2016 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson December 13, 2016

ObibiBunga: Bunga is both a good place and bad place at same or different time. Good things are that it is diverse, free, peaceful, has abundance etc that can sustain, feed, heal etc us; bad things are that it has dangerous wild things e.g. those that bite, scratch, kill, eat, destroy etc. The worst/good thing in bunga is beast of beasts(luma) of it. There are measures in place to to keep beasts and beasts of beasts safe, busy Our body too do lwi because we have to many things that are stronger, harder, sharper etc than our body e.g. wood, stones, okuto etc. Try keeping cua in your mouth for at 12 hours while your mouth is closed. After that time, all the softies in your mouth will peel off(adakdak ware, pronounced, a ndak ndak). Some how in your mind try to imagine that our inner body system is not meant to resist what happen on us externally. I just blame it on our enzyme limitation. They could have acted strongly, multiplied in numbers etc to do what they are made to do to counter the burden.

Borrowing ideas: In about 1900-19... Europe experience some its earnest, time in her history. Some Eastern Luo especially in SEL calls it lost of the beast(s) meaning the people went against their instinct, direction, fail to act according their standard at the time, poor response and so much dependent on inferiority ideology. When that happen, they most time go on defense to counter the worst future - teach a lesson of what is to come in the future. One example of that was Adolf Hitler. He invaded most or all of Eastern and beyond Europe. The most to receive such is of course the weaker country in south of Germany(Munic) which became his base for a while then advanced to other countries including Russia. If that happen, their is what we call majority rule. That made it easy for the Mighty Pence. It was easy for Winston to convince the world that he was a bad man of Europe hence they must all unite and teach him their version of lesson. Not only did the world accept that, but the Germany themselves also welcomed such idea. Even to day, just do a Hitler stuff in Germany, you get an audience of demonstration marching in streets. History today tells us that he varnished(I still don't know where exactly). That should tell us that the beast(s) is the owner of his jungle because he knows it like the back of his hand.

Lokang Jackson December 13, 2016

LwuorIf there is a better time in our culture, history, knowledge, happiness etc, it is this century, millennium, month, week, and day but, looking back our past do remind us of where we had. Because of that, we are bound by our people, future to move to the next world of biome and abiotic smoothly with harmony, peace, love and formidable developments. There will always be problems, our families, friends, alliances and relationship are bound be an easy rule "there pains, anguish, and troubles will affect us psychologically, mentally, socially, Innovatively and ethically" hence we fight for them as they are for us.

Lokang Jackson December 10, 2016

We are all about to run out and reading all over. It is dangerous because we will loose in our home ground or our friend home. Composition is introduce for three systems to compete going head to head while being productive, healthy, pure, real, none threatening and creates development. It is supper dangerous compare to any other we have yet tried before. We will all pick up a thing, an area or physical location and try to pay all attention to it engaging all alliances while also keeping an eye in our own homes.


Scenario: Developing central Africa

We all know central Africa republic is in a turmoil yet Kenya, the Beacon of Africa is leading in commercial activities e.g. clean city, good infrastructure; Tanzania for the first time in half a century has bounced back as leader of Africa meaning they are where they were during their independent-respect the foreigners while owning your own home(more on Lwuor); Uganda the land of wars, have experience in war probably is now first on the list of African war monger country. The real problem in central African republic are under development, bad infrastructure, bad security, bad governance, primitive government and chaotic system-a thing we many African have. Uganda who have so far been making wars can help bring peace, Kenya an African commercial and economical giant can man down poverty and create development, and Tanzania can bring back the spirit of the people and government in central African republic.


We will be engaged Africa wide, make friends Africa wide, solve our problems Africa wide, reduce corruption and wars Africa wide because we are now working as brothers and sisters-a thing done just half a century ago.


There are things about foreigners, running from competition from their homeland, helping their alliances, doing businesses, naturally like certain culture and society and just want to correlate and do business with them. We cannot wait for them or depend entirely on them. Just imagine they too are going through our problem on their continent, we now have to wait till they finish theirs then come solve ours. I let you decide on those things.


Africa is Governmental meaning every state is lead by a union, federal, or central government e.g. Tanganyika, Sudan(Khartoum government runs Khordofan, South Sudan because both are still bound by their peace agreement legally, Darfur, and Omdurman), and many of the African states. To day it is difficult to know who is leading who but at least we have either of the three and many of them are opposing-they too are running their own government. The difficult to understand is the difference between opposition and governments because they are in many ways enmity run meaning you have to be extremely negative to other to pass or gain support. We now have to work on states and fix their problems while the other copy. In another way, all form of governments deal with a single state at a time while local leaders of a state deals with a single county, district, region etc.

Note: Just an idea for now.

Lokang Jackson December 9, 2016

The fall of Romans came about in the 1914-1927 during time of changes from religion to culture. Religion was starting to get boring and

monotonous. The populace gotten creative and started adventure into culture because religion was pro people however kind of nice and challenging hence many people decided to through punches on each other. There came the Rwodi, chiefs, kings, Kabaka, elders and Okirwanga. It was and could had been depletion and lack of many things. Here we are 100 years after realistically allied. The true cause of religion was also the believe in single supreme God because many disagreed and thought there is a supreme being, there is also an opposition. Many religions were formed e.g. Mormon, Protestants and the oligarch and orthodoxy. They all had the most stiff competitions. In less than 70 years later, religions dropped again because of industry revolution disruptions. Where next, religion, industry revolution, revelation or rebellion?

Lokang Jackson December 9, 2016

Lets turn Africa worse and negative development and turn them into anything we want. It would be extremely good if we can through out the mental creativity make a few professional, qualified, earn, gain knowledge and own the things they badly must have. Slum in real translation is isolation, restriction, blockage, lack of access. If you want to know a real slum citizen look no further, because you already have one. You can call him chief of slum an experience which last for few however it is decades of experience this to him. So, back to slum. What are slums? Refugees, homeless, loneliness(having no family in a place), jobless, spiritually broken, prison, crime that cause a dear thing in a person's life are slums and consequences of slums.

Why Slum

In general, no one want to be a slum, gang, rebel, crackers(hacker) conditions of time do push few to slum. Slum is not the end and is not the beginning or all of them. In many states and continent it is imbalance of supply of resources, development etc caused by governments, leaders, community civil society. It is also lack of information or distribution of different information or poor analysis of information favouring one side of a state, town or word to another. Most of them are about jobs, education, higher living standard, abundance etc. Slum is also a result of hate of one tribe or group of people leaving them totally out of a functional system.

How to get out

If there was a formula, we should have all gotten out. A common thing with homeless people who got out are just like successful people-they are truely working themselves out and trying anything they can think of. It is also because of voluntary slum-people who are stricken because of a thing e.g. just want to finish their school and get out or have a special condition which need a little time but they are out of pocket money and worse conditions.

Government contribution

Charity begins at home freaks! you really cannot sign a foreign project e.g. electricity, roads, irrigation etc yet the people have everything and lack everything e.g. there are city slum, they have access to food, good sanitation however lack finance, employment and skills to transfer same knowledge into helping themselves out.

slum innovation

slum people are no different to ordinary people. They have exactly the problem every people of the state have e.g. have skills, qualification, ideas however, have no support, help, and money to make it physible.


leaders and governments of a place should totally be ban from solving another state continent problem if it exist in their state and continent. Read the funny story of a fisherman it corresponds. A fisher should treat stream, or river same because fish in stream and creaks are same in all areas. In short problems they have so have you.

Lokang Jackson December 9, 2016

The difference between Europe and Africa is clear and practical. They are socially different in the way they are and developed their things. Both are develop and under develop with few people at the top(positively). There are reasons Africa should reject Europe supremacy and Europe should disregard African ignorance. Both of us have must work on constant improvement of our own people rather pay attention to foreigners or think of each others as opportunity. We are not and either way, all of us are risking in a good way however could endanger both sides. When Europe and Africa fixes her problems, they both will all things they do not have and have in access. Moving all Europeans and all Africans to Europe is both negative and positive because we might congest, create fear, become enemies because of our origins, under develop because we spend all our time nagging and attacking each other. Can Europe clean their dirty backyard and so is Africa? Having saying this, who really have a bad backyard in Europe and in Africa and could there be cause and name them in case they are there.

Africa should be able to design their alignments alone without being connected and align under Europeans rules. We must feel free and have the time and everything in our home not just we deserve them but because they are our own.

Estonia-Kunta: Current accomodation and living style.

Denmark future accomodation and lifestyle.

Kenya future accomodation and lifestyle.

Uganda slum: Current living standard of pure/true Ugandans lifestyle

To Understand pure europ for this work, I chose Kunta in Estonia, Slum in Kampala and future projects in Kenya and Denmark. Over the next few months we are going to make it clear through analysis of particularly African slums and Kunta these way we will understand both worlds in details and be able to present ourselves as African and view them as Europeans.

Lokang Jackson December 9, 2016

Fall of libya

If history makes sense, northern Africa where first in nearly everything Africans can do. We can also falsely say because they are at bad gate to Africa from namely Europe, Arabia and Deism. As strong as they were, they are now swamped and have no idea how they can become Pan Africans again. Libya an African giant how fallen and is at war. Soon Morocco, and Tunisia we get back it again. The spring was the pan power now they are swamped again. You must understand develop

African cities

ment not just see that you are developed. Building, good roads and railways, airports, economy is not a development until the people of the land have it and control it. America is a bad example of that because as they say they are the only powerful nation on the planet, who exactly is the American saying so? It is same thing in Africa because saying am an Egyptian yet just a fisher man-a thing anyone can do including visitors in the land does not make us pan African or state. Libya before the fall of Gaddafi had a social system so superior that even the west are angry about. Wait till you know the fact, he was in a western relationship yet behaving as pan African president. No African president should call themselves Pan African when you have a foreign woman because that automatically disqualify you from being a Pan.

Lokang Jackson December 8, 2016

Forgetting the extensions agri(businesses, forestry, industry, commerce, farming, innovation), agriculture have overwhelmed institutions, industries, manufacturing, employment etc. Agriculture is going to expand into agri(home, technical, technology, science and computers). It also means we would have had understood and are able to harness oxygen, hydrogen, Nitrogen from vapour, temperature, ecology and biome and transfuse them for all world enhance automatically. Our body functions automatically, now, imagine us knowing when we are running out of oxygen, high on temperature and be able to balance it through ecology automatically. Wouldn't it be supper yes for biome?

Lokang Jackson December 8, 2016

right to war

Really, is there any lifestyle preferred to the other? Logically and personally, good lifestyle standard is free from threads and overpower, and overtaking a persons efforts, achievement, disorganisation. This is when war becomes a solution to gain independent. Wars are different and have different logics, imaginations, intelligent and technical know how of your opponent and striking them where it hurts most and create a reminder for generations to come. Also means creating new alliances and haters, opponent and competitors, balances and neutrality. Why do you have to be a the most powerful person publicly when in reality you are just good for nothing and on a use by opposition to destroy your development, innovation, ingenuity, culture and society. who owns good living standards?

Lokang Jackson December 7, 2016

2017 will be a year we realise money for the first time in many centuries. For many centuries now we had not had money however, continue to innovate and purify our batter system to transportable and exchangeable medium. In Africa Pangikwara 2.35(revised) chapter 13, we explained money in details. In few months from now we will for first time own it. iMoney was an introduction to understanding money psychology.