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Lokang Jackson November 18, 2016


By now all Africans are aware and have full knowledge that the originals-Europeans(white) and Asians(Yellow, by my own judgment) are pushing on for a challenge with us on social bases. That means trying to test our capabilities and show their strengths. So far, their ways of solving community problems are really superior compare to ours and ours are so disorganised that they have no stand point to start. Don't be mistaken thinking they will ask for permission, problems to solve and authority from you to do it, they will depend on information which is available, documented, legal, public and try to give their solution based on observation, collation and imagination. I can tell you straight away our system are not equal based on standard however, it has negative effect to ourselves. We in general either step to the plate of challenge or retardate of which I personally think we should accept the challenges and step up to them. Blames, fear, judgement, assuming and isolation where part of our culture it has proven backward because the end results were diseases, hangers, illiteracy and corruptions. Social system are economy(taxation, vat, etc), health, education, security, Housing, Environment, Culture and the ones you know. There is no single country in our region including Our Friends and Alliance sites which have solve all all these problems however, give credit where it is due because few of our countries have tried and solved at least a few of them and they are truely working. So, thanks to our leaders should we say?


Bigest social problem to black(African in particular) is family separation. Many of us go to jail because we want to visit our family, doing extremely good to our family and are family dependent and so is everyone on family issues. We had histories live and documented on our highest and professionals who where supper successful however, later regret how isolated from their family and how they should have dealt with the problems but, they all came as blames, excuses, too late to do anything and also documents for us to deal with e.g. Father of Africa-Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Mavin Gay and we have live examples going on now. Raila Amolo Odinga, Kizza Besigye, Erias Lukwago are live examples and many other politicians have gone through same. I personally is starting to feel getting into the trap and if I am so are a few of you within and about are going through. The consequence with the system is, it incriminate, marriage less, unsuccessful, degrading, isolating and social has negative impact. The offenders are British and Germans(Especially Hamburg).


How they do it is make it a competition so dark that either they or you-the offended shall not unlock yourself out of it. You want to visit your family, you either loose one of them or one of their own sparing blames on you either agreeing or disagreeing with any of them. After different problems may come in or same continues but, same logic-you just switch sites. Your either wrong or right, you either left one of us out or put one end in, divisive or unanimous, one sided or doubling, good or bad at the end it is just part of global culture.


Now that the challenges are legal unlike before and we know the problems, we are accepted to voice our concerns without fear and with confidence feeling we are Western and Asian alliance and are treated global community not a dumping ground as had been. Treatment of Africa in general have change and that is a thing we all should accept as a fact ignoring it will drag our communities backwards. Should Africans freedom and socialism be legalised?


The world is treated as a single entity. The real and actual problems you go through as an African so are Whites and Asians. They are truely and factual but, I find out black blames and whites are tinkers.

Lokang Jackson November 17, 2016

Based on our few posts, we had introduced weight and tried to convince you that it is central to our Innovation, Ancientization, civilisation, Socialisation, technical know how and performance of everything we know today. On the other hand, the old folks called theorists had introduced and full us throughout their lifetime and continue to penetrate it into our time. Now, we have magnets and fields which holds objects based on their strength and at any gravitational force. I have therefore by my own natural and fact findings denounced gravitation and reintroduced Location.


  1. Attach a less weight object at any location then put a magnet anywhere close to it it falls.
  2. put an object at any location e.g. girdle it will go down.
  3. put an object down and build a magnet that hold equal weight or more it looses gravitational force and not location dependent.
  4. Fly an object at a distance from our Earth in a balloon then burst off it shall not return to earth.
  5. I Assume when our earth looses its field and magnetism, Earth looses its gravitation and weight take control of Earth and it should be enough to drive us to another different Location no one will eventually tell now.

Lokang Jackson November 17, 2016

Easy people are unfriendly to rough people and both need a healer. At the presence of both our eyes, ears, noses, and hands we take them for usually functions of our bodies. In absent of right or left, we begins to remember the important of the other hence start learning to leave without it because we console our selves because without it, we are now weak but, we have learn with the one we have and have gotten stronger physically and are able to perform our daily duties in spite of it being either strong or weak left or right. Our thinking have become uniform in a sense and gain the confident and normalise it as was when we had both. Conclusively, without left or right, we continue to operate left or right and that initiate Luo setting a none independent dependent or dependent independent because have all or one has become a line of attack and remembrance.

Lokang Jackson November 17, 2016

Society functions on a module "all are equal" and they use that to encourage each other in good and bad time. Individually, we are told from the very early age we are different from each other and that is how we should help each others out. Now imagine a leader of a country whose fight to becoming a leader was based on protecting and defending the minority, threaten, socially isolated, and locked up in a jar or cattle. Also imagine they went to war and lost lives to gain that position, they killed their opposition because of amount of anger in the society, they safeguarded them, provided them all basic needs afterwards, they turn against all the leaders, ministries, departments, and cabinet of the country and forgot everything and instead started applying same tactic use to bring them out of tragedy against their very own coordinator. They decided to incriminate and lock all strong and educated people of the country; build brothels as a catch to lure the strong; destroy institutions to weaken communities; forgot about reminders and open war line not remembering that is their loosing channel; decided to loot all jewelries to enrich themselves and strike their veterans with no help; make friendship with enemy of a friend but friend of an enemy after all that their situation just gotten worst at them even much more than they had been through at the beginning. How do you feel this was you being betrayed and really, how would your behaviour be after being recovered, revived and remembered?

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Lokang Jackson November 16, 2016

Not all virtual things aren't practical and the reverse. Our pictures, culture, names, emotions, and thinking are virtual however, sickness, actions or reactions, race, colour, work, and children are practical. All things that are believable are virtual because they are virtual and are causes of effects to our practical world however, everything that are makeable are practical because they reduce our virtual exhaustion. Virtual world is both origin and result of our making and so is our practical world. In the middle is him and her who is either going easy on him or thinks he is wiser than her.

Lokang Jackson November 16, 2016

Object vertical and horizontal position depends on its sense of universe. Hi flyers make themselves aware of things below them because that is exactly where their danger comes from however, bottom flyers defend themselves of things above them because that is their deadly enemy position. Human, animals protect their fronts but, technically reactive of things behind them. If you touch a person behind, they are likely to touch any part of you in a way that will be faster than you had done them however, you touch a person from their front, they are likely to hurt you verbally. We are faster forward and slow backward. All also takes time thinking of things we should do often than things we do because thinking is a virtual and doing is practical. Virtual things reminds while practical things are actual. Front of our head is bare while behind our head is covered with hair. In general our back is stronger and can take more pain than our front body because our front body is softer and our behind is stronger.

Lokang Jackson November 10, 2016 1 comment

Stories about legend, riddles, moral tales and proverbs are an important part of Luo culture. This was more of a traditional education mainly undertaken by both the grand parents to their grandchildren so as to impart some knowledge in them. This was usually done in the evening or before they retire to bed. The boys usually sat with their grandfather in his hut ( Abila) in front of a burning fire too keep them warm. The sitting arrangement is usually known as Duol, and this is where they were taught about their heritage, culture and how to be responsible members of the society. Also story telling majoring around the Luo legends such as Lwanda Magere, Okore Ogonda, Mien Olanda with their achievements were recited to them. This was done in order for the young ones try to emulate what the legends had done to the community when they come of age. On the other side, the grandmother was also busy with her granddaughters in what was called siwindhe; a session in which the grandmother gives vital lessons to the younger ones on how to behave and become responsible wives and mothers when they come of age. Story telling and verbal games were also conducted. Moral tales – Morality tales generally dwells much on how the younger ones should cope up with different life circumstances which may crop up in future. Since nobody knows what awaits them in future, such questions as to;-

    • What is life all about, why do people die and where do they go after death?
    • What qualities make an appropriate spouse?
    • How to have good friends.
    • How to give respect and behave in front of the elders.
  • The issue such as giving birth to deformed children, who are responsible for it, and how to cope with the aftermath of it.
  • Issues such as why some people in the society suffer, what brought their suffering and how to avoid such misfortunes were discussed and deliberated upon. Respect -Respect is a very important aspect of the Luo culture, and respect for one’s elders is limitless. Not only must a child respect those that are older than him or her, but also the elders respect those who existed before them and are now referred to as the living dead. There are many small customs that represent ways in which one can honor those older than him or herself. A child is not permitted to call his parents, grandparents, or those holding any of those positions, by their names. When children do converse with their elders they are much more polite in their use of language.The younger people were/ are expected not to sit on a chair while another senior person is present.

This book is Western Luo culture based. Written by Otieno Odong

Lokang Jackson November 8, 2016

This book does not follow a chronological order and does not target any individual directly or indirectly because it is a hobby that is being revisited and modified. It is however, arranged by order of difficulties. Level of difficulty increases as you continue to read towards the last chapter. Another way to read this book is to pick a chapter familiar to you from the table of content and if you feel any does not ring a bell, make sense, or all are unfamiliar then start on chapter one and end off on chapter 10 that way you would have caught up with technics used and style applied in writing the book. Unlike African Pangikwaro, this book is informative i.e. there are no formulae, methods, or a designed logic assigned to help solve any problem. Contents are organised in a manner easy and simple to follow and are made to capture readers’ attention. It is not a learning book rather good for leisure, fun, and reading at family gathering or with friends to laugh about, query, doubt, and at least blame. Many styles are used to differentiate chapters and bring in different emotions during and after reading on few of the chapters while the rest might have same styles. Pangikwara Lwuor is going to be public favourite book to read and will be on discussion more than any of our work done and will do in the near future because it is made for the wider audience consumption. Many of our pasts works were strict and few of our future works will get stricter, and have specific targets i.e. unless you have knowledge, skill, and experience in that field you won’t find it or them useful.

Lokang Jackson November 3, 2016

By 7/11/2016, Lwuor will slow things up to say the least off the record. We will pay deep attention on how we keep all people within our network and make extreme improvement to compete equally. It all means, Lwuor highlight independences to disrupt and keep local trailing closer to catch up with time.

Lokang Jackson November 3, 2016

In our time in the history of the world, there is multiple ways to lead, run, manage etc people because of things we people do. In the old days and scarcely available to this day, is processing method of grouping people under your region, class, area population etc. We have many solutions that help us keep an eye, inform, develop, transform, educated etc our people. The common procedures are through format of in house, in door, chat group, family, linage, tribes, and relationship. South or North, there is no bigger task this days. Even making it simpler by bringing it to central under one roof at large.