernised the language? They have removed a major and that is the R. Now we have issues e.g lo which can only be the plural of things or nouns, but with an R to it you have Lor which means descending or melting or dissolving. If we have Lorya you have about two things combine i.e lor ya Is it descending? Of course we should all know by now that to have a name in Luo you have to make any word a noun by putting either an A or O to mean female or male. Let’s say we have Oloya what would you say? I think what we have isn't it descending? More names with ya Obwoya, Akwinya,

O, E, I (Ngo and Nge): This two words are very complex when used at end of a word or sentence(s). They themselves are words. Ngo an ask word correlating to what, while Nge describes an object hind. Whe you said words like Abinongo (I will get it later) or Abinonge (I will get it). Here Ngo at the end of a word stands for past tense e.g. thanked, loved, best while Nge stands for past participle e.g. I will (get, receive, etc.). I however, is a noun when used at end of sentence like Abinongi. At this stage you are using second person in a conversation.

O, E, I: When we use o, e, i at end of word, they mean past present, past and continues tenses. nongo means S/he find it which is past tense; nonge means can been found which is a past participle and nongi means find which is present tense. Lets try a new word "Kwan". Kwano means he/she is reading/counting; kwane means is readable which is participle and kwani/kwana means read/count for me which is past tense

I: The most formidable letter yet forgotten. I is the third most popular letter for naming in Luo (in general), but I comes with its twists. I in most cases is for PAK (sweet names like sweet whatever etc. in English). Ibwo, idie, ituk etc. When i is used in words like ibwo of course it means in the net. This come from Dwar (hunting) call ite cel (back yard). This hunting is mostly down after twod (following something till end but without their knowledge). It is done in circle. Net is erected around the place where animal is expected to and man guards it while women, youth goes inside with leaves trying to scare the animal.

η (ng, nag): In most tribes ng is a letter of an alphabet. It is very quiet when pronounced i.e. you do not say or pronounce it like n and g singularly. It’s pronounced ing in wrestling, engine etc. when words like Kongy are pronounced, they sounds like Kong-gy, but in the actual sense, it is Kong-nyi. This can also help us remove y at the end of every word. Instead of writing kongy we will just write koη

δ (nd): There was no way we could improve on nd spelling at the beginning of a word. We borrowed δ to solve it. It will only be at the beginning of a sentence like ngeku (δeku), angai (will remain angai); ndelu (δelu) because having it in the middle of words creates more complications.


Two and onward is considered many. In Luo, plural comes in many forms.

Lo, Jo, Ji: This two words are used to describe plural objects or nouns and they are used interchangeably e.g. Lo Gulu or jo Kisumu meaning people of. Luo also have a way to give names to things and people by using A or O in front of a word e.g. Cheng becomes Acheng, Mito becomes Amito. Think of any word you just used to two letters in front to mean either A for female or O for male, but not necessarily true because names like Ayella belongs to male yet uses A and Oyella uses O yet is for female.

Language Population: We cannot count how many people speaks a language because we will never know. Colours, tribes, countries and continents need to all be included when we want to know how many people speaks a language. Language population can also be taken on by words that are used frequently. That will mean many people actually speaks one language and that is how we have simplified Luo language.

Conclusion: You do not need a language to be a person, have a culture, belong to a society but, knowing more than one languages, makes you have more knowledge and know more about the person who knows less languages. There is no special language on this planet because all languages originates out of something, mean something, and can translate another language to mean something hence, they represent something in our lives. Languages can be learnt, translated, transformed, and expanded with time to reach more people, be spoken by many people and become an acceptable by many people.

Lokang Jackson February 23, 2017

Solving money problem by creating money

Money is medium of exchange of goods at a portable value. So, if we can create a metal or plastic small enough with an avoidable usage in a town, city or society then we have money. Having a metal or plastic only does not qualify the business yet but imagine health services such as health centre, banks, institution and transportation where you have to wait inline to get call. Having a piece of this metal or plastic with ingrained numbers or letters tells our belongings, bed numbers, number in a queue help get us into multi tasking meaning you can go or stay out of queue physically while being known by your money. This is mostly found in jewellery, keys holding etc. We could creatively make this materials for membership of a political party, public community services, cultural orientation and public recognition. Imagine having it like a business card where a person has it everywhere they go and whenever they want to talk about their business, they just have it right with them.

We can take this one step further by making it compulsory in a society in case you become an influential business in a society or make it so that everybody want to have it so bad.

Lokang Jackson February 21, 2017

Avoiding stagnation

It takes 4-5 years but exactly five years for a fruit plant to start producing fruits, and Engineer e.g. computer system, software engineering, Science e.g. medical student to finish a degree, Technical business e.g. Utilities such as electricity, internet and phone to earn enough money from their business. This is to start or gain at the beginning and it take another five to mature, produce quality, gain experience and qualification in whatever you do. As a Liguadi, I see only a way to expand our reach and break into new e.g. plan long term and stabilised our societies e.g. business that runs societies e.g. town or cities internet providers becomes post office, training centres, ISP providers(data centres), libraries, schools, Cultural groups becomes institutions e.g. schools, knowledge base(passing knowledge) and training centres, and mega businesses that takes us into next generations. I started writing on websites officially in 2012(this year is five years) just barely published books meaning I have another five to things I really thought I am going to do and so are you just think about it. I have been studying patterns today that is why I write about it now...