January 2016 — Okobi

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2016

EASTER: Is the day Jesus died on the cross, resurrected from dead and ascended to heaven. Three monumental events in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus birth and dead are known and witnessed by people of his time. There is somethings that are not easy to find out about Jesus - His resurrection and home after resurrection. The Bible time and again tells us that Jesus ascended to Heaven and will return. Yes He will return, however their are no much details on how and who he be known as when he return. It is also a very lengthy, unknown process and doubtful truth that all human have to accept to live with. The truth is, there was a Jesus born, died on the cross and unknowingly ascended to seemingly nice place call Heaven. Imagine that Jesus had already returned as the Bible said He will return as a thief meaning no one will know. What if Jesus was the man you last argued with, woman you ignored or did not attend to, street child you once passed by, notorious leader some where on this planet destroying his people?

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2016

Apyemwol: It rained cat and dog in Apyemwol village that every one was worried about what was to happen next. Some thought that in few days or weeks the village might need to move kuca/kwica. The rest of the people like frogs, elephants, hippos, fish etc where excited about the news because they can then have enough water to swim in and have lot of fun. The news was not very good to Okoro(seashells, snail) because of their speed and size because much water to them also means discomfort(drawning). It will take so much time to cross when water level reached its height. Otongile(mantist) thinks that. Okoro(seashells, snails) just needs to find leaf to float on and let water just take 'em to wherever it flows (easy hah!) because they will find a place at the end. Many Apyemwol believed that some Okoro might have listened to Otongile. They confirmed that from some of them now living in the seas, lakes, rivers, etc while others on land. Not only that, some apyemwol also thought that some might had gotten out of their shells and turned into lakaladini(leach). Okoro might have gone to ask experiences of other Apyemol like the Frogs and the like. All of them offered help to Okoro. Okolong(centipede/millipede) offered to coil itself to lift them across one after the other till all of them are safe. That was the most heart breaking offer Okoro receive because they are nearly or are exactly same in almost all things they do. The Water colony Apyemwol told all of them not to worry to much. If anything, they are all in together and they will make sure all are safe. Apye = things that are all jumping

Mwol = things that are all walking, and scrolling
Apyemwol = all things jumping and scrolling.
Kuca/kwica = over there
Okoro = snail
Otongile = mantis
Lakaladini = (seashell)
Okolong = centipede

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2016

Jacksonic: Attention ladies and gentlement, Let me address you a technical point, but do not enter a heated discussion about it. When walking, a woman was standing by water with her dog. She threw a tennis ball into water her dog ran to collect it. I looked at her face, turned around and walked away. I saw one standing up hill, she got so angry and she walked away 2. I didn't know what was happening. Then, I got two men dismantling shades were they had been watching movies since the 7/1/2015. They all said LAST WEEK. Ok! but what about it? May be because of what we were discussing LAST WEEK. I continued on with my walk. Another girl came facing me I looked at her same way I did to the other, in return, she looked at me so hard, but I continued on with my walk. There came another running behind me. I told my self its better to make a U turn. I meet 3 men dressed in Blue suites and one woman dressed in a Blue long dress. I was like uu uu uuu. Now they are saying they are professionals. As that wasn't yet cleared of my mind another girl came walking facing me. I said hello to her, she lifted up her head and closed her eyes. mmmm!! and she went completely quite. I was like Man!!! she can't see me now? I was like hang on? Is this how white people come to our country? How can you not see were you are going? Just put an Anker you will stop to wait until you can see then continue on with your journey. But let me tell you, I was totally fired up freak! we would have made a MURKAP(board) to cross from my village to yours. Embrace yourselves folks. Feels like Jacksonic world already and I just want you(Pastor) to know that we both knew each other well before just didn't think this way. Well, am just olungtuke now.

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2016

Transportation: Oyo kingdom was faced with problems of transport. The kingdom launched a search in finding of its first kind. Otole decided he lead the project because Ture is a king wherefore, he deserve to stay and watch it unravel. Ondoro was clear, “I might have to dive and shorten the distance between all undulations”. “What about the men in suit homie”, Opilu objected. Adeng busted into laughter. That surprised everyone. The reason was clear, the freak understood the reasons why because Ondoro can dust in the durst. “What are we thinking now”, Ture wondered. “We are trying to find solutions to transportation system”, some yelled. Some in the colony tried to question if we could try to find some informations from some colonies like Winyo and Apyemwol. Otole just raised his eye brows to Adeng. Ture decide to shut the conversation down because all they are talking about are problems because past of meeting. Adeng Che have some ideas. I said that we could try to build something that many of us will try to push at one time. That sounded beautiful in the ear of Ture because now, we can all work together because together, we may do job in an easy way. Otole agreed and he added that we could let taller and muscleful people in the colony like Ture lead the way. Ture added that people who are taller like Otole can be in front because they can see farther ahead and that will help out. Adeng said, “Kingdom, we need a break”. “oo!”, Odoro recalled. Let us borrow some ideas from Ayita kingdom because they guys have something in common with breaks. I always here that a lot. “King, ying, king”, Adeng went helpless. “I can’t manage that”, he added. Women were stunned and looking at each other all wondering what to say. “Oye!!” Ondoro happily praised the kingdom. “kati Kuca”, Ture aggressively went.

Lokang Jackson February 20, 2016

How Adeng (Mickey Mouse) saved the village: The entire Oyo colony meet up to discuss how to find losses of their members and how they can prevent such from happening in the future again. Of course the reason is known to the whole colony ‐ its bura (cat) feeding on them. Ruod/rwod (chief) Ture told everyone that this issue had been there since the very beginning of existence of Oyo kingdom. "There is no solution to this kind of issues", he said. "We just have to live with it. If you see them run else you are the day's victim", he added. "No that cannot happen", Otole encountered. We cannot let our people go by while we sit here doing nothing", he argued. You might not know Otole wants the king's palace so bad but he just got beaten by size. The situation was turning into argument and getting boring because everyone was throwing in ideas that might not work. It also seems that everyone was so afraid of Bura(cat) as though nothing can be done. Adeng pop his hand up and asked for permission to speak. The Oyoo at the meeting burst into laughter. Others called it Bura madness, others called it Adeng moment. Ture said as a Ruod/rwod and leader of the meeting he is embarrassed of what is starting to happen. "Can we ask for real men and women to speak?” he added. Otole jumped in. "I don't agree with all of you people", he said. "Adeng has to speak", he ordered everyone. Ture has to give permission because the situation will escalate because he (ture) and Otole are rivals. "I have two alternatives to give", Adeng told everyone. "One is to tie a gong (bell) on cat neck so we can hear him when he is coming or is near us", he explained. "Eee! Adeng are you out of your mind?” ture wondered. "Who exactly is going to do that", he added. Everybody jumped in yelling at Adeng and others where calling him names like stupid member of Oyo colony that could be why he is Adeng etc etc. "and what is number two?” Otole encountered the members at the meeting. "Nyal...” he said. He could not finish the name because nyalu/nyalo means python and we all know that that is more deadly than cat. Everyone was stunned and no one was able to speak for a while. Otole as a friend has to step up again for his friend. "I will continue from here!! I think Adeng means let's make them our friends", he guessed. Everyone went ooohhh!!! Better. "It seems you two are getting better each time you two funny freaks speak ", some people yelled. “No! That cannot be", Ture encountered. "Adeng please continue", he asked Adeng. "I will do it”, said Adeng. There were so many questions thrown at Adeng. It was all getting scary. The women dived in and started singing Adeng's favorites and only song. Adeng matidi tyende ki ler (Mickey with his skinny legs)... they would wait for the men to join in, but men like Ture and Otole with their personal issues were quiet. The woman continued for about three time some men like Ondoro and opilu joined in. Remember opilu and Ondoro too has some personal problems but they are good at this time. From there the song was smooth.


  1. Women: Adeng ma tidi tyende ki ler! (small micky with skinny legs)
  2. Men: okwalo pul maro (stole P nuts from his mum in law)! Women:
  3. Adeng (Micky)!
  4. Men: okwalo pul pa maro.
  5. The song repeats as many times as you would want it be

Lokang Jackson February 12, 2016 1 comment

Government and Oppositions
East Africa parties are divided into government and opposition of one or multiple parties(Movement(SPLA/M), Democratic(National Council for the Defense of Democracy-Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD),) and people parties(EPRDF(Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front))). Government runs a country and her affairs while oppositions checks at them and their work.

Political Party Business
Parities particularly governmental businesses are running projects and leading major companies, organisations and institutions. Many call governments corrupt, but it is actually a way they become rich. They borrow money for mega projects and appoint their own to run these projects. So, how they get money is by not paying for those projects, but borrowing the money. It is like we borrow money for ourselves, but the country have to pay it back. If a country have this kind of government, they the country becomes corrupt, but few individuals becomes rich. In many countries, they are checked by oppositions and a made liable for squandering public money. Some government though becomes too big and tends to hide this details from oppositions. Not only that, it should be voted through parliament for any mega project like roads, power etc, but some East African government just do it without agreements between them and oppositions.

Weakening oppositions
Governments tends to weaken oppositions in two ways. One is by appointing themselves(tribal line) to posts like ministries, institutions, and securities. Second is by disorganising oppositions or taking out what makes them strong(sugar and Amuru land issue) and moving such strength to themselves.

Lokang Jackson February 10, 2016

Rwanda has one body and two heads one looking East and the other looking central for social, political, economical etc integration. Rwandan Tutsi government of Paul Kagame destabilized the Hutu of Rwanda and tried to destabilize those in Burundi causing lots of lives. Till to date, they live life of enmity between them in Rwanda while Hutu are left in opposition. Rwanda now tries to play the double card of power and economical superiority and want to win on board sides.The benefit to them is they will occupy top positions in both regions and in the future do business with both regions while they lay the rules for the others. Their citizens can travel across both region probabily freely and that makes it easier for them to earn bulky money compared to the rest of us because they will be the leading figures and decision makers in both regions . We(East Africa) should make Rwanda decides if it wants to stay in central or turn to East but it cannot keep dancing for both men because it might one day cause a feud either within East African and flee central or in central and flee East living the other to clean their messes.

Lokang Jackson February 10, 2016 2 comments

Central Africa is winning and they are winning big. AU as African largest body is headed by Chad a central African country. To top it up, the first vice come from Benin a central African country too. Not only that, Congo DRC a central African country won 2016 African cup of nations which is still a thing unbelievable in East Africa. Central Africa is becoming more and more integrated than East Africa. They are economically growing faster, socially changing and have adopted and changed their styles to accommodate each other. East Africa has more problems compared to Central Africa because they are more disoriented. There is one major problem in East Africa with all the sates they cannot still solve it - South Sudan problem. Since 2005 when the peace agreement was signed between Sudan and South Sudan in Nairobi, East African have failed to welcome South Sudan into the region. They left them for their luck at the end of it all, south Sudan when into civil war. The East African leadership does not consider East Africa as a body but for individual gains. All countries contributes money to the body but they have so far fallen short at their performance to uplift and produce to the people. East Africa needs to wake up and start leading else it should accept to be the least region of the continent - a position good for dormant people. Are we going to be like south Africa which is passed by Nigeria in all sections. Nigeria is now the African economical giant - a position south Africa enjoyed for decades. Mind you, economical power comes with all powers. The question for east Africa is who exactly is your role model?

Lokang Jackson February 9, 2016

Africa pa Nyikwaro is out. Please download your copy. It has about ten(10) chapters or topic, but its not organized on either chapters or topics. You cam jump through topic to read what is more appealing to your needs or makes sense to you. Their is not order of organization of topic. It tackle problems based on African past and tries to solve future problems theoretical. It is based on fictions rather than result based. After reading please remember to tell us what you think about it.

Lokang Jackson February 6, 2016

By 2100 East Africa would have evolved into a modern world with each countries have multiple cities. East Africa will have residential houses around the coastal regions so the people can enjoy the beaches and the interior is mostly left for farming purposes. By that time Somalia would have become the most developed, populated, and industrialised country of East Africa. Rebel activities would have stopped and competition is now on businesses, technology and sports. Tribes becomes the least thing you could think of. Ethnic minorities would have united and people want to be identified by their very ethnic communities or groups. Transport system is modernised with railway leading as the fastest and cheapest means of travels and transporting goods. Road networks are interconnect among the countries and their is only one passport to travel all countries. Social security have improve and their is more jobs than people available. The East has become systematical...