2016 — Okobi

luo culture

Lokang Jackson August 20, 2016
luo culture

If you have anything cultural, historical, educational, artifact and Luo original, Lokang will buy the full license and keep and become a source of distribution and supply to remind, reeducate and produce and have a standard agreement between you, you company, business, work. We have come to far at this point in time, there is need to reflect so we can go back slowly. Contact me if you do have any of the above. Why waste while we can use and both gain from each other.

Condition: You must be a Luo or an African. No foreign work accepted.

Lokang Jackson August 16, 2016

Idi Amin Dada was and is still the most Pan of all time. A man who have dream to care for his people and fight whatever whoever seems enemy. He however was successful in making local know that, he can help, protect, and defend them even those who help them get what he wanted(presidency). There are things he failed to acknowledge, helping those who uplifted him, maintaining relationship with those that help him and teaching the Indians lesson two. The Indians needed to know that they are the closes friends and like of Africa so there help, support and collaboration is needed by Africans at all time. Instead he continued to fight everybody else. At the end, he lost miserably.

Lokang Jackson August 16, 2016

If there are people on this earth that can change their name for a favor, lead through woman, so scared to stand up, and are an able to face things, they are the Tokeri people. You tell them to do same thing for the next fifty years and say that is what you get everything you need, they will only say yes without questioning. They share a town with about three other tribe but have not done much for the last decades. Even those we have been in wars throughout that time are still at a good position in terms of development compared to them. They have been making cement for the last three or so decades and have not question what cement is. Really Lotoke, do you not know what happens to the holes you dug since then. Have you not question what might happen or how you can use those to your advantage?

Lokang Jackson August 16, 2016

The European invaded East Africa beginning in at Egypt. It was two formidable forces of Europe and the Arab(Middle East) combined to face off the Africans. As defenseless as they where, they started loosing all battles and wars from shore of the beaches at Egypt running South. Then Egypt became the first East African baby country/stage that would then regroup to take on Sudan. They invaded Sudan again, it was too powerful for us(the Africans) to counter such forces. They fierce, destructive and have less mercy for any black. Sudan then was another baby state/country next. Africans however gained and collaborated. Through that, they manage to start the third invasion. This time, the Africans, had gained so much experience from their past wars and battles. They were able to convince themselves that this people are fueling problems in Africa and soon enough they would penetrate southern. They had to be smoked for a bid because it is clear they are coming to clear us off. It worked perfectly, the Arabs(this time) were badly wounded and there were so many Africans for them to clean off.

Lokang Jackson August 15, 2016

Is East Africa the next Europe? That is a possible question to ask for now base on how problems are solved. Schools are about to become business, Bunga are nearly for foreign convincing and tuorists, hospitals are becoming cancer research centres, modified fruits are entering our farms. Where is the old Eastern spirits and livelihoods? Do you know that what you are working on might the next real problems

Lokang Jackson August 14, 2016

we all need to understand that education is a quest to answers to problems. That means that we need to expand, learn what we know and we think are our next problems. Education can also be used as a tool of war, conflict, colonisation. Do you know that Gulu university is a foreign woman university? You might not agree but just think of the very initial such kind of things. When you see them come they are also coming to take care of their own in spite who is in the team. If 5 high schools unite, they can build a very modest university. We need a team because there are so many requirements and departments to make a good university.

We shall never ever loose again!!!

Lokang Jackson August 11, 2016

There are only two major monitory systems in Africa, Capitalism or Socialism. In reality that is what our systems are. Luo in general have social system wherever they are because that has been through out all past generations. Monitory system is not about money(paper or cash money) only. It is also about food security, human capital, how to use resources available. In old, days most people understood it as sharing, providing to those that do not have etc. Today, monitory system is mostly based on people in spite of all else. Knowing who does what e.g. a farmer has a grocery, hotel owner has a bunga investment, animal rarer owns a micro bank, a cultural leader has school and how many people do they serve matters much more than anything else. Cash money is an easy way out for most people while others prefer to have what they needed most or solving community problem or personal problem. People who are in rush for cash money are big burden in Luo society hence are almost always treated as traitors, but it is the ultimate opposite to our oppositions because they decided to follow capitalism. Take it all and keep them down. The above are already known, what else is next?

Do you know that Galileo was the grandfather of Einstein? Galileo was an Italian born and his wife was a Korean woman. He spent all his life working about what is up there. Time cut him short because of amount of work he had to do. His children continued to work on his what was called "what's up there" project for generations. Later on Albert Einstein(okengyi) started on what really mattered - time. Now he have everyone talking about space as though it's already. As much as I know nothing about space is real. By this time we would have developed technology that could make us do is on our planted on other planets. We just need to alter our ideology of thinking about space. If we cannot do an earth how can we do a space?

Lokang Jackson August 11, 2016

Luwo or Lowo is Northern Luo that unlike others migrated southward. They are the hardest working but quarrelsome people history ever known in the Luo history. They are the biggest losers of all time and never settled in their own home. They held the Northern most part of East Africa. They traveled through the Horn of Africa through the five countries of Egypt, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopian and later settled in South Sudan. They settled at the back of the Nile with limited control of their own territory and are mostly dominated and colonised by other tribes. They have not risen above their failure and have not ever lead or invaded. Based on their work ethics, culture, and influence today, it is logical to say they will punch some holes and pushed their dominance North and East. Remember though, "home is home" that alone can make them rise and be able to have the spirit to take back what they have lost gain control of their lost. They are the next tribe for Luo government to watch for...

Lokang Jackson August 9, 2016

When Anyuak and Acholi were divided, Anyuak decided to move East ward. Acholi where the people remained behind waiting for mourning hour. They woke up straight into a journey that have become part of Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Chollo lost patience, they decided to moved into the night and at the end they did not move that far settling in South Sudan. Shiluk where the most fearsome of all of them because they decided to escape in the middle of the night so afraid of the Owuor. They too did not move that far settling along side Chollo. Because of such, they didn't improve yet they are the ones which much more resources e.g. Bunga including its animals, forests, water etc; Minerals and human capital. Other tribes capitalised on them and gained by invading them and kit napping their children.The question we(Luo) should all be asking now is, do they know how to use those resources yet?