September 2016 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson October 13, 2016

How the next face of Africa is kept safe depends on our differences of ideologies, presumptions, knowledge, direction, vision etc. Luo, would rather work on enhancing their transportation system. Our transport is based on statistic not system. That means roads, railways, airports etc are made to carry people and their goods from one location to another without considering technical know how. Camera is where our future is and even good we already have them working on our transport system however, they personally I think increases crimes, deaths, Robbing, etc because they are programmed. In another away, it say that we know e.g. traffic lights, distances between locations. That is no difference to locking up a camera on a tripod then downloading it on computers to know time and location it was taken from. That is the direction of auto cars and directories. In the history of this world their is only one I can remember that will do this perfectly - The Helena people. They where the only people to truely map our world and calculated depth, heights, and distance. When we think of a location we know there is a true response that directly affects us. Meaning, our transport system is going to know that the road we remember is not here because the dept has changed e.g. building, parks, games etc is now covering it or part of it. It also calculates when it rains or their are pot holes on the roads from its calculation not only that, it will also remember last accident e.g. criminal, attacks and map out for the next. The advantage with that is we would use less transport and connect our states on a simple and affordable way. Trust me, in only 20 years from now we would have already reached this technology.

Lokang Jackson October 12, 2016

We breath, secretes, sweats, release in and or out things that our body needs and does not need and because of that, we are able to move, fly, walk, talk, laugh, run, swim naturally. These reactions have become weight effecting. Weight is that factor that speeds, accelerate, and decelerate our natural landing, distances, total area, ability and control of our surroundings e.g. Ongoro flies hundreds of kilometres than ladet because their weight mature later in time compared to ladet wherefore, their bodies contain enough energy to move them supper distance. Animals e.g. human, the four legged, and two legged with short wings e.g. penguins etc mainly are created to move. Things that makes them interesting is how they move/walk compared to those that flies. Moving livings swift directions because they jump, sit, sleep, run forwards and backwards, sideways. Flying livings however, do all moving can do but not backwards. Fish swimming is by far the most interesting compared to all of the above because it does all livings e.g zigzag, forward, up, down, and around do at their highest speed. Also we need to remember is that things that do not move/fly backwards, comes to standstill at that stage it can move backward by strength of water current or wind. Human are created the way they are because they are logically dangerous to all other things that are like them or around them, but are created creative hence they learned their opponents and have so forth replicated them and in a good way become teacher, helper, healer etc to them in whatever way possible.

Note: There are so many theories that talks about the above. None of them is used to explain this.

Lokang Jackson October 11, 2016

In the below picture, select 1,2,3 etc of Nyikge. We choose 3 for these example(AOA, OAO etc). Negate or and Ponate with nyikge. Each time you put a nyikge e.g. 1,2,3,4, 5, 6, 7 etc it either ponate or negate. Ponating first A increment it leaving O and the last A constant and Ponating O leaves both A(s) constant while increasing O. Negating first A leaves O and last A constant and negating O leaves both A(s) at same point. Negate or ponate once a round and each time start from the third on either side(start or end).


Lokang Jackson October 8, 2016

Humanity live dead and alive in a mode that is either minimal or maximum. Live is short; live however, exists in number of ways based on years it develop in size. Small bodied living lives have a life cycle ending physically earlier than big bodied. All living lives big or small have possibility to reproduce several lives.

Inside: We live our lives on energies we gained from foods we eat. It is a bad idea to think to get fat because the bigger you are in size the lengthier your life and making fat body size stronger creates strong muscles extending personal lifespan. Gaining weight after gaining control of a fat body is a step to enhance life.

Outside: Hot temperature makes us sweat while cold temperature brings burble bodies(Ndulo), however, humid temperature is humanly toxic because that makes our body doubts and have confused reaction. Humid temperature is a real danger to humanity while switching between cold and hot balances our the living lives.

Around: Anything living thing owned a piece of our world by contributing and symbions to own or give. Kill a bird, reptile, etc sufle inside a dry living tree lives comes off that.

Conclusion: Livings live is living dead alive and so is their reverse.

Lokang Jackson October 7, 2016

Luo in general are capable to handle their security and had done so from their very beginning. Spears, Shields, Nets, Leke(batul), Bows, arrows, Abucela(Listic) and Ochokobo are our weapons of defence. Planes, guns(broomsticks), bombs, nuke had never been and will never bee part of our defence system in the future but any one of our neighbour or enemy known or temper with that is our current and next battle. The line is clear and had been drawn therefore, we should all be clear about it and make sure it official by all means. Transposing and double doors will have extreme consequences and so we must know that that is in their minds. The advantage is that we all have poor competition, pure lives, formidable cultures and directly and indirectly have won't have fight and wars.

Lokang Jackson October 1, 2016

Marriage is a mandatory culture to Africans. It is a social status that is earned by working not achieved by what you owned. Wealth, possessions, etc contribute to your outreach to how many wives you marry. Keeping many wives over the years has proven though because of human demands and resources available. In many cases, you do have to strike balance or make sure all is satisfied with decisions, choices, ideas that you come up with as head of the family. In the 21st centuries, they too want to make decisions, choices and come up with ideas about because they are part of family and have full responsibility of anything that goes on in the family. African social status has sifted because some of them have grown richer and doing things becomes a union engaging everyone at same time-walking, shopping etc now need be done together. Few of them who are wealthy want to dominate social lives which can become a worrying issues to the rest giving headache to relatives of family and can lead to separation if it gets extreme. Now, that is an dreading because of amount of resources that they - family wants to accumulate. Imagine a Lopit talking marriage to Alur that makes lives not abusive however, culturally a talkative topic of the day, week, month etc, but it could be a done deal. Africa need to be free and maintain their marriage lives that makes social status easy, and always acceptable to all without hesitation. Africa on one hand need to copy and adopt marriage culture of other people from other regions of the world that way our priorities remain same with enough knowledge about what we do.

Lokang Jackson October 1, 2016

Like most Luo people, Ofirika came from Wau-the cultural and social city over there was then part of Sudan. We were all pastrologist and followers of Nile because the one thing that makes lives different for our livestocks. It is difficult to identify Ofirika from their neighbours because neither of them does seperate things from their colleagues. I might have told talk about these in my other notes, in the end we have come to understanding that we all owned our own lands and call them our homes. They are blessed on many occasions because their neighbours are playing friendly with - they stand with each others during time of all things being it food, social, cultural etc crisis. On many accounts, they too cultivate few crops as their ordinary alternatives to meat. With all that, Eastern spirit exists and most time better known peacefully to their neighbours. Ofirika in many ways like Luo and Ateker do act either to friendly or too niece to one another accomodating problems of one another. With Due respect, may be to them as they are to us keeping a watchful eyes over one another?