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Lokang Jackson September 5, 2016

May truth be said, intuitive people are those that have the guts to face of anything from a view point and technical people tend to take it from evident. Seven years ago, we discussed about groundnuts and we concluded that based on observation, it has shell, nuts, and oil deep inside. Though we agreed that way, we also put it that the other side wants to show, inform, and educated us about it. We also said that, we reject those notions because we had been dealing with those truths for generations so, we really know groundnuts in and out. Knowing is not enough by any means because knowledge we may improve knowledge, expand our understanding and stress our minds deeper into things we already and create a new. These are reasons why we have so much break through(s) in our works and we have formidably passed our own limits and standard of then. Saying that should not make us think up high because our work is all around us and we no reason at the moment to do so.

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Lokang Jackson September 5, 2016

One of the continent with least obesity is Africa. Africa is healthy because several reasons e.g. mode of work, food, culture, and life style. As we eye towards innovation, a new problem is on the rise because innovation brings in spending much time on doing one thing, lite duties, prolong stay at one place while working. There is real need to prepare for a new way to take care of our primary health care i.e. building a health system that takes care of everyone without including gender, age, the haves and haves not. A system like that need an organised leadership and leader with real skills and has the humane capacity to handle other human. By now, we singing about let's do this and that does not work, but building a real system takes an effort, time, and human united views.

Lokang Jackson September 5, 2016

You have accommodation, business, culture, family, farm, and is very healthy then you would not need to sell. Leave your life and expand your family and enjoy everything nature offers. We can also think another way because not all human have God gifts and others do not exercise theirs in this case we need to provide them with our remnants. Lets truth speaks for itself, people who work on business provide more than they can use allowing them to sell to others. There are those who wants short cut and they are in modern day called pirates, criminals, merchants etc because they can replicate, copy, steal, and take without concern from owners. Need for sale is also so you can have your products in secured finance known to the guiding laws. It is also so you can acquire products from other business to produce, fuse to produce pure quality etc.

Lokang Jackson September 5, 2016

Business Maturity: Ever wonder why some businesses do not break though and others do? Or may be let us put it this way, what contribute to a business success? There are factors that encourages doing business e.g. constant flow of energy to doing what we or you or them do; introducing completely new logic of what already exist; accumulative resources; proper use of what is available at hand; enjoying doing what you do(hobbies). Unsuccessful businesses are destructible at any stage of their growth; unclear reasons particular because it makes a person popular, it is the talk of the town, into it for survival etc. Tasks(amount of work or things working on at one time) do not count because you still needs clear vision, goals and lots of reasons for doing it or them.

Sales: A real and true business does not need money i.e. cash. First, you need to differentiate products from businesses. Products are what we produce because we think that can solve problems or contribute to our societies. Business is however, are the ideas and reasons why we do them. We do not sell business although other people try to make business their product it could be because they want to move, change their reason and think another person could do that rather them wast it or just age cut them off.

Ladder: You need a strong warning here that animal, reptiles, insects(webs etc), minerals or plants defend their skins because it is the only thing that they owned. They defend anyone from taking at for the legged and takes a while for the plants to grow and know what ones brings in products. Ladder can make you busy for generations to come and can make you solve centuries of problems. When we walk, we need to look good to and have standard; when we speed is high we need to prevent ourselves from accidents; when have seats we need them there for at least a year or so; we carry things we do not the others to see, it gets torn apart etc those are problems that make us produce preventable products to help us prolong our lives or have a better life.

Conclusion: At the end of it all, who need a business because others have family that have everything you can ask for others are vulnerable, others are disabled and the rest lives under the rules of others - a rule that is build to contain them not help out when their is need or problems come.

Lokang Jackson September 5, 2016

Innovation will remain key topic in the next or our future discussions. The Early innovators did what we are doing now with no or limited resources. Transport system was the most difficult because of primitive technology, distances and knowledge that time. They used lakes, rivers and creeks to transport materials from one side of their world to the other where there were needs. Then they gradually developed techniques and improve them to what we have now.

Lokang Jackson September 3, 2016

Africa has upgraded that is a reality we will live with into the next future. Africa however, does not differentiate, detect, and work on single issues intelligently. One of the biggest problems at hand is to fix and an inside burning problems that affects the continents. It is also such a difficult issues to detect who is a friend and an enemy because many of our politicians depended on military solutions as a force to brings peace and expands their outreach to the continent problems. We do need a foreseeable common, easy, simple but yet intelligent enough to handle whatever comes now, in then and every time any problem is detected and minimise distruction while continue the part of development and innovation.

Lokang Jackson September 3, 2016

Water is a known liquid that provide necessity for our basic needs. It accumulate to form rivers, lakes, oceans etc. Residential buildings are build near them. Human purification, consumption and ways of eradicating the remnants costs clocking and accumulate wastes into the very thing that we depends on. There is advantage of that because most of this materials do not degrade faster enough causing formation of objects that in the near future dries if not large and deep enough the river or creeks forming lands that can be used for farming, buildings, or building residential accommodation. If it becomes are farming ground that in the near future becomes a full bunga that will provide new type of minerals that we can harnest and it creates jobs earn money while we add wild life to it.

Lokang Jackson September 3, 2016

Looking back at our original stories, African women had always been head to head with their men in all troubles, problems, and highs and lows of their societies. The problems are those who decided Moroce - meaning those who wants those change all kinds of things around them and thinking of doing them alone without the listening to their brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties. Some became notorious others choose to mingle up cultures and others do not want to behave like they are African are loosing their African ascents. Some decided to demand for life outside of the ones that already exists and others choose to continue along the wrong path. Those become the actual problems of our communities disorganisation and promotion things most of us have seen few years past. How African are you today and your next neighbour?

Lokang Jackson September 2, 2016

Innovation is refining available materials into usable products. Do not mix it with development because development is about human standards e.g. social organisations, culture, living, health etc. When you innovate, you need a double care because resources around us are what are naturally made for our survivals. We do not compete with our environment but rather benefit from and share from each other. Innovation posts thread and attract outsider. In about 1700 BC based on ecology, Sudan held capital of Africa. Rivalry kicked in from all Corners of the continent. Many men came in at speed making it nick named Te Atum Gero Ngom. Central Africa gained the most and they continued to maintain their reason and held such power for centuries. Madagascar was the trade center and called Anyongo. Primitiveness encouraged declined in technology advancement leading to lost of many lives at sea and making it a Apungo state. Having said the above makes me feel so old while the evident is so clear in our faces. Are regaining by thinking chiege ways!?

Lokang Jackson September 1, 2016

In Egypt: With due respect, Pari were the very people who understood, developed, designed Piremit. They did so because of the knowledge and needs they had at the time. Competition kick in and because of pride, they could not keep up with their neighbors and took too much of their time not thinking about calling in around them. Not only do they loose Piremit, they now have to move the whole five countries. Something not just difficult to do, but might take centuries or so.

Somalia: In Somalia, the Pari once again came up with a totally new way to accommodate. They erected their buildings walls and floor by using sands. The was lost and emerged in cement industry. They also used sand for their roofing and trucks. They failed big again because of expanding the idea to the rest of Africa, they might have decided it was not worthy and paid no detail attentions to it.

South Sudan: Memory of the past was haunting them. In south Sudan, their was no such amount of water they had in Somalia. So, now what do we do freaks! They imagine that if you have Kut, you can dig a wang it and produce amount of clean and fresh water you need in spite of distance and content. They did and the result was outstanding. They had water that can now feed their dwol, population, and revive their bunga.

Business: Pari are not business oriented and they won't be soon. Their lives depend on daily bread. To improve their livelihood, they could connect their bunga, accommodation and wang it. We could not blame all failures on the people though some of their government officials were akimbo and stayed POLE(Kiswuahili). But first, they need to rethink from where they started and improve. Personally, my blame is on Juba government of the time because they didn't question anything but kept on Miel wiro bul.