2016 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson November 16, 2016

Object vertical and horizontal position depends on its sense of universe. Hi flyers make themselves aware of things below them because that is exactly where their danger comes from however, bottom flyers defend themselves of things above them because that is their deadly enemy position. Human, animals protect their fronts but, technically reactive of things behind them. If you touch a person behind, they are likely to touch any part of you in a way that will be faster than you had done them however, you touch a person from their front, they are likely to hurt you verbally. We are faster forward and slow backward. All also takes time thinking of things we should do often than things we do because thinking is a virtual and doing is practical. Virtual things reminds while practical things are actual. Front of our head is bare while behind our head is covered with hair. In general our back is stronger and can take more pain than our front body because our front body is softer and our behind is stronger.

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Stories about legend, riddles, moral tales and proverbs are an important part of Luo culture. This was more of a traditional education mainly undertaken by both the grand parents to their grandchildren so as to impart some knowledge in them. This was usually done in the evening or before they retire to bed. The boys usually sat with their grandfather in his hut ( Abila) in front of a burning fire too keep them warm. The sitting arrangement is usually known as Duol, and this is where they were taught about their heritage, culture and how to be responsible members of the society. Also story telling majoring around the Luo legends such as Lwanda Magere, Okore Ogonda, Mien Olanda with their achievements were recited to them. This was done in order for the young ones try to emulate what the legends had done to the community when they come of age. On the other side, the grandmother was also busy with her granddaughters in what was called siwindhe; a session in which the grandmother gives vital lessons to the younger ones on how to behave and become responsible wives and mothers when they come of age. Story telling and verbal games were also conducted. Moral tales – Morality tales generally dwells much on how the younger ones should cope up with different life circumstances which may crop up in future. Since nobody knows what awaits them in future, such questions as to;-

    • What is life all about, why do people die and where do they go after death?
    • What qualities make an appropriate spouse?
    • How to have good friends.
    • How to give respect and behave in front of the elders.
  • The issue such as giving birth to deformed children, who are responsible for it, and how to cope with the aftermath of it.
  • Issues such as why some people in the society suffer, what brought their suffering and how to avoid such misfortunes were discussed and deliberated upon. Respect -Respect is a very important aspect of the Luo culture, and respect for one’s elders is limitless. Not only must a child respect those that are older than him or her, but also the elders respect those who existed before them and are now referred to as the living dead. There are many small customs that represent ways in which one can honor those older than him or herself. A child is not permitted to call his parents, grandparents, or those holding any of those positions, by their names. When children do converse with their elders they are much more polite in their use of language.The younger people were/ are expected not to sit on a chair while another senior person is present.

This book is Western Luo culture based. Written by Otieno Odong

Lokang Jackson November 8, 2016

This book does not follow a chronological order and does not target any individual directly or indirectly because it is a hobby that is being revisited and modified. It is however, arranged by order of difficulties. Level of difficulty increases as you continue to read towards the last chapter. Another way to read this book is to pick a chapter familiar to you from the table of content and if you feel any does not ring a bell, make sense, or all are unfamiliar then start on chapter one and end off on chapter 10 that way you would have caught up with technics used and style applied in writing the book. Unlike African Pangikwaro, this book is informative i.e. there are no formulae, methods, or a designed logic assigned to help solve any problem. Contents are organised in a manner easy and simple to follow and are made to capture readers’ attention. It is not a learning book rather good for leisure, fun, and reading at family gathering or with friends to laugh about, query, doubt, and at least blame. Many styles are used to differentiate chapters and bring in different emotions during and after reading on few of the chapters while the rest might have same styles. Pangikwara Lwuor is going to be public favourite book to read and will be on discussion more than any of our work done and will do in the near future because it is made for the wider audience consumption. Many of our pasts works were strict and few of our future works will get stricter, and have specific targets i.e. unless you have knowledge, skill, and experience in that field you won’t find it or them useful.

Lokang Jackson November 3, 2016

By 7/11/2016, Lwuor will slow things up to say the least off the record. We will pay deep attention on how we keep all people within our network and make extreme improvement to compete equally. It all means, Lwuor highlight independences to disrupt and keep local trailing closer to catch up with time.

Lokang Jackson November 3, 2016

In our time in the history of the world, there is multiple ways to lead, run, manage etc people because of things we people do. In the old days and scarcely available to this day, is processing method of grouping people under your region, class, area population etc. We have many solutions that help us keep an eye, inform, develop, transform, educated etc our people. The common procedures are through format of in house, in door, chat group, family, linage, tribes, and relationship. South or North, there is no bigger task this days. Even making it simpler by bringing it to central under one roof at large.

Lokang Jackson November 3, 2016

These historically and originally happens after every 200 years in our human ecology that marks either a new beginning or expansion into a new descendants. In the past, it might had been guided or defended however, this century, it is Hemperor, Kemperor, and Lwuor balancing things up at the base line at all supper initial and extreme end. Perfect one has severity, power, prosperity, ideas, and at its finest doubled the gaps. Imagining that will shudder the entire wide world firmly off. A owe all and every bits of it from the very start and at its finest. This point in time, winners will internally come to a meeting directory and winners gain usable points and hold future of varieties and maintaining lead in a secure and meaningful way while accepting the other's views, etc. All the man had we, shall be on use. Our energisers, commoners, and tribes shall come from seas and join the battles, nothing beats our Freak and main men and to top it, we have AI to sharpen the tribes. We need students and the directorates to help widen and bring the battles off the sea. We could do all at zero cost even without Mega trouble and keep working hardest at our points lines.

Lokang Jackson October 29, 2016

We had a constant 22(1970) years of battles to fend off the hooligans and about 20(1990) years of refuge. We went through extreme torturing, depopulation, cultural restoration. We never loose resistance and our defence in spite of all atrocities inflicted on us. We never shyed away or given in till we have gotten competitive again. Next to come is the scary bit. It will be a test of soul and if by all means you have all it take to stand your ground. Be warn, I shall not either stop or mute from my work, but continue and accommodate all self reliance and independent we had gained and continue to pursue which by no means is replaceable of negotiable. Europe must learn to work with us not own us and America must know that we have grudge and shall not heal. We can partner with you on all fields and respect your deals and businesses with us at highest and official ways we will. Do not forget America, you have all our troubles and they are represented in your flags. You all need each other, but we need to be fair and balance and know all conditions and important and irreplaceable.

From Allies and friends of Brasington inside Oyo colony.

Lokang Jackson October 25, 2016

Touch 2

Touch game is designed for commonly for social tag teams of about 4 to 10 famously. There are rows and column i.e lines horizontal and vertical. There is only one vertical line, but there are starting from 2-10 depending on number of people available.

Rules: Fastest, loyal, obedient, honest, famous, skilled, etc person is always takes centre. We called heshe Ruod(aka Da baba). To qualify to be a Da BABA, the all the above are necessary, but importantly you have own a team and the privilege to choose members of your own teams. You enter from local rank of unknown or bad performer and work your way up by knocking off your opposite team. The more you the only one knocking off teams, the more your rank improves hence pure Da BABA qualification. You are not allowed to step on line then touch a person and hululet to the teams members because it is likely that your neither gain a point nor loose a point, but as a member of the team, you have lost trust. Each time you do that, your rank decreases and finally, only recruited when their is none else you are always a spectator. You gain a point by touching while inline, faster, tricky, etc and if you are new to them game and a team, that qualifies you to become a permanent member or upgrade to Da BABA. Of course you loose by annihilation because the opponents are faster than you, tricky, dodgy, smarter and played as a team.

Teams: I personally been on both side because of nature of my lifestyle. I had a team in church, school, locality, social etc, but my height was the worst determiner of my rank each time I meet a new team. One thing to say, I had speed, and stiff breaking and obey rules and not afraid to tell you off if you are wrong. I have several people who remembers me and were my references in touch game till now and I can name a few of them if I have to. To play as a team, you introduce a logically destructive even e.g. topic and exit mboy out of them, launched an attack e.g. either Da baba or a team member run in wrong direction that pushes a player closer for a touch or pull a Da baba out and make shehe pay by attacking the weakest member of the team and break their defence. You can also plan to make them loose by putting da baba on a reserve and using only your weaker teams or you gain by only using your da baba and releasing Ogen Koyo on defence.

Lokang Jackson October 24, 2016

The impenetrable and difficult time that had ever been but remembered by few in Liquade about Lokoya people. Lokoya are Eastern people of Liquade whose history date back to chiefdoms(before kingdoms and empires) time. Lokoya people are known to all their neighbours however, their dark history is known by few people and themselves throughout their work. Lokoya, Otuho, Acholi, Langi, Anyuak, Murle, Ofirika and the rest of their Eastern Liquadi are true resistance, defensive and all that involve keeping a watch on your people. They all lost and gained, but one thing with them, they had never given up. Together, they know their history and always unite if not isolated by stronger opponent. competition never ends, but always evolve in nature. Lokoya however are been isolated from their very beginning. The more other tribes isolate them, there more they remember them and their pasts. If Acholi, otuho and Lokoya are not working together today, it is not the first time and will not be the last time and those brings us back to understanding that it had been a while. Southern Eastern and west site of Liquade is developing rapidly and is about to past many countries in only few decades from now. What have they done differently and are they going to restore and make these a realistic or they will lend a hand and work head to head with Northern Liquadi to line up with other neighbours?

Note: Development is improving standard of living, health, literacy etc

Lokang Jackson October 22, 2016

During pal war Liquadi was under the people call Pa Lwar security. They were the people people making sure everyone is kept safe and taken care of. When Jo Loka won, their was drastic short of financial support from in Liquide. People resorted to coal as source of energy at the end of it all created Pata panel. Questions were raised to help secure us from the next Pal war so in both ways their is we can harness the sun and use our Bunga for survival and energy provisions. When we have pata panels, this provide safe zones for people movement and in many cases do help animal movements.