Angelic Encounter

November 20, 2016

In the night of 19/11/2016, time 11:46, during a deep sleep of the night there were conversations. The Angel addressed herself prince of social cohesion. "I come to you as a prince of social cohesion sent to inform you about the history and life of your great5 grant parents", she calmly said. "Your grand parents were centre to their social community and had done good things to their people", she convincingly lured me into conversation. Responses could not come out because of messages where too mild and positive and am use to negatives so I turn them positives. In a way she kind of sound too nice. So, I need a rough bid into it. "All my parents I know starting from the6 died of sue suit.", I rememberd. "Our family has a song the problem of this world ", I continued wondering. She got pissed off and I man was concern and voiced in and she added, "The man is asame in you hence, would like to punish you for an opener to conversations". Waking up body was shivering and feeling extremely hot. Sitting on a bad for 8 minutes normal temperature returned. On another deep sleep, the man voiced for a second time say, "the woman deserved an answer or you are sanction for 60 full minutes of a test of eternal pain". "I am the princes", she returned. "Angels of heaven and Earth do not punish under their law without the order of supreme", I query. "If your friend sanctioned and punishes, don't you think you have a loose working Angel(meaning feel is supreme)", I continued. "If he is supreme, doesn't qualify him be Satan alliance in Heaven?", I questioned. "All Angels in heaven ascended from Earth and were judged on the throne", I answered. "If are from this earth say the last 200 years, we still have part of your generation here on Earth", I aggressively voiced. "On the other hand he is just pissed of because he feels for you?", I joked. "You probably died accidentally and the man with you was a machinery here on Earth", I queried. The condition increased so dramatic that there could come no sleep till morning. Because was sitting, line of conversions was cut off and never gotten into it again.

On waking up, many answers were flowing in for example, if angels punishes us, we have the divine power to pray to the supreme so they too be punished. If all Angels comes from this Earth, we could use another angel to hand us their information of part of their generation on Earth. If we have evidence of their existence on Earth, we have the human power to knock them off and send them early to the supreme for judgement. OH! yes, we could do that. Or if we are given the names of their descendants, we could scan all informations from libraries, Universities archives, social services and community findings and find them out. If speaking to them truths heard them, then they are actually weaker than we are.

Comparing them to us

  • Things that makes us angry are repetition of our silent pasts
  • Threats to our families
  • Sanctioning sickness
  • torture and an necessary pains
  • And remember, the last four contribute to murder, sue suits, calamities and human public problems

If same thing applied to them then we have the possibilities to send them to hell.