American Influence

March 5, 2017

Americans credit themselves with ultimate power and management of this world and they repeated saying it for many time however America is easily distracted by small problem in a small part of the world. In the 1980 they devoted all their time fighting cold war-a war between the Americans and Siberians. In the 1990(1991 gulf war and 2003 Iraq war) which lead to their expansion of fighting terrorism and dictators all around the world particularly Africa and Arabia. East Africans and the entire Africans remember this time so well. For the last 10 or so years it has been ISS war which do not either benefit the Americans themselves nor their allies but just loop round and round kind of battles. The last ten years has been the most failing time of our lives because South Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya all felt off the Allies of the United states with exception of Sudan being promoted to at least friendly criticism from policy makers in America. East Africa is moving(developing) that is undisputed but we have lost America. Now, who are the true allies of America in Africa and what are their agenda for Africa? We know truely, in the 1980 Northern Africans were the true friends and they(Americans) send in troops after troops to help solve security(except Somalia knock them off), in 1990s the very people they helped have now turned dictators the Arab springs started. Americans wants to reduce their influence from the world but continue to push their existing programs off Africa and hand them to China, India and other developing nation to help develop and fix African problems. Putting two juniors still amount to juniors. Now the real fear, after ISS then what? It is likely we are. Africans need to be a head of their time by forging relationship with America before they do because Americans are interrupted by the little guys but they can contribute big to the world if they have to. The last American government was a curse to Africans and with the policy of the current, we can predict what is coming. Assumption is that, they will likely ignore Africa and hence Central Africa, Chad, South Sudan, Burundi and Congo will resort into full combat. May be the real question is, are Americans loosing their global power or the other minors are getting stronger?