September 6, 2016

We need to understand differences between War and competition. Conflict, raiding, woman etc those are not really causes of war. Competition is not producing things only it is contraction and expansion of human energy and power around you e.g. doing what another is doing yet preferred. When that happens, it creates lock. A person ability is minimised the need to rise kick in. If there strength is size then they will defend to protect and that causes war. Imagine a person(A) own a bank and a person(B) own a construction company. Person B is on a weaker side because their money, data base, financial security depends on the person A. Person A could get creative and create financial insurance that means they now have an eye on the bank though minimal but at least they feel safe. Peron B will feel threaten by that and create building and construction loans which pushes person A to cover their insurance on building and construction loan leaving their bank free. And from there it keeps going and going as that happen time passes by and at the end we have no war therefore, have created competition.