August 25, 2016

In short, alphabet are symbols however, symbols can be anything. It is what defined society i.e an identity of a society. We also have to remember that society is numbers of communities and in Africa that is tribes and ethnics. In the two there are many divisions that makes it difficult to find a single identity for all. When situations turn this way, we take the the commonly used and mostly important e.g. Cua, Task(lak Liech), and Lango and common in Luo. To make that a reality, we need to defined identity of society - what the above represent in terms of culture, religion, people and ideas or quest for unknown. Culturally, drum and OLOTO are common hence, the letter that represent e.g. entertainment, dance, music should come from combination or one of the two because culture is actually three or more of the above. If culture means religion, let say, religion is a believe or constant quest of that we know yet seems too far from us. We therefore, will now want to find out how many tribes know the word religion and what does it translate to them? Imagine it is called Lega, but can we see, lega? No!? but know what it represents wherefore, the symbol becomes that what is we know e.g. represent a man who ones fought or defended entire society from disaster, out break etc. What do he do that time, what did he say, what did he look like what did he like? That is based on what we already know. What if it means reflection of ourselves?

Alphabets are also written during time of transition - a change of life from one thing to another e.g Farmers decided to work on machenic, fisher man decided to become politician, lecturer decided to become a community developer. We now need to look deep into say hundred(s) or thousand(s) of years a head and behind and put in place a symbol that will stand between this time because we want to keep what we do now constant and should mean exactly what we mean now and then.