September 2016 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson October 29, 2016

We had a constant 22(1970) years of battles to fend off the hooligans and about 20(1990) years of refuge. We went through extreme torturing, depopulation, cultural restoration. We never loose resistance and our defence in spite of all atrocities inflicted on us. We never shyed away or given in till we have gotten competitive again. Next to come is the scary bit. It will be a test of soul and if by all means you have all it take to stand your ground. Be warn, I shall not either stop or mute from my work, but continue and accommodate all self reliance and independent we had gained and continue to pursue which by no means is replaceable of negotiable. Europe must learn to work with us not own us and America must know that we have grudge and shall not heal. We can partner with you on all fields and respect your deals and businesses with us at highest and official ways we will. Do not forget America, you have all our troubles and they are represented in your flags. You all need each other, but we need to be fair and balance and know all conditions and important and irreplaceable.

From Allies and friends of Brasington inside Oyo colony.

Lokang Jackson October 25, 2016

Touch 2

Touch game is designed for commonly for social tag teams of about 4 to 10 famously. There are rows and column i.e lines horizontal and vertical. There is only one vertical line, but there are starting from 2-10 depending on number of people available.

Rules: Fastest, loyal, obedient, honest, famous, skilled, etc person is always takes centre. We called heshe Ruod(aka Da baba). To qualify to be a Da BABA, the all the above are necessary, but importantly you have own a team and the privilege to choose members of your own teams. You enter from local rank of unknown or bad performer and work your way up by knocking off your opposite team. The more you the only one knocking off teams, the more your rank improves hence pure Da BABA qualification. You are not allowed to step on line then touch a person and hululet to the teams members because it is likely that your neither gain a point nor loose a point, but as a member of the team, you have lost trust. Each time you do that, your rank decreases and finally, only recruited when their is none else you are always a spectator. You gain a point by touching while inline, faster, tricky, etc and if you are new to them game and a team, that qualifies you to become a permanent member or upgrade to Da BABA. Of course you loose by annihilation because the opponents are faster than you, tricky, dodgy, smarter and played as a team.

Teams: I personally been on both side because of nature of my lifestyle. I had a team in church, school, locality, social etc, but my height was the worst determiner of my rank each time I meet a new team. One thing to say, I had speed, and stiff breaking and obey rules and not afraid to tell you off if you are wrong. I have several people who remembers me and were my references in touch game till now and I can name a few of them if I have to. To play as a team, you introduce a logically destructive even e.g. topic and exit mboy out of them, launched an attack e.g. either Da baba or a team member run in wrong direction that pushes a player closer for a touch or pull a Da baba out and make shehe pay by attacking the weakest member of the team and break their defence. You can also plan to make them loose by putting da baba on a reserve and using only your weaker teams or you gain by only using your da baba and releasing Ogen Koyo on defence.

Lokang Jackson October 24, 2016

The impenetrable and difficult time that had ever been but remembered by few in Liquade about Lokoya people. Lokoya are Eastern people of Liquade whose history date back to chiefdoms(before kingdoms and empires) time. Lokoya people are known to all their neighbours however, their dark history is known by few people and themselves throughout their work. Lokoya, Otuho, Acholi, Langi, Anyuak, Murle, Ofirika and the rest of their Eastern Liquadi are true resistance, defensive and all that involve keeping a watch on your people. They all lost and gained, but one thing with them, they had never given up. Together, they know their history and always unite if not isolated by stronger opponent. competition never ends, but always evolve in nature. Lokoya however are been isolated from their very beginning. The more other tribes isolate them, there more they remember them and their pasts. If Acholi, otuho and Lokoya are not working together today, it is not the first time and will not be the last time and those brings us back to understanding that it had been a while. Southern Eastern and west site of Liquade is developing rapidly and is about to past many countries in only few decades from now. What have they done differently and are they going to restore and make these a realistic or they will lend a hand and work head to head with Northern Liquadi to line up with other neighbours?

Note: Development is improving standard of living, health, literacy etc

Lokang Jackson October 22, 2016

During pal war Liquadi was under the people call Pa Lwar security. They were the people people making sure everyone is kept safe and taken care of. When Jo Loka won, their was drastic short of financial support from in Liquide. People resorted to coal as source of energy at the end of it all created Pata panel. Questions were raised to help secure us from the next Pal war so in both ways their is we can harness the sun and use our Bunga for survival and energy provisions. When we have pata panels, this provide safe zones for people movement and in many cases do help animal movements.

Lokang Jackson October 21, 2016

Future of calculation is about to become simple to all people of all age and level of education. Mathematic is rhythm into knowing objects, quantity, quality, speeds, etc in digits e.g. numbers, numeral etc. Technology has come to a point to agree with us-the human that we could practically do everything our ways reasonably without hesitations with strong standards rules guided by languages, culture, understanding, level of achievements. So, we should be able to speak directly to a computer e.g. mobile phone, tablets, desktops, etc and get results we wanted and perfectly accurately and with a lot of alternative procedures. This though would run out of hand and create a situation where it would only be adopted by big cooperations, businesses, governments, intelligent societies. Advantages are that it may be embed into our houses, cars etc and become part of our daily routines and we just get used to using them or become part of them and are they part of us.

Sample questions

  1. calculate number people base on country who listens to any type of music the most and least
  2. Name a bread of animal considered Carnivora and haemovorax. Name the food that is their favourite e.g in December 2050
  3. Name the most popular person in the history of the world and how e.g. enemy to a lot of people, build floating house in leg, number of people talking and are reminded about shehe.

Lokang Jackson October 21, 2016

Being classic, modern, traditional, economical, luxury, castles, fortress, temple, mud house, concrete, class, cardboard, gold, iron, tower etc they are all call house - a place we live in. On a global level, their is none of them to suits all conditions, personal favourite, local to specific, own culturally by individual. Conceptually they are either evolve, copied, idea of time, make sense or is people choice of the that and so it is now and then. How we live, accomodate, or feel secure depends on individual or group of people. Clearly, which of the above is your own favourite in terms of design, livability, sense of security, pride, and peace of mind?

Lokang Jackson October 20, 2016

Our body functions automatically independently. We raise, kick, throw etc our either left or right hands and legs independently or dependably; we reacts to anything that we sense on us; we breath; we think etc because of the nerves that connects our body system with or without external system e.g. direct sunlight, drinking fluids etc. Central to all is our heart that pump in and out bloods. Blood is a mixture of all kind of nutrients we deserve to live, breath because with it comes the water, sliver, tear, flue etc. Our nerves reacts to both in and out pressures, problems, consequences etc e.g. extreme heat makes it inform the heart to pump blood faster and in the process our body gain excess heat combusting into carbon dioxide, hydrogen etc and when it is cold the opposite happens. Imagine leaving inside our hearts and you own or control flow of all to our nerves as saying that is not enough try to think that you are our heart out side our body and become our skin. Heart is hot to be absolute with you, however, does it take the outside heat?

Lokang Jackson October 18, 2016

We are logically and technically pared. How do we individually differs to twins pairs? At least twins have history about them at an earlier age e.g. birth, growing etc and events to remember. Originally, all humans beings are connected to each other e.g. geography, language, culture, race etc and that makes us conceptually same however, different in a lot of ways. What we eat, drink, do etc separates us from one and another category of people. Extreme experience change people motives and behaviours e.g. extreme hardship makes you hat fun, pleasure, luxury things because these group of people lives on survival because they lack all necessary and basic needs of normal people however, growing up in a family that has abundance makes you wanna have fun, leisure etc. Pradi is personal and so is your experience of anything you had gone through. People culturally, socially, economically etc may change because they worked hard on what is their problem and managed to fix it and had the chance to move on to the next challenge the reverse is also absolutely true in anyway, but what makes us who we are doesn't often change e.g. hunter, technologist, fisher who have done such job for generations is unlikely to change from doing that.

Lokang Jackson October 17, 2016

Earth only rotates once every ten days. One side receiving light and the rest in darkness for every ten days. Innovation and technology has reached a maximum development and resources scarced. The differences in all high flyers and ground citizens mired. There is a strong competition for food, water and natural resources among all the animals including humans. Animals and birds have gained upper hands and are able to knock human because they are now able to think and reason like them. Not only that, they can communicate among themselves widening gap between them and human but closing on animals and bird world. Unlike all else, time has come where science has limit and technology is out manoeuvred. There is human colony called Bavarians, they are the only people on earth remaining with knowledge and experience capable to face altering and mind twisting problems of that nature. Every part of our world decided we cooperate and form alliance because our planet earth is so wide and the issues are so demanding. Out of all of us on earth, there are only three others that can help join them - the Jewish, Romans, and Helena. The is no one with extensive knowledge and expatriates as the jewish on building supper jets and can produce them in thousands or millions in matters of years. They are the first alliance good enough to help us solve all those problems. News came in that both Romans and Helena have already countered this problems before. They are so aware of it, but luck the technical know how which is available with Bavarians and Jewish. Bavarians have two strength, they can build an object that can withstand all whether conditions and can stay high up for generation that makes it easy for them to help study this case. They are also the only people who are connected to all things earthly e.g. plants, water, stones, etc. This give the Bavarians and Jewish a fare advantage and with the help of two others, this problems should take them one or two years to resolve, but thousands of people are varnishing every day and in two years we could loose millions of them. With the four, total numbers of people required are where not enough. Calls where made. British, French and Germany offered to help with highest qualified and skilled scientist and technologist at hand. There was need for the project to run faster and accurately so, having all people involve as one time is a confusing idea. Then, the groups where divided into two, Bavarians to lead the Best that there where then Jewish with the brightest that existed. First teams of both sides where launched and within one month, they returned and reported that the problems is fake and does not amount to anything. It was just a believe backed up by few observable evidence. It turned out that the teams where more caustic and problematic to each other than the birds and animals they went to study, hence, they have learned them and out wised them. Another big ground discussion has emerged and call for tougher decisions have to be made. Now, the people with the mind - Bavaria, Jewish and the other two must go themselves to study the situation then call for reinforcement from our planed. We(the world) was not wrong. They found out the problems as assumed then they called for reinforcement. How we tackle the problems was such a difficult thing to do. Oyo was needed to help identify the problems. Experience, skills, and knowledge spoke for itself instead the solutions where a piece of pie to them.

Lokang Jackson October 14, 2016

Slavery: You do not have to be black and an American to know that slavery existed. Slavery is human capital, businesses, culture, power, and war based on number. Slavery was the first name used then. It has now evolved into many things e.g. military intervention meaning bringing and taking people from one side of the world to the other for use. The original slavery though was between the white powerful west against the weak African. Mistakes where made by the powerful e.g. handing big chunk of land for farming, accepting black to do businesses, inter marriage between masters and slaves. Black outworked the white and as a counter, the west brought in other people who were judged moderate e.g. Asians and Deism.

Education: After world war ii, the white west decided they enhance their education system. In another way it was a challenge for the original slaves because they have gotten wealthy, smarter, all knowing, so they do need a dummy to help knock the original who are now powerful enough to defend themselves. Not only that, other white people either in Europe or America took it as away out. They open their own educational branches in and outside their continents. They also use that as a tracking system to know who is from where and their capability.

Employment: Smart individuals where given jobs to remain where they studied. It was another slavery revolution because the ones that have returned have copied their system and they are using it against the white trackers. Their institutions became strong and powerful enough to do exactly they want who want a competitor that with similar mind set?

Industrialisation: Industrialisation is perceptually group of highly educated few who decided to test out their work. Believe me, industry is smarter than institutions and they solve real problems and they instead use their result to educate the world through institutions. Bad industries e.g. petrol, military bases etc are land occupiers and polluters hence creating harms and displacing he populace.

Coperation: This is the current level we are at. It is an old same damn thing that had happened and is still happening. White powerful decided they are now nice people and let all of us forget our pasts because they already have a grandstanding solutions to our stupid black problems. I personally meaningfully reject the notion however bring it in front of all of us so we can make them accountable on their promises and make sure who are free to choose and do what we want based on our reasons not enforced. At this level, not the rwot, president, prime minster, government have a individual decision to make themselves for the people rather the people for them and they keep on checking to know if things are truthfully happening or their or some loopholes. If there is then there is need for another honest, loyal, committed etc leader.

Conclusion: White people will always all time try to get a head of us by know about us and causing us harm quietly and pretend they are solving. We as Africans should have stand point and stand firm and NO if know it is wrong be it dead or torture. We rather live with all those to gain control to our future.