​Avoiding stagnation

February 21, 2017

Avoiding stagnation

It takes 4-5 years but exactly five years for a fruit plant to start producing fruits, and Engineer e.g. computer system, software engineering, Science e.g. medical student to finish a degree, Technical business e.g. Utilities such as electricity, internet and phone to earn enough money from their business. This is to start or gain at the beginning and it take another five to mature, produce quality, gain experience and qualification in whatever you do. As a Liguadi, I see only a way to expand our reach and break into new e.g. plan long term and stabilised our societies e.g. business that runs societies e.g. town or cities internet providers becomes post office, training centres, ISP providers(data centres), libraries, schools, Cultural groups becomes institutions e.g. schools, knowledge base(passing knowledge) and training centres, and mega businesses that takes us into next generations. I started writing on websites officially in 2012(this year is five years) just barely published books meaning I have another five to things I really thought I am going to do and so are you just think about it. I have been studying patterns today that is why I write about it now...