Better East Africa

April 20, 2016

Founders: East Africa was historically founded by three countries (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzanian) that also means three founding fathers known to all of us in 1967. Today, there are six East African countries with more countries seeking to join in. President Jomo Kenyatta, President Julius “Mwalimu” Nyerere, Prime Minister Obote, the “founding fathers’ of the first EAC

Differences and similarities: East Africa is blessed with Land, water, and favorable temperature suitable for farming, human inhabitation and so on. Having said that, East African countries do not have same opportunities because of their locations and kind of resources available to them. These also means that we have different strengths and weaknesses. It is naturally good idea to create differences amongst society especially when they share same strengths and resources for instance, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia etc are all coastal countries i.e. they all are bordered by Indian Ocean. Because of that, they have similar activities to do for instance fishing, ports, beaches, human settlements. On the other hand, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Burundi have same resources such as fresh water, abundance of land for agriculture, and modern borders entering and exiting. That might imply that each country comply and choose their strength from the list and give other countries chance to prosper or a few of the things. It also means thinking outside our own country and thinking of East Africa at large. It require different idea and logic to do that because it is wide, more people, more challenges and opportunities. That might need us to change our way of life, thinking, reasoning and tasks. That means our enemy is different from us and our competitors have to change. It will have to be another region verses us. East Africa has to use all her resources. I mean wouldn't be to have retirees speaks their minds, is it not waste of human capital to make senior politicians, academicians, farmers, and economist redundancy? They could help us solve problems using their skills and experience or leads major projects etc.

Future: Since the founding of East Africa community, there had been the political issues and differences at top of agenda. We might need to change our views to businesses, education(institutions), Sciences, Engineering etc. It also means that we have let those body run their businesses like the political body do without political interference what so ever. This will allow big competition which will result into unity, creation of jobs, formation of new bodies, enabling more people involvement, and getting access to more voices of different thinkers in the region. East Africa also has to think hard and deep about offshore descendants. They are the major financial contributors yet most ignored. I am talking about passport. They need to have access to East African passports which will allow them travel, trade, work, and study in all East African countries(their countries) with ease. Whatever it is, something ought be done to encourage the diaspora to participate as family to the region. I have sense of pride being call an East African but disappointed of my position in my own home. I might not be the only one here, there could be others with same situation as I am. So, please do help especially the political body which is the largest and most active for now.