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Lokang Jackson January 25, 2016

There is no doubt the oil price has dropped at the pump. That means we have more companies producing oil in large quantities over powering retailers. This is both good news and bad news for consumers. For sure it is cheap at the pump. that means we pay less to have more oil in our gas tanks. But it could also means lower customers because same number of customers buying from a pumped...

Lokang Jackson January 25, 2016

Uganda will go to the poll this year to elect their president. Before the election, we decided to run a poll so we know who is the most favourite person to vote for president 2016. Have your say by voting.

Lokang Jackson March 5, 2015

Business Plan Prepared: 14/05/2014 Business name: Can dak ming/Chan ba mer ki bolo/Dwar mingo am fuo Business structure: Family Business location: Home, backyard, county Date established: 14/05/2014 Business owner(s) : Family Products : I will have to choose from one for the following list • Poultry • Big Farming • Fishing • zoo The...