November 23, 2016

Our differences are clear, our similarities sub sided, our cultures are foreign to each others, our competitions are outwards but, and central to our statements. Comparing the unionist West and Federated East, there things we need to dig deeper to find out and concrete. We are both technical, logical, intelligent however, western Luo are defensive and modern unlike we in the East who are all the above but, protective and ancient in culture. Eastern Luo and Western Luo together founded African Union with the rest of Africans and both are Pan Africanist though because of strong colonies they failed a bit. Eastern Luo are originally resistance and had never given up for anything and are the least developed while Western Luo have become Federal and supper defensive but, have become united than at anytime in their history.

Question: How do both East and West Africa remain original founders and leaders of African Union and African federal governments while convincing the rest they are safe, will develop, improve social system and will restore and maintain African power dithering Western world from dominating and taking over Africa particular influential Western Africa-Nigeria?